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Evening Herald Reports 2016

18th Aug Ladies Team Reports

Devonshire  -  Only team Captain Lucy Ryland played regularly and Erica Herbert made only 4 appearances for the A team which was weaker than the title winning Division 1 team of 2015.  However with Lynda Haley playing well and support from Georgia Jones, the team achieved a creditable runners up spot.  The B team line up in Division 2 has had a changed line up in recent seasons but secured a mid-table place, whilst the C team saw twelve different players included in ten weeks and were relegated from Division 4.

Hill Lane  -  After relegation in 2015 from Division 2, the A team bounced straight back by clinching second place in Division 3. Their most consistent players were Sandra O’Sullivan and Luisa Warring whilst Emily Ramsden, Roxanne Marshall, Debbie Wilson and Emily Gilbert all contributed to the success of the team.   There was quite a gap between their two teams as the B team were down in Division 5.  Nancy Northfield, Karey Mayers and Caroline Floccia were the main points scorers, earning the team promotion.

Ivybridge  -  After a wait of several seasons, the Division 1 title is back in the South Hams.  Only one match was lost as the team, led by top of the players averages Verity Holdsworth, won the division by eleven points.  The team did not have to make as many changes as expected, with Abbi Skelley, Nicky Reid, Victoria Goss and Kate Absolam all too strong for the opposition in most matches. The B team, also in Division 1, knew from the start that the playing standard would be hard to match, and so it proved, and with it the inevitable relegation. In Division 2 many players had to jump two divisions to play for the C team, which ended up in last place, but full credit to Sarah Owen and Nicola White who played in nearly every match.

Looe  -  A real success for the A team, who, in an all round team performance are promoted to Division 1 for the very first time. Whilst Jessica White and Gillian Bath were the main point scorers, any promoted team needs reliable back up from their second pair, and Looe had this from Melissa Hocking and Judy Greenbank.  It was not all good news however as the B team, promoted last season, failed to hold on to their Division 4 place by two points, with the C team third in Division 5.

Mannamead  -  Sarah Naylor missed the first two matches for the A team, in Division1, and this probably made all the difference to their challenge for second place, which they missed by two points.   Naylor, Josie Debnam, Katherine Bell and Clare Dyke completed the quartet of players.   It was rather an indifferent season for the B team in Division 4.  Early promise faded, but enough points had been won for the team to keep well clear of relegation.

Menheniot  -  Another success story for Division 3,  Menheniot seem to be emulating Looe, by winning successive promotions.  The team were unbeaten, with Zoe Harris and Jacqui Batterbee the top pair, but ably supported by Janet Wright and Dianne Burt, and 2017 will be their debut season in Division 2.

Plympton  -   The A  team’s yo-yo between Division 2 and Division1 continues.  Relegated last season the team took Division 2 by storm, with the team selection made easy as the same four players, Joy Pellow, Lyn Helliwell, Alison Miles and Helen Wright played in every match, and they were the only team in the league to achieve this record.     Success too for the B team, who with Nicky Ormshaw and Sarah Blain their best players, won Division 4 by one point.  Only two players made regular appearances for the C team who were in last place in Division 5.

Saltash  -  the success for Cornish Ladies teams continues as Saltash A, up from Division 5, are promoted again. Each of the four players,  Jill Cansfield, Nicole Boucherat, Chris Bunney and Felicity Wyman did well as a team.  In Division 5, Saltash B were the only team with a 100% record, and Birte Morris and Christine Hambly were ever present and undefeated.  The newly formed C team were fourth in the division.

St. Budeaux  - It was a season of consolidation, with the A team back in Division 1 comfortably keeping their place.  Kate Gibbons and Nikki Aitken were a strong first pair, with Janet Butler and Megan Jameson scoring vital points in important matches.  The B team in Division 3 actually won six matches, but had to settle for third place. The C team had it’s customary fight against going down from Division 4, but as usual finished strongly, to finish only three points short of promotion.

St. Mellion  -  Availability of player was a problem all season, with only Trudi Rowe, Deborah Saunders and Christine Hambly playing regularly, and so the promotion to Division 4 lasted just one season.

Tavistock -   The A team, back in Division 1, found the playing standard more than they could cope with, and despite dogged resistance from Hilary Picton and Maggie Lilley each week, it was straight back to Division 2.  In Division 3, the B team saved their status by one point, in the last match of the season.

Whiteford Road  - Alison Diver and Linda Trebilcock were again the main points scorers, but it must have been pleasing for the Club that the second pair of Sarah Brett and Sarah Robertson had several scoring matches, as the team kept their Division 2 place.

Yelverton  -  Another club with much changed teams due to either player shortage or unavailability.  The teams are always known for their hospitality and sporting play, but unfortunately neither team coped well on court, with the A team down from Division 2  and the B team down from Division 4.


11th Aug Mens Team Reports

Devonshire   -    A much better and consistent season for the A team with ever present Chris Ryland their outstanding player, backed up by Pierce Widdicombe, Richard Stafford and Chris Price.   They just missed out on winning Division 1 due to the number of sets lost.  The B team were down in Division 6 and, despite losing five points for failing to fulfil a fixture, they finished in second place just above Looe C, who failed to score in their last match.

Hill Lane  - The A team lost their Division 1 title with Glenn Richards missing for four matches and also Ashley Reburn did not play in the last four matches.  The B team had an excellent pair in Mike Bruce and Ricky Hitt and the team won Division 4.  The C team in Division 5 and the D team in Division 7 avoided relegation and re-election respectively.

Ivybridge -  By far their best season for some time.   The A team won Division 1, with Rhys Dunford their star player partnered by Ben Knight and supported mainly by Tom Fenton and Jack Jones.   The B team were third in Division 2, two points behind Mannamead A.  To complete a fine performance the C team won Division 5 and although the D team suffered penalties of seven points they won Division 7.

Liskeard - Unfortunately with only three regular players at best this was probably the least successful time for Liskeard for many years and the team  go down to Division 2.

Looe   -  Promoted to Division 2 last season, the A team finally kept well clear of the relegation places and had a settled team of Des Hocking, Alan Palin, Nigel Watson and Dave Richardson.   The B team never got to grips with the Division 5 standard and are relegated whilst it was a case of, if only, for the C team. They needed just one point from their last match to go up from Division 6 but lost 8-0.

Mannamead  -   With both the A and B team in Division 2 there was some interchange of players in the early matches, with  Alex Cox the leading player for the A team. The A team made it harder work than necessary in finishing second, as their four points penalty for two late result cards meant the team just edged out Ivybridge B by one point.  The B team go down from the division as do the C team, from Division 3, but the D team held on to their Division 5 place.

Menheniot  -    Unfortunately lack of players in the first three weeks meant two fixtures not fulfilled, and withdrawal from the league.

Noss Mayo  - The newest club in the league and their third successive promotion. The team looked likely winