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Evening Herald Reports 2015

Ladies Averages Review

In the 2015 season, 31 players made the Ladies Averages list by playing at least seven matches for the same team and winning 70% or more of the sets played.   Although no player in the Mens list scored 100%, the Ladies list included five players who remained unbeaten.    Of the five, pride of place goes to Kate Gibbons of St. Budeaux A in Division 2 and Linda Trebilcock of Whiteford Road in Division 3  who both appeared in all ten matches

Division 1

  With Devonshire A  easily the best team in the division it is no surprise that three of their players fill the top three spots.  Leading the way is Lucy Ryland with 34 wins out of 36 sets for 94%.  Close behind having played one fewer match, is her regular partner Mae Dartnell with 93 %.  Ryland and Dartnell would probably have achieved 100% but in a match against their B team they faced top player Kirsty Corin-Gray in her only appearance of the season.    The third Devonshire player is Tamsin Sandy who in seven matches won 26 sets.  Only one Ivybridge A player, Mia Loye, played enough matches, finishing  with an averge of 81% .   Sarah Naylor was playing her first season for Mannamead A and her inclusion certainly gave a much better all round balance to the  team with their highest final position for many seasons.    Naylor and Katherine Bell were ever present with 32 set wins out of forty, and their only defeats came in the two matches against Devonshire A,

Division 2

Both St. Budeaux A and Tavistock A who were relegated in 2014 won promotion and provided seven of the eight listed players.  Kate Gibbons and Nikki Aitken of St. Budeaux A played ten and nine matches respectively and remained unbeaten.   The top Tavistock A player was Sarah Lucas on 89% but Hilary Picton and Maggie Lilley were ever present as partners  returning 33 set wins.  A feature of many of their wins was the number of  matches that went to three sets with the pair triumphing in most of the third set tie breaks.

Division 3

Another pair down a division from 2014 were Linda Trebilcock and Alison Diver of Whiteford Road.  The team won the division, with Trebilcock playing in all ten matches and Diver playing eight matches with both scoring 100%.  The steady and consistent play from Trebilcock meant that even when not paired with Diver she still won the other two matches. Ann Short a long serving member of Yelverton A had a good season playing nine matches and winning 29 sets.  Jacqui Batterbee and Zoe Harris were the main point scorers for Menheniot with Harris ever present and Batterbee missing one match   Harris finished on 82 % with Batterbee on 80% as Harris won maximum sets in the match missed by Batterbee.

Division 4

 Nicola White has been a loyal memberof the Ivybridge Club for many years and it is a just reward that she tops the averages playing seven matches for 96%.  The team only lost one match, apart from a concession, and needless to say White did not feature in the defeat.  Promoted Looe B had a reliable and consistent pairing in Audrery Scott and Lindsey Fear and in the seven matches together their 27 set wins did much to secure top spot.  Judith Farris is again the leading player for St. Mellion winning 24 sets, mainly with Jenny Penny who missed  the list playing only six matches,

Division 5

Mother and daughter, Jane and Helen Wilson of Plympton B, were the undefeated form pair for the leaders  winning 24 sets together  for a deserved 100%.   A third Plympton B player, Sarah Blain did well with various partners to average 87% . Only one other pair,  Chris Bunney and Jill Cansfield of Saltash A are listed, not missing a match for 23 wins out of 30.                         


Mens Averages Review

Thirty players are included in the Averages for 2015.  Qualification is to have played 70% of matches for the same team and achieved winning at least 70% of the sets played.    As usual, more players in the higher divisions made the matches played qualification, as in the lower divisions  there were fewer settled teams as players moved up as reserves when needed.


Division 1

Glenn Richards, of champions Hill Lane A, tops the list, playing in all ten matches and winning 39 out of 40 sets.  His performance, paired with several different partners, was one of the main factors for the team winning the division.  Team mate Rory Harries also makes the list, but his average was lowered as he played with a reserve partner on occasions.

Jack Puckey moved from Looe A in Division 3 to Liskeard and, although missing the early matches, his partnership with Tom Fear did much to ensure second place in the division. Fear did not play enough matches to make the list.    Ben Knight and Russ Dunford formed a strong pairing for Ivybridge A.


Division 2

Matt Lloyd and Matt Redshaw of St. Budeaux A, played every match together and, with just one defeat, top the averages on 95%.   Team mate Simon Prout, normally  paired with Neil Hunt, came third on 92% .     In one match, without Prout, Hunt failed to score, reducing his average to 78%.    Three other players came from the St. Budeaux B team, with Dan Davidson, Martin Hill and Ashley Scoble all scoring over 71%.    Completing the list was James Sexton of Ivybridge .


Division 3

This was a division dominated by the Looe A team.  With the team having a 100% record it is no surprise that all four regular members occupy the first four places.   Des Hocking was an ever present, dropping just one set in forty,   closely followed by Alan Palin, with thirty five sets out of thirty six . Dave Richardson and Nigel Watson played eight and seven matches respectively, with all four players scoring 96% or more.  Steve Cole did well for Plympton A with 25 wins out of 32 and John Davies was a real stalwart for Plymstock A.  The Club had only a small squad but Davies still managed to win thirty sets from a full programme.


Division 4

In a very competitive division only three players are included.  Whiteford Road A had the best pair in Steve Kingston and Adam Mudford .  Kingston, on 96%, missed two matches and Mudford, on 91%, missed one match.  Simon Arkle, of top team Mannamead C, won 25 out of his 32 sets.


Division 5

In 2013, Terry Leonard and Andrew Weymouth of Yelverton A, were the best pair in Division 5 and the team were  promoted.  2014 was a relegation season, but this year history repeated itself, as Leonard and Weymouth again are the best pair, being far and away above the rest with only one defeat.  Ross Bunney and Patrick Fox were the main scorers for Saltash B, with Fox playing in every match. Richard Lovelock was the leading  player for Looe B.


Division 6

This division  had only five teams, so just 8 matches were possible.        Newton and Noss were the only team with a fairly consistent line up.   Ron Cole and Rob Thomas have been playing partners for many seasons, previously with Ivybridge.  They only lost one event, with Cole ending on 92% and Thomas on 91%.  JJason Vosper was the third player with 78%.


Division 7

With so many changes no player reached the qualification standard.o:p>


Ladies Averages

 *Award Winners         

Division 1                                     P      Sets     W       %

 L. Ryland ( Devonshire A )     9        36      34     96* 

M. Dartnell ( Devonshire A)    8       32       30     93*

T. Sandy ( Devonshire A )       7       28       26     92* 

M. Loye ( Ivybridge A)             8       32      26     81

S. Naylor (Mannamead A )     10      40       32    80

K. Bell ( Mannamead A )        10      40       32     80


Division 2

K. Gibbons (St. Budeaux A)   10       40      40    100*

N. Aitken ( St. Budeaux A )      9       36      36    100*     

S. Lucas (Tavistock A)            7        28      25      89*

H. Picton ( Tavistock A )        10       40      33      82

M. Lilley ( Tavistock A )          10       40      33      82

T. Aitken (St. Budeaux A )        9       36      29      80

S. Parsons ( Tavistock A )        7       28      22      78

G. Bath  (Looe A )                   10       40      30       75


Division 3                   

L. Trebilcock (W. Road)          10      40       40   100*

A. Diver (W. Road )                   8       32       32   100*

Z. Harris ( Menheniot )            10      40      33      82  

J. Batterbeee (Menheniot )      9      36       29      80

A. Short ( Yelverton A )             9      36       29      80

J. Battersby (Devonshire A)      8     32       24      75      

T. Belcher ( St. Budeaux B )     9      36       26      72      

L. Macfarlane (Yelverton A )     7     28       20       70


Division 4

N. White ( Ivybridge D )             7      28      27     96*      

J. Farris ( St. Mellion )               7      28      24     85*      

 L. Fear ( Looe B )                       8      32       27    84*

A. Scott ( Looe B )                     8      32       27     84*     

S. Byford ( Looe B )                   7      28       22     78


Division 5

J. Wilson ( Plympton B)             7      28      28    100*    

H. Wilson (Plympton B )             7      28      27     96*    

S. Blain (Plympton B )                8      32      28     77

C. Bunney ( Saltash A )              8      30      23     77    

C. Cansfield ( Saltash A )           8      30      23      77     


Mens Averages

                                               Matches        Sets               %

Div 1                                         Played      Poss   Won

1. G. Richards (H. Lane A)           10          40       39         97

2. J. Puckey (Liskeard )                 8          32       28         87

3. B. Knight (Ivybridge A)               7          28       24         85

4. R. Dunford (Ivybridge A)             9          36       30         83

5. R. Harries (H. Lane A)                 8          32       25         78

 Div. 2

1. M. Lloyd (St. Budeaux A)          10          40       38         95

    M. Redshaw (St. Budeaux A)    10          40       38         95

3. S. Prout (St. Budeaux A)             7          28       26         92

4. N. Hunt (St. Budeaux A)              7          28       22        78

5. D. Davidson (St. Budeaux B)      7           28       21        75

6. M. Hill ( St.Budeaux B)              10          40       29        72

    J. Sexton (Ivybridge B)               9           36      26         72

8. A. Scoble ( St. Budeaux B)         8           32      23         71

 Div. 3

1. D. Hocking (Looe A)                 10           40       39         97

    A. Palin (Looe A)                         9           36      35         97

3. D. Richardson (Looe A)               8           32      31         96

    N. Watson (Looe A)                     7           28      27        96

5.  S. Cole (Plympton A)                  8           32      25        78      

6. J. Davies (Plymstock A)            10           40      28        70

 Div. 4

1. S. Kingston ( W. Road A)              8          30      29        96

2. A. Mudford (W. Road A)                 9         34      31         91

3. S. Arkle (Mannamead C)               8          32      25        78

 Div. 5

1. T. Leonard (Yelverton A)               10        40      38       95

2. A. Weymouth (Yelverton A)             9        36      34       94

3. P. Fox ( Saltash B)                         10        40      32       80

4. R. Lovelock (Looe B)                        9        36      26      72

 Div. 6

1.  R. Cole (Newton/Noss)                    7        28      26      92

2.  R. Thomas (Newton/Noss )              6       24       22     91

3.  J. Vosper (Newton/Noss)                 7       28       22     78

Week 10

In spite of some very wet evenings, all the 2015 matches were completed within the original fixture list time scale, the first time this has been achieved for many seasons.   For many teams their promotion and relegation issues were only decided by either a one point difference or as close as set difference.

Men Division 1 

Hill Lane A retained their title after an easy 8-1 win at Tavistock A.  The other contenders for top spot, Ivybridge A and Liskeard, had to settle for a 4-4 draw. Rhys Dunford and Ben Knight were the stars for Ivybridge, winning the teams four sets, including inflicting a first defeat on Jack Puckey and Tom Fear by 7-5,6-4. Liskeard finished as runners up.  Devonshire A were much too strong for Mannamead A winning by 8-0.

Division 2

With St. Budeaux A already promoted, the second promotion spot was between Mannamead B and St. Budeaux B.  St. Budeaux B crowned an excellent second half of the season by defeating Saltash A by 8-1. This result meant that Mannamead B, three days later, had to also score eight points to overtake St. Budeaux.  Mannamead faced Ivybridge B and in a close match just missed their target, winning by 6-3.  This is probably the first time that St. Budeaux will have two teams in the top division.

Division 3

 Looe A, the unbeaten leaders, won by 7-2 at Plymstock A.  Dave Richardson of Looe had an unbeaten record but was missing his regular partner. John Davies and Chris Corbett of Plymstock hung on, in the third set tie break, to win against Richardson and Nigel Watson by 6-7,7-5,13-11. Alan Palin was in brilliant form for Looe and with Des Hocking they beat Davies and Corbett 6-4, 6-1.  In the Plympton A v. B match, the B team had the unbeaten pairing.   Paul Robertson and Gary Brookes beat Steve Cole and Bradley Crossfield 6-1,4-6,10-4, and Dave Spencer and Sam Raymond 7-6,1-6,10-7, with the A team winning by 6-4.  Tavistock C won by 8-1 against visitors Hill lane B, with the Tavistock second pair of Owen Drage and Josh Leeson scoring wins over Tom Langrishe and Zak Trigger by 6-4,5-7,13-11 and over Mike Bruce and Ricky Hitt by 6-4,7-5.

Division 4

St. Budeaux C, although losing 4-5 to Ivybridge C, stay in the division, but Ivybridge are relegated.  Clive Venables and Alan Donaldson combined well for Ivybridge, beating Karol Fisher and Harry Maplesden 6-1,6-4 but were beaten 7-6,6-7,10-8 by Chris Williams and Gary Symons.  Plympton C, by winning 6-2 against Tavistock D, won promotion by the margin of set difference over Whiteford Road A.  Whiteford Road had an excellent 5-4 victory over top team Mannamead C, with again Steve Kingston and Adam Mudford too good for the opposition.  However five points were just not enough to clinch promotion, as with equal points, Plympton conceded 39 sets and Whiteford Road 42 sets.

Division 5

 Playing their second match on consecutive nights, St. Mellion drew 4-4 with Tavistock E.  For Tavistock, Rick Read and Mike Baker beat John Horton and Paul Sheppard 6-3,6-3 and Roger Wratten and Duncan Neale 6-2,6-4.  Hill Lane C lost by 7-3 at Looe B.  Dominic Horrell and Matt Adams were involved in marathon events for Hill Lane, defeating Richard Sayer and Dickie Lovelock 6-2,2-6,18-16, but were beaten 6-2,4-6,12-10 by Dave Worrall and Terry Lewis. St Mellion now avoid relegation, levelling on points with Hill Lane, but conceding just one set fewer.    Andy Weymouth and Terry Leonard of Yelverton A have finally been beaten.  Although the team won by 5-4 against Saltash B, Weymouth and Leonard went down 7-6,6-4 to Patrick Fox and Ross Bunney.

Division 6

 Newton and Noss won promotion for the second season, ending with an 8-0 win at Tavistock F.   Relegated St. Budeaux D drew 4-4 at promoted Mannamead D with all Mannamead’s points won by Andy Dingley and Yenner Altunbas

Division 7

    Menheniot, although already promoted, were a player short and paid the price as Looe C won by 5-4.  Mannamead  E also go up , this week winning 8-0 against Plymstock B, with Devonshire B accounting for Whiteford Road B by 8-2.


Ladies Division 1

In the match between the two best teams, Devonshire A had a comprehensive 8-0 win over Mannamead A, to retain the title and show that they are by far the best team in Plymouth tennis.  Plympton A found their first ever appearance in the top flight only lasting one season, but they battled throughout and never gave up, although in their final match Ivybridge B won by 8-0.  Devonshire B also go down after one season, but put up a determined fight, as Ivybridge A won by 7-4. Kate Absalom and Chloe Sluce won four sets for Ivybridge, with Georgia Jones and Gabriella Hattersly the pick of the Devonshire team as they defeated Abi Skelley and Saskia Sluce 3-6,7-5,10-7.

Division 2

Both the promoted teams won. St. Budeaux A by 8-0 at Tavistock B and Tavistock A by 8-1 at Hill Lane A.  Looe A went to Ivybridge C and lost 6-4.  However, Looe A had the unbeaten form pair in Gillian Bath and Silvia Racca, with wins over Annie Haigh and Jane Rickman by 5-7,6-3,13-12 and over Jennie Richardson and Margaret Hammett by 6-1,4-6,10-4.

Division 3

After four consecutive defeats, St. Budeaux C stopped the rot just in time, preserving their status by winning 6-4 at Mannamead C.    This win meant relegation for Devonshire C, who lost 6-3 at Whiteford Road.  Alison Diver and Linda Trebilcock kept their unbeaten record, but only narrowly edged out Jo Battersby and Tersa Otto 6-3,3-6,10-8.  Yelverton A lost 5-4 at Menheniot, who had Zoe Harris and Dianne Burt winning four sets. However, the four points for Yelverton were not enough for them to pip Whiteford Road for first place.  Both teams won 58 points but Yelverton conceded one more set.

Division 4

Probably the result of the week came at Ivybridge D, where St. Budeaux C turned in the performance of the season, winning unexpectedly by 8-3, despite losing the first set in three events and inflicting on Ivybridge their first defeat.   St Budeaux started two points adrift of Yelverton B in the relegation zone, but climbed out for the first time, as Yelverton B lost 5-4 at Hill Lane B and go down along with Hill Lane B.  Sacha Byford and Lindsey Fear were on form for Looe B winning their four sets in the 5-4 victory over St. Mellion.   Their best win was against  Trudy Rowe and Judith Fariss 6-2,6-4 and they also defeated Michelle Heard and Jenny Penny 6-3,6-2

Division 5

  With both teams already promoted, second placed Saltash A took the unbeaten record of Plympton B by 5-4, but neither of the Saltash pairs could beat Jane and Helen Wilson. The Wilsons won by 6-3,6-0 against Noelle Boucherat and Jane Trahair and in a much closer affair by 4-6,6-1,10-8 against Chris Bunney and Jill Cansfield.  Both Saltash B and Yelverton C found the grass courts a test to their ability with the home team winning by 6-2


Next Week  -   Season’s  Review

Week 9

The last results in the Mens Division 1 have produced a situation where the top three teams are separated by just two points.  Liskeard lead at present after a fairly comfortable 8-0 win over Tavistock A.  Hill Lane A are in second place but had a much tougher match before finally beating Devonshire A by 6-3.  Glen Richards and Rory Harries were in fine, undefeated form for Hill lane, including a straight sets win over Chris Ryland and Piers Widdicombe by 6-4,6-0.   Ryland and Widdicombe salvaged some pride for Devonshire by defeating Patrick Daykin and Ali Al-Moussawi 6-3,6-2.   In third place are Ivybridge A, whose 8-1 win at Mannamead A was made easier by the last minute, unavoidable withdrawal of a Mannamead player.  By far the best match in Division 2 was at Ivybridge B, where St.Budeaux B won by 8-3.  For St. Budeaux, Ashley Scoble and Martin Hill came back from the brink of defeat, to beat Giles Bryan and Will Gurney.  Scoble and Hill were 6-1 and 5-1 down before, in a complete turnaround, they came though by 1-6,7-5,10-6.  Mannamead B did well to come away from Tavistock B winners by 7-3.  Phil Whitby and Lauri Markelin for Mannamead easily defeated Owen Drage and Myles Pinkney 6-1, 6-1, but needed a marathon third set tie break success to overcome Phil Ruse and Gareth George 6-4,3-6,13-11.  Top met bottom with the inevitable result, as St. Budeaux A won by 8-0 at Saltash A.  Looe A march on at the top of Division 3, making it seventy one points out of seventy two, after beating second placed Plympton A by 8-0.  Plympton B also lost, as a strong visiting Tavistock C won by    6-3,  with Linden Hardisty and Tom Briggs conceding only four games for Tavistock.  With one player failing to arrive, Tavistock D in Division 4 had only one pair, with St Budeaux C sharing the points on court and winning by 7-3.   The sole Tavistock pair of Bill Sparks and Richard Hendin gave their all, in beating Rich Mitchell and Karol Fisher 4-6,6-2,10-8, but they had to give second best to Terry Hall and Gary Symons by 6-7,6-4,10-8.  Plympton C continued their good form and gave themselves a slim promotion chance, by winning 6-2 at Mannamead C, with Joe Thomas and Mark Eve again in winning ways for Plympton.  Yelverton A  continue to lead Division 5, winning by 6-2 at Tavistock E, with Andy Weymouth and Terry Leonard still yet to be beaten this season.  Contenders for second place are Saltash B and Looe B.  The teams met at Saltash whose win by 5-4 meant that, with one match to play, both teams have exactly identical points and sets difference.    What could have been a tight deciding match for top spot in Division 6, between Newton and Noss and Mannamead D, failed to materialize when a Mannamead player thought the match was at Mannamead.  With just one pair, Mannamead were beaten 7-2, with for Mannamead, Simon Dusting and Andy Dingley winning by 3-6,6-4,7-5 over Jason Vosper and John Ansell.   Division 7 produced a good competitive match at Whiteford Road B, who scored one of their best wins by 6-2 against Mannamead E . Despite continued resistance from the Mannamead second pair of Simon Dixon and Chris Blackaby, Dave Cotter and Ben Pritchard beat them 7-5,7-5 and also Dave Brimble and Mark Bray by 6-1,6-3.  Looe C had one player arriving late at Plymstock B due to traffic problems, but despite conceding two sets still won by 6-2.

The Ladies Division 1 match between Ivybridge A and Mannamead A produced tennis of a high standard, with Mannamead winning by 6-3.  Sarah Naylor and Katherine Bell won four sets for Mannamead, including an excellent victory over Plymouth Champions Mia Loye and Abbi Skelley by 6-4,7-6 (7-5). In the other matches there were 8-0 wins for Devonshire A over Plympton A and for Ivybridge B over Devonshire B.  In the  Devonshire A match, Lyn Helliwell and Joy Pellow of Plympton played really well and had two set points at 5-3 in the second set, against Lucy Ryland and Mae Dartnell, before Ryland and Dartnell finally won by 6-1,7-6 (7-4).  There were heavy defeats for the two bottom teams in Division 2,  as Hill Lane A lost 8-0 at St. Budeaux A and Tavistock B went down 8-1 at Looe A.   It was much different at Tavistock A, where eleven sets were played before Tavistock A defeated Ivybridge C by 7-4.  The Tavistock pair of Hilary Picton and Maggie Lilley are becoming too good for most in third set tie breaks.   The pair won another two in beating Annie Haigh and Helen Cock 6-1,2-6,12-10 and Margaret Hammett and Alison Bradley 6-4,0-6,10-8.  Yelverton A lead Division 3 by three points after a narrow 5-4 win over second placed Whiteford Road.    All the points for Whiteford Road came from Alison Diver and Linda Trebilcock, with wins over Ann Short and Fiona Spreadbury by 4-6,6-1,10-8 and over Angie Lynch and Lynne Macfarlane by 6-3,6-1. Menheniot avenged their only defeat, going to St Budeaux B and winning by 6-2, with Zoe Harris and Jacqui Batterbee of Menheniot delighted to have a 6-2,6-3 win over Tania Belcher and Debbie Bradbury.  Devonshire C were indebted to Jo Battersby and Teresa Otto for winning four sets, in just edging out Mannamead B by 5-4.   Pat Hexter and Liz Gill turned in their best performance of the season for St. Budeaux C, remaining unbeaten in the 5-5 Division 4 draw with leaders Looe B.   Hexter and Gill inflicted a rare defeat on Audrey Scott and Lindsey Fear by 4-6,6-1,10-7.  More traffic problems as Ivybridge D only managed to get one pair to Yelverton B.   However, the Ivybridge players of Nicola White and Sarah Owen beat Karen McCormick and Fiona Murphy 6-2,6-1 and Helen Chiappe and Lucy Scott 6-4, 6-4 for a well earned 4-4 draw.   Also drawing 4-4 were St. Mellion and Hill Lane B, with the four points for St. Mellion coming from Judith Farris and Jenny Penny.   Contrasting fortunes for the Saltash teams in Division 5.  The A team won 6-2 at Looe C, but the B team found Plympton B too good, who won by 8-0.

Other Results: -   Men  Div. 3 -  Hill Lane B  5,  Plymstock A  6.  Div. 4 - Ivybridge  C  6,  Whiteford Road A  4.    Div. 5 - Hill Lane C  7,  St. Mellion  3.     Div. 6 – St. Budeaux D 1,  Yelverton B  8.     Div. 7 - Menheniot  8,  Devonshire B 0.

Week 7

LISKEARD are making a strong bid for a top two place in the Men’s Division One.

With Tom Fear and Jack Puckey still unbeaten, Liskeard became the first team  to defeat Hill Lane A 6-3. In a top class event, Fear and Puckey came from a set down to outlast Glenn Richards and Rory Harries 5-7, 6-3, 10-4.


Richard Stafford and, for his first league match  in 2015, Chris Ryland, won both their events in straight sets for Devonshire A, in a 4-4 draw at Ivybridge A. Mannamead A suffered a defeat at Tavistock A 8-1.


Mannamead B’s bid for promotion from Division Two took a hefty knock against St Budeaux A, who won comfortably 8-0. With Dan Davidson in good form , St Budeaux B recorded their best win of the season defeating Tavistock B 8-1 to move within two points of second placed Mannamead B.


In Division Three, Plympton A beat Plymstock A 6-4.

For Plympton, Steve Cole and Bradley Crossfield, after winning  the first set in each event, were taken to a third set tie-break in wins over John Davies and Adam Randell 6-2, 1-6, 10-3 and over Marc Joanknecht and Steve Flint 6-3, 4-6, 10-4.


Looe A made two trips across the border with maximum success defeating Tavistock C 8-0 and Hill Lane B 8-2. Hill Lane B went down 8-2 at Plympton B. Although not at full strength, Plympton C made it three wins for the club, when, in Division Four, they won 8-0 at St Budeaux C who included two junior players.


Tavistock B had only one pair at Whiteford Road A and lost 7-2. The Tavvy pair who did arrive were Richard Hendin and Bill Sparks who won 6-3, 3-6, 10-7 against Dan Williams and Dave Cooper.

After their 8-1 win  last week in Division Five, it was St Mellion’s turn to lose by the same score, with Yelverton A admitting they were rather flattered by the margin of their win.

Tavistock E came away from Looe B with a 5-5 draw thanks mainly to Rick Read and Mike Baker winning four sets. Read and Baker had a hard struggle to defeat Richard Sayer and Richard Lovelock 6-2, 6-7, 11-9, but it was much easier against Terry Lewis and Jake Richardson in a win 6-0, 6-2.


Matt Adams and Matt Harris formed an excellent unbeaten partnership for Hill Lane B at Saltash B. Adams and Harris went 5-1 up against John Jacobs and Jason Holland, but a great come back from Jacobs and Holland gave them the first set 7-6. However Adams and Harris won the second set to love and then held on in a tense tie-break to win 6-7, 6-0, 11-9.

An inexperienced St Budeaux D team were pleased with their efforts at Tavistock F in a 5-5 draw in Division Six.


Bert Rodgers and Josh Leeson were the form pair for Tavistock in wins over Rich Mitchell and Adam Davidson 6-7, 6-3, 10-5 and over Martyn Hall and Nick Moore 6-1, 7-5.

Junior player Joe Dyer made an impressive debut for Plymstock B in Division Seven, but visitors Menheniot were too strong in an 8-0 win.

All the sets were close affairs at Mannamead E in a 4-4 draw with Devonshire B.


DEVONSHIRE A still lead in the Ladies’ Division One, after beating Ivybridge A 6-3.

Erica Herbert and Lucy Ryland, although unbeaten for Devonshire, had to recover their composure after a whitewash in the first set to beat Mia Loye and Abbi Skelley 0-6, 6-3, 10-3. Plympton A and Devonshire B shared the points 4-4, with all the Devonshire points coming from Marguerite Butt and Georgia Jones.

Second placed Mannamead A were given one of their toughest matches as they just beat Ivybridge B 5-4. The event  between the second pairs lasted well over two hours, before Nell Clotworthy and Victoria Goss of Ivybridge beat Clare Dyke and Josie Debnam 7-6, 5-7, 10-8. Goss then, after one set in her second event, had to concede through an elbow injury.


St Budeaux A, in Division Two, with a 6-2 win  over Looe A and an 8-0 win over Tavistock B, go back to the top of the division. Second placed Tavistock A did their B team no favours, beating them 8-0.

Four sets from Margaret Hammett and Helen Cock were not quite enough to prevent Ivybridge C losing 5-4 at Hill Lane A.  Hammett and Cock had to work hard to finally defeat Sandra O’Sullivan and Luisa Warring 6-7, 6-4, 10-4.


Mannamead B have still to avoid defeat in Division Three, but in a much improved performance only lost 5-4 to visitors Menheniot.   Zoe Harris and Jacqui Batterbee were too good for both Mannamead pairs.  For Mannamead, Anna Tickle and Jo Ricks beat Sally Lobb and Nona Markey 3-6, 6-3, 10-5 with Esther Pettit and Jo Jackson defeating Lobb and Markey 6-3, 6-2.


Yelverton A continued their recent good form with a 7-3 win at Devonshire C. All the Yelverton team  played well and for Devonshire, Jo Battersby and Fiona Porter were on court throughout beating Ann Short and Fiona Spreadbury 6-7, 7-6, 12-10 but losing 7-6, 1-6, 10-1 to Angie Lynch and Lynne Macfarlane.


Alison Diver and Linda Trebiclock have still to taste defeat, with Whiteford Road getting a 6-2 victory  over St Budeaux B.


St Budeaux C, in their bid to avoid relegation, had an unexpected 4-4 draw at St Mellion, who had to concede two events through injury.


Yelverton B are also in the drop zone after being beaten 8-0 at Looe B. Yelverton C lost by the same score  to Plympton B in Division Five. Val Knight and Di Fitton combined for Saltash B who won 7-2 against Looe C. Knight and Fitton triumphed 6-3, 6-1 against Silvia Fair and Annette Richards and by 6-1, 6-1 against Kath Cradick and Carol Hutton.

Week 6

The best match in the Mens Division 1 was at Tavistock A, where visitors Ivybridge A won by 6-4.    Young Joe Kellett, in his first match for Ivybridge A, partnered Rhys Dunford and the pair beat Phil Harbottle and Gareth George 6-2,6-2 and Peter Bradley and Matt Smith 6-3,6-1.  Liskeard move up the table with two wins.   Tom Fear and Jack Puckey starred in the 5-4 win over Mannamead A, defeating Ashley Reburn and Andrew Leigh 6-0,6-4, and Andy Clay and Alex Cox also by 6-0,6-4.    Liskeard then beat a two player Devonshire A team by 7-2, with Mannamead A losing heavily 8-0 at Hill Lane A.   In Division 2, at St. Budeaux B, the home team held on to win by 6-5 against Mannamead B, in a very tight match.  The unbeaten pair came from Mannamead, with Andrew Leigh and Dan Coles securing wins over Martin Hill and Ashley Scoble by 6-2,4-6,10-5 and over Ricky Palmer and Dan Davidson by 6-4,4-6,10-3.  Four sets from the Plymstock A first pair of John Davies and Marc Joanknecht were not quite enough to prevent a defeat by 5-4 at Plympton B, in Division 3.  Neither of the Plympton A pairs could get the better of Linden Hardisty and Tom Briggs of Tavistock C in a 4-4 draw.  The first match of the season saw Whiteford Road A win by 8-1 at St.Budeaux C.  The return match was a much different affair, with St. Budeaux well satisfied to come away 6-5 winners.    Whiteford Road had to thank Steve Kingston and Adam Mudford for keeping them in the match, with wins over Gary Symons and Terry Hall by 3-6,6-3,10-4, and over Gary Eato and Karol Fisher by 6-1,6-7,13-11.  Bill Sparks and Paul Newton won the only two sets for Tavistock D, in a 6-2 defeat at Mannamead C.  In Division 5, Saltash B just did enough to score a narrow 5-4 win over neighbouring St. Mellion.  Patrick Fox and Ross Bunney, although unbeaten for Saltash, needed two tie break set wins in overcoming Jon Grainger and John Horton 7-6,7-6.  Also winning four sets in a 5-4 team victory were Andy Weymouth and Terry Leonard of Yelverton A, at Looe B.   Newton and Noss top Division 6 after an 8-0 defeat of St. Budeaux D.  At Tavistock F, Mark Gronnow and Paul Jackson were the form pair, but their unbeaten performance could not stop Yelverton B coming away winners  by 5-4 . Plymstock B had only one pair and Devonshire B team played an unregistered player, so the play score of 8-0 to Devonshire was amended to 4-2 in favour of Devonshire, in Division 7.  Only one set was closely fought when Menheniot proved too good for Whiteford Road B by 8-0.

Ivybridge B played two matches in the Ladies Division 1 and drew both 4-4.  The B team did well to share the points with Ivybridge A, with Mia Loye and Abbi Skelley unbeaten for the A team. Against Devonshire B, who had Charlotte and Tamsin Sandy winning their four sets easily, both the Ivybridge pairs defeated Denise Nixon and Georgia Jones.  Mannamead A are still in top spot after a comfortable 8-0 win over Plympton A.  Devonshire A also recorded an 8-0 result, but were gifted four sets by Devonshire B who serprisingly had only one pair.  St. Budeaux A, in Division 2, had to include two reserves, but did well to defeat Ivybridge C by 7-3.    For Ivybridge, Alison Bradley and Margaret Hammett came back confidently to win by 2-6,6-3,10-8  against Sue Gale and Toni Aitken.  Tavistock A are level on points with St Budeaux A by winning 6-2 at Looe A.   After both their first sets being close affairs, Sarah Lucas and Sue Parsons did not drop any more games, with wins over Jessica White and Gillian Bath by 6-4,6-0 and over Judi Greenbank and Melissa Hocking by 7-6, 6-0.   Tavistock B won for the first time, in defeating Hill Lane A by 6-3, thanks mainly to four sets from Jenny Read and Tric Locker.     Linda  Trebilcock and Alison Diver continued their fine partnership with another unbeaten display for Whiteford Road, in Division 3, with Menheniot losing by 5-4. In their second match of the week, Menheniot won by 5-4 at Devonshire C, with Whiteford Road overcoming Mannamead B by 7-2.  Anna Tickle and Jo Ricks of  Mannamead, finally edged out Sarah Brett and Anita Laidlaw by 1-6,7-6,10-8.  Yelverton A, had a weakened team in April against St. Budeaux B and lost by 8-1,but  this week they had a much stronger line up and with St. Budeaux, without two regular players, it was the turn of Yelverton A to win deservedly by 8-1.  Looe B take over from St. Mellion as Division 4 leaders by beating Hill Lane B by 8-0. St. Mellion lost at home by 6-4 to Ivybridge D. Nicola White and Penny Punch were unbeaten for Ivybridge, with Judith Farris and Michelle Heard involved in two long, losing events for St. Mellion.   The pair were beaten 4-6,6-0,10-4 by White and Punch and by 6-4,4-6,10-7 by Hilary O'Dair and Hebe Adams.    Plympton B made it five wins out of five by beating Looe C, in Division 5, and Saltash A won by the same score against Yelverton C.


Other Results

Men Div. 2  Saltash  A    6     Tavistock B  3

        Div. 4  Ivybridge C  5     St. Budeaux  C  4

        Div. 5  Hill Lane C   7     Tavistock E   2

Week 5

Only two matches survived the wet weather on Monday with twelve matches  postponed, causing an even bigger backlog of un-played fixtures.

The only match played outdoors was in Mens Division 1, where Hill Lane A entertained Tavistock A.  With Rory Harries back from injury and playing his first match, Hill Lane with their strongest team to date won by 8-0.   In the Ladies Division 1, the leaders, unbeaten Mannamead A, went to Devonshire A where the match was played on the indoor courts.   A top class Devonshire team with Charlotte and Tamsin Sandy available for the first time were convincing winners by 8-0.

 Looe A and Ivybridge C drew 4-4 in Division 2, with all Looe's sets coming from Jessica White and Gillian Bath, who defeated Annie Haigh and Jill Dickinson 6-0,7-6 and Jane Rickman and Margaret Hammett 6-4,6-2.  With Alison Diver back to partner Linda Trebilcock, Whiteford Road, in Division 3, won by 7-2 at Devonshire C, with Diver and Trebilcock unbeaten.    Teresa Otto and Henrietta Ferguson, for Devonshire, recovered to overcome Anita Laidlaw and Sarah Brett 5-7,7-6,10-6.   The leaders, St. Budeaux A, were winners by 8-1 against Mannamead B, with Sue Gale and Viv Sargeant  taken to three sets before beating Anna Tickle and Jo Ricks 6-3,4-6,10-6.   St. Budeaux C, in Division 4, were not so lucky, with visitors, Ivybridge D, coming away winners by 7-2.  All the Ivybridge team played well, with Helen Widlake and Nicky Scutt winning both their events in straight sets.  With most of the sets closely fought, Yelverton B finally beat Hill Lane B by 7-3.   It was a long night for the Yelverton pair of Wendy Sharland and Karen McCormick, who defeated Karen Harley and Jean Jane 1-6,7-5,10-6 but lost by 2-6,6-1,10-4 to Caroline Floccia and Nancy Northfield.  Saltash A had previously scored maximum points in Division 5 but crashed at Plympton B who were comfortable winners by 8-0.  Saltash B were the happier of the two Saltash teams in the Division, as they won for the first time when beating Yelverton C by 7-2.

Liskeard, in the Mens Division 1, gave Ivybridge A one of their hardest matches, in a 4-4 draw.    Rhys Dunford and Ben Knight won the four sets for Ivybridge but had to be at their best to win by 6-4,7-5 over Jack Puckey and Andrew Jackson.   Linden Hardisty and Phil Ruse of Tavistock B were far too good for the St. Budeaux A players, in a 4-4 draw .   In an unbeaten performance they inflicted a first defeat, in style, on Matt Redshaw and Matt Lloyd, whitewashing them by 6-0,6-0.  Plympton A, in Division 3, did not have all the rallies their own way, as the B team resisted long and hard before the A team came though by 8-2.  When a set down, different tactics can sometimes bring a revival, but none so drastic and painful as used by Andrew Leigh of Mannamead C, in Division 4.  Partnered by Dan Cole, the pair were 2-6, 0-3 against Steve Kingston and Adam Mudford, of Whiteford Road A, when Leigh then planted his face on the court surface, but although blood spattered he carried on, and the match suddenly turned in favour of Leigh and Cole, as they won by 2-6,7-5,10-8, ensuring a first defeat for Kingston and Mudford.  Rick Read and Mike Baker were the unbeaten pair for Tavistock E, in Division 5, but St. Mellion took the honours by 5-4.   Steve Turner, in only his second league match, turned in a defensive display of the highest order for Newton and Noss, in their win by 8-0, in Division 6, against Tavistock F.  Mannamead D took less than ninety minutes to win 8-0 at St. Budeaux D.  Menheniot go to the top of Division 7 after beating Cornish rivals Looe C by 8-1.

Other Results

Men  Div. 3  Hill Lane  B  8   Tavistock  C    1

         Div. 5  Hill Lane C   2   Looe  B  6

Ladies Div. 1  Ivybridge  A  5   Devonshire  B  4 

Week 4 extra

With no matches scheduled for the Whit week, some teams took advantage to play matches that had been postponed earlier in the season, due to bad weather.

In the Ladies Division 2, the top two unbeaten teams St. Budeaux A and Tavistock A met in a very competitive match.   St.Budeaux won narrowly by 6-5 with the result only decided in the last set.    For St. Budeaux, Kate Gibbons and Nikki Aitken only just kept their unbeaten record. The pair had to come from a set down in facing steady resistance from Sarah Lucas and Sue Parsons 6-7,6-3,10-4.   Despite both Maggie Lilley and Hilary Picton handicapped by injury, they both kept going to the end and fully deserved a win by 2-6,7-6,10-8 over Toni Aitken and Janet Butler.  Devonshire C hosted St. Budeaux in Division 3 and another fine undefeated performance from Tania Belcher and Debbie Bradbury saw St Budeaux come away winners by 6-4.   In Division 4, St. Mellion won by 7-2 against Yelverton B.   Judith Farris and Trudy Rowe easily won both their events for St. Mellion  and Jane Pamplin and Hilary Monk of Yelverton defeated Deborah Saunders and Michelle Heard 6-2,4-6,10-5.

Mannamead B, in the Mens Division 2, scored an excellent 7-2 win over Tavistock B.  Jamie Furlong and Oliver Gristwood won both their events in straight sets for Mannamead, with the Tavistock points coming from Phil Harbottle and Myles Pinkney, who recovered from a whitewashed first set to beat Yuen Siu and Jakub Piernicki  0-6,7-5,11-9.  Mannamead D are proving, at present, too strong for the rest in Division 6 and their latest win was against Newton and Noss by 6-2.  Ron Cole and Rob Thomas were the pick of the Newton and Noss team, only losing to Ashley Reburn and Bernard Lien by 7-6 (14-12), 7-6 (7-2) and defeating Simon Dusting and Declan 0'Connell 6-4,6-4.  With John Marshall and Anthony Watt unbeaten, Yelverton B won by 6-3 against St. Budeaux D.   Juniorplayer Devlin Skinner, was playing his first senior match for St Budeaux, and with Martyn Hall did well to win a set against Matt Hillyard and Steve McCormick.  It finished all square at 5-5, at Plymstock B against Whiteford Road B in Division 7, with Robert Wenborn and Kamran Ali the in form pair for Whiteford Road.   They won by 6-1,6-4 over James Driscoll and Adam Clynch and by 1-6,6-2,10-5 over Ken Jane and Andy Conroy.   Menheniot were given a close match by Mannamead E before winning by 7-3. Stewart Lees and Lawrence Markey were the unbeaten pair for Menheniot, with James Bennett and Andy Dingley on court throughout for Mannamead.   Bennett and Dingley were beaten 6-0, 4-6,10-8 by Lees and Markey but won by 2-5,6-3,10-5 against Sam Picken and Charlie Watters.

 Results from the first round of the Knock-Out Cup.

Whiteford Road  0  Looe  8.    Plymstock  0  St. Budeaux  8.

Yelverton 0  Ivybridge  8.

It was much closer at Saltash, where Saltash and Menheniot  won two events each, but Menheniot went through by 6 sets to 4.

Next Round to be palyed by Friday June 19

St. Budeaux v. Hill Lane,  Ivybridge v. Mannamead, Looe v. Devonshire

 Menheniot v. Tavistock


Plymouth & District Tennis Championships

 The 2015 Michael Spiers Plymouth & District Tennis Championships will be held at the Mannamead Tennis Club.

The Event starts on Sunday June 14th with the finals scheduled for Saturday June 20th (if wet Sunday June 21st)

Events are:    Open  -   Mens and Ladies Singles and Doubles and Mixed


                      Veterans  -  (Over 50) Mens, Ladies and Mixed Doubles.

                      Mens Doubles for players in Divs.4,5,6 and 7 of Tennis


                      Ladies Doubles for players in Divs.3,4 and 5 of Tennis League.

 Entry forms available from Mannamead Tennis Club and all local Tennis Clubs.  Entries close on Thursday June 11 at 12 noon.

Week 4

With a full strength team, Liskeard, in the Mens Division 1, won their first match in coming away from Tavistock A winners  by 8-3, with most of the sets closely fought. Mannamead A fielded newcomer Alex Mason and reserve Phil Whitby in losing at Ivybridge A by 6-3.   Jonathan Bushby and Ben Knight were the form pair for Ivybridge, beating Andrew Clay and Alex Cox 6-1,6-0 and Mason and Whitby 6-2,6-0.  Juan Portaos came in for Hill Lane A to partner Glenn Richards and with the pair winning four sets, Hill Lane A drew 4-4 at Devonshire A.    Saltash A, in Division 2, were gifted four points by Ivybridge B, who played an unregistered player, so the match result of 8-0 for Ivybridge became 4-4.  However, Saltash then did themselves no favours by not fulfilling a fixture at St Budeaux A who were awarded the match 8-0, with a further 5 point penalty for Saltash. St Budeaux B met Ivybridge B, who were both promoted last season, with the honours going to a strong St. Budeaux team by 6-3. Ricky Palmer and Martin Hill of St. Budeaux raced to a 5-0 first set lead against Duncan Matthews and Andy Hope, only to fall away to lose the set on a tie break.  Palmer and Hill won the second set and from 3-6 down in the third set tie break, recovered to win it 10-8 and the event by 6-7,6-4,

10-8. Looe A march on undefeated at the top of Division 3 after winning 8-1 at Plympton A.  Plympton B also lost going down 6-3 at Tavistock C.  John Mulley and John Stewart of Tavistock played well to beat John O'Gorman and Gary Raymond 6-2,4-6,10-7.  In the 6-4 win by Hill Lane B at Plymstock A,  Tom Langrishe and Zak Trigger were unbeaten for Hill Lane, including a win over John Davies and Marc Joanknecht by 2-6,6-3,10-6.   Both St. Budeaux C and Mannamead C recorded maximum 8-0 wins over Tavistock D and Plympton C respectively in Division 4.  It was much closer at Whiteford Road A, who again needed an unbeaten effort from Steve Kingston and Adam Mudford to edge out Ivybridge C by 5-4. A very experienced St. Mellion team, although defeating a youthful Hill Lane C by 8-0 in Division 5, paid full tribute to the standard of play from Jago Bruce(14), Kofi Bruce (13) and Will Potter (14). After relegation in 2014, Yelverton A looks to be on course for promotion, with Tavistock E beaten by 8-0.  The South East Cornwall derby became a marathon, with Looe B just edging out Saltash B by 6-5, with every pair winning an event.  Dickie Lovelock and Richard Sayer, of Looe, came back from a set down to beat Nigel Smith and Patrick Fox 4-6,6-3,10-4 , with Smith and Fox repeating the process against Guillawme Pleven and Terry Lewis by 3-6,6-1,12-10.   Richard Stafford and Dan Clellend had little difficulty in winning their four sets for Devonshire B, in a 5-4 Division 7 win over Menheniot.  Mike Madden and Chris Blackaby formed a good unbeaten partnership for Mannamead E in their 7-3 win against Whiteford Road B.

 After a wait of several seasons, Mannamead A sit proud at the top of the Ladies Division 1. After an 8-0 win over Devonshire B, Mannamead were in impressive form in defeating Ivybridge A by 6-4. Sarah Naylor and Katherine Bell remained undefeated for Mannamead, but after a comfortable 6-1, 6-1 win over Abigail Skelley and Saskia Sluce, it was much tougher for them in a very narrow win over Mia Loye and Kate Absalom by 2-6,6-3,14-12.  Devonshire A had only two regulars in their team, but full credit to Plympton A for taking full advantage, earning a 4-4 draw.  Trish Locker and Alison Clish-Green were the saviours for Tavistock B in Division 2.  In the 5-5 draw with Looe A, Locker and Clish -Green beat Gillian Bath and Lyndsey Fear 1-6,7-5,12-10 and Melissa Hocking and Sacha Byford 6-3,6-3.  There were very few problems for St. Budeaux A who won by 8-0 at Hill Lane A.  Also winning comfortably by 8-0 were Devonshire C at Mannamead B, in Division 3.  However at Menheniot there were deuces galore, with visitors St. Budeaux B winners by 6-5.  St. Budeaux were indebted to, in form Tania Belcher and Debbie Bradbury, who won by 4-6,6-1,10-8 against Dianne Burt and Janet Wright and by 6-4,6-1, over Jacqui Batterbee and Zoe Harris.  Consistency and placement of shot again paid dividends for the unbeaten pair of Linda Trebilcock and Sarah Brett, who won both their events for Whiteford Road in a win by 5-4 over Yelverton A.  Junior player Megan Jameson, partnered by veteran Joan Kelcey, were the best pair for St. Budeaux C at Looe B in Division 4.   Jameson and Kelcey beat Helen Brockbank and Rosie Henstridge 6-2,6-3, but four sets from Audrey Scott and Silvia Rocca meant a win for Looe by 5-4.   Saltash A have yet to drop a set in Division 5, and this week Looe C were the losers by 8-0.  Saltash B, however, are finding points hard to come by, with Plympton B winning by 6-2.

 Other Results   

Men   Div. 7 Looe C   7  Plymstock B  2

Ladies  Div. 2  Ivybridge C  3 Tavistock A  6

             Div. 4  Ivybridge D   7  Yelvewrton B  3

                        Hill Lane B  2   St. Mellion  7    


Week 3

Ivybridge A and Devonshire A were involved in an excellent Ladies Division 1 match, with visitors Devonshire the winners by 7 sets to 4.    Lucy Ryland and Mae Dartnell had a great evening, with wins over Abi Skelley and Lesley Crocker by 7-5,6-0 and over Mia Loye and Saskia Sluice by 7-5,3-6,10-6. Plympton A and Devonshire B were both promoted last season and Plympton deserved the four sets they won, but Devonshire took the match 5-4.  For Devonshire Chris Parker and Georgia Jones defeated Joy Pellow and Lyn Helliwell 6-2,7-5 and Nicky Geoken and Alison Miles 7-6 (8-6),6-3.  Sarah Naylor  has certainly strengthened the Mannamead A team who won by 7-2 at Ivybridge B.  The pair were unbeaten, with Josie Debnam and Clare Dyke winning three sets including a 6-2,6-3 victory over Nikki Reid and Verity Holdsworth.  Tavistock B, in Division 2, never gave up against Tavistock A but their defeat by 8-0 was a poor reward for all their efforts.  The 5-5 draw between Ivybridge C and Hill Lane A reflected the closeness of the match, as each of the four pairs won an event.  St Budeaux A played their first ever match at Looe. The Looe A team were probably the happier of the two teams in a 4-4 draw, with Kate Gibbons and Nikki Aitken too strong for the Looe players.  Yelverton A played two matches in Division 3 and hit form by winning both.   Devonshire C were beaten by 8-1, with Wendy Sharland and Lynne Macfarlane earning their promotion to the A team.   In a much closer match, Yelverton had Ann Short and Angie Lynch undefeated, in a win by 7-4 over Mannamead B.  Chris Woodroffe made her debut for the A team and combined well with Julia Whetton to win three sets.  Linda Trebilcock and Sarah Brett won all the sets for Whiteford Road at St Budeaux B,  who won the match by 5-4.  Also too good for the opposition were Zoe Harris and Jacqui Batterbee for Menheniot, who defeated Mannamead B by 6-2.   In Division 4, St Mellion, with two experienced pairings, had a comfortable 8-1 win at St. Budeaux C.   Four sets from Penny Punch and Sarah Owen of Ivybridge D, meant a 6-3 win against Hill Lane B, with Punch and Owen recovering to defeat Libby Allman and Caroline Flocia 4-6,6-3,10-7.   Saltash B won their first sets of the season at Looe C, but with Lindsay Fear and Rosie Henstridge not dropping a set, Looe won by 5-4, in Division 5.

In the Mens Division 1, Devonshire A hosted Ivybridge A, who won by 6-3, with Devonshire conceding a set through Piers Widdicombe  being unable to continue in the second set.  Tavistock A needed four sets from Matt Smith and Peter Bradley to draw 4-4 at Mannamead A.  After starting well, Mannamead B faded in the second round of events, losing by 8-1 at St Budeaux A in Division 2. The Tavistock B first pair of Linden Hardisty and Tom Briggs won four sets quite comfortably against St. Budeaux B, in a 4-4 draw.  Paul Robertson and Ben Battersby were on court throughout, in Division 3 for Plympton B, who lost 7-3 at Hill Lane B.   Robertson and Battersby beat Zak Trigger and Tom Langrishe 3-6, 6-4,10-7, but were beaten 4-6,6-2,10-8 by Ricky Hutt and Ali Al-Moussan.  Plympton A did better, by winning 6-2 at Plymstock A.  Looe A had their closest match to date, in their 7-3 win over Tavistock C.   Tavvy had a strong pair in Max Goodison and Phil Ruse, who beat Alan Palin and Des Hocking 4-6, 6-4,10-4, but were beaten 4-6,6-3,13-11 by Dave Richardson and Nigel Watson.  St. Budeaux played well as a team, to win a very tight Division 4 match, at Plympton C, by 7-4, including winning two events from a set down.  Steve Kingston and Adam Mudford are still unbeaten for  Whiteford Road, with the team drawing 4-4 at Tavistock D. Yelverton A have made an unbeaten start in Division 5, after winning by 8-0 at St. Mellion, with St Mellion  contributing to many close games without clinching the vital game points. Richard Solman and Rick Read, of Tavistock E, fought hard and long against Looe B, winning two sets, as Looe won by 8-2.   Menheniot  got on court at last in Week 3, in Division 7, and defeated Plymstock B by 8-1.  Newcomers Looe C won by 5-4, at Whiteford Road B, but the unbeaten form pair Kamran Ali and John Dean came from Whiteford Road. 

Other Results

Men  Div. 1  Hill Lane A  6   Liskeard 2    Div. 2  Saltash A 1  Mannamead B 8

         Div. 4  Manamead C  6  Ivybridge C 3  Div. 5 Saltash B 1 Tavistock E 8

         Div. 6  St. Budeaux D  2  Tavistock F  7  Div.7   Devonshire B  2  Mannamead E 6

Ladies  Div. 4  Yelverton B 6  Looe B  4  Div. 5 Plympton B 8 Yelverton C  0


Week 2

Heavy rain meant that only two matches were played in Week 2 on Monday and both took place in very wet conditions at Tavistock.

In the Mens Division 1, neither side were at full strength but Tavistock A took advantage of a much weaker Devonshire A team, to win by 8-2.   Tavistock reserves, Charles Snow and John Stewart, played well to defeat Chris Price and Dave Clelland 4-6,6-4,10-8 and Stewart Barnes and James Carter 6-1,4-6,10-7.  Also braving the conditions were Tavistock B and Ivybridge C in the Ladies Division 2.  It was worth a soaking for Ivybridge who won by 8-1.  St Budeaux A, as expected, were too strong for their B team in the Mens Division 2, winning by 8-1.  Martin Hill and Ashley Scoble won the point for the B team, narrowly losing to Neil Hunt and Simon Prout 7-6,2-6,10-7. A good all round team performance from Ivybridge B earned them a win by 8-2 over Tavistock B. Linden Hardisty was a surprise inclusion in the Division 3, Tavistock C side, with visitors Plymstock A coming away delighted with a win by 6-2.   For Plymstock, John Davies and Adam Randell, won their events in straight sets.  Looe A have maximum points from their first two matches, after a comfortable 8-0 victory at Plympton B.  With Matt Hopper and Joe Thomas conceding just two games, Plympton A had little difficulty in winning by 8-0 at Hill Lane B.  A strong wind hampered any consistent rallies in Division 4, at Mannamead C, who defeated St. Budeaux C by 8-2, with Terry Hall and Gary Eato winning the two sets for St. Budeaux.  Eleven sets were played at Ivybridge C in a marathon 7-4 win over Tavistock D.  Alan Donaldson and Steve Cann were the unbeaten pair for Ivybridge, with Bill Sparks and Jeremy Hyde of Tavistock staging  a great come back, to defeat Ben Semmence and Andy Copestick 0-6,6-4,10-7.   Bad light stopped play at Whiteford Road A, with the home team beating Plympton C by 6-3.The Yelverton first pair of Andy Weymouth and Terry Leonard were far too good for the Hill Lane C team in Division 5, winning their events for the loss of four games, as Yelverton A won by 6-2.  The long established pairing of Ron Cole and Rob Thomas turned in the perfect four sets of 6-0 for Newton and Noss, who beat Yelverton B by 8-1 in Division 6.  By contrast it took Mike Baker and Mike Prout of Tavistock F over two hours to overcome Dave Brimble and Mike Madden of Mannamead D, 6-3,3-6,10-8, but this was the only success for Tavvy as Mannamead won by 7-2.


Youngsters, Emily Gilbert and Izzy Abernethy, were a credit to their club Hill Lane A, in the Ladies Division 2.   Away at Looe A, the pair beat Judy Greenbank and Melissa Hocking 7-5,3-6,10-5 but with Jess White and Gillian Bath in fine form, Looe won by 6-4.      Ivybridge D failed to send a team to Looe B in Division 4, so Looe were awarded the match 8-0, with a further five point penalty for Ivybridge.  Sue Jameson played her first ever league match and with Joan Kelcey just failed to win a set, but four sets from Pat Hexter and Karey Mayers meant a 4-4 draw for St. Budeaux C against Hill Lane B.    Rain stopped play at Saltash in Division 5, where Saltash A beat Saltash B by 6-0.  Lynne Macfarlane and Lucy Scott were the unbeaten pair for Yelverton C, who won a tight match against Looe C by 6-4.

Week 1

In the Mens Division 1, the Hill Lane A first pair of Glenn Richards and Patrick Daykin did not concede a game in winning their events, in the 4-4 draw at Mannamead A.  Promoted Liskeard had only one pair at Devonshire A who won by 7-2, with Rob Kellagher and Andrew Jackson, for Liskeard, beating Matt Green and Stewart Barnes 2-6,7-5, 10-5.  Tavistock A found Ivybridge A too strong, with the home team winning by 8-0.   The two promoted teams from Division 3 met at St. Budeaux A in Division 2, with Ivybridge B beaten by 6-2.  For St. Budeaux, Ricky Palmer and Dan Davidson did well to beat Henry Warrender and Duncan Matthews 6-3,6-2.    Only two sets went to a tie break as Tavistock B comfortably defeated Saltash A by 8-0.  John Davies and Marc Joanknecht look likely to be the main scorers for Plymstock A in Division 3 and were unbeaten in the 4-4 draw with Plympton B.  Steve Cole and Gary Brookes dropped just five games for Plympton A, in defeating John Stewart and Tom Briggs 6-0,6-1 and Myles Pinkney and John Mulley 6-3,6-1, in the 7-2 victory over Tavistock C.  It was not all plain sailing for Looe A but winning the vital game points resulted in a 8-0 win over Hill Lane B.   Whiteford Road A started in style, as the promoted team won by 8-1 at St. Budeaux C in Division 4.   Dave Cooper and Dan Williams of Whiteford Road were a set down and trailing in the second set but fought back to win by 2-6,7-6,10-8 against Josh Honey and Gary Symons.  Young Joe Thomas, of Plympton C, again won plaudits for his standard of play and court manners, and backed up by veteran Mark Eve, the pair were unbeaten in the 6-2 win against Ivybridge C. Mannamead C had several new players but the team got off to an encouraging start, winning by 8-1 at Tavistock D. Yelverton A paid tribute to the efforts made by Looe B, but strength of shot was the deciding factor, with Yelverton winning by 8-0 in Division 5.  The closest match was at Tavistock E, who needed four sets from John Medland and Will Newman to overcome Hill Lane C by 6-4.   The Cornish derby encounter resulted in Saltash B coming away from St. Mellion winners by 7-3.  For Saltash, Patrick Poon and John Jacobs were at their resilient best, beating Jon Grainger and Andy Westlake 7-6,6-2 and Roy Barraclough and John Horton 6-3,6-1. Newton and Noss started life in Division 6 with a 7-2 win at St. Budeaux D.  There were no easy set wins in Division 7, as Mannamead E and Looe C drew 5-5, with Nathan Toms and Toby Davis winning four sets for Looe.

In the Ladies Division 1, Devonshire B and Devonshire A drew 4-4, with all the B team's points coming from Kirsty Corin-Grey and Marguerite Butt.  The two Ivybridge teams also met, with victory for the A team over the B team by 7-3. For the A team, Mia Loye and Kate Absalem, won their events in straight sets. Promoted Plympton A had a tough baptism in their first ever Division 1 match, as Mannamead A won by 8-0.  There were mixed fortunes for the Tavistock teams in Division 2.  The B team lost by 8-1 at Hill Lane A, with the A team defeating promoted Looe A by 8-2, with Sarah Lucas and Trish Locker in very good form for Tavistock.  Relegated St. Budeaux A found this division much more to their liking, with an 8-2 win at Ivybridge C . Two very well matched teams met in Division 3, at Menheniot, who drew 5-5 with Devonshire C , thanks to four sets from Jacqui Batterbee and Zoe Harris.  Tania Belcher and Debbie Bradbury of St. Budeaux B combined well, to win both events in straight sets, with Yelverton A losing by 8-1. Anna Tickle and Jo Ricks, in particular, fought all the way for Mannamead B, but visitors Whiteford Road won by 8-1.   In Division 4, Yelverton B did much better, sharing the points 4-4 with St.Budeaux C, with Wendy Sharland and Lynne Macfarlane winning all Yelverton's  points.  Despite an injury early in the match, Judith Farris of St. Mellion carried on, and with Deborah Saunders won two sets in the 4-4 draw at Ivybridge D who had Nicola White and Nicky Scutt undefeated.

Satash A in Division 5, had a new second pairing in Di Fitton and Caroline Hambly, who settled in quickly, with Saltash too good for Yelverton C by 8-0.

Other Results

Men  Div. 2  Mannamead  B  6   St. Budeaux B   3  Div. 7  Devonshire B 8  Plymstock B 1.

Ladies  Div. 4  Hill Lane B  0   Looe B  8     Div. 5  Looe C  2 Plympton B  7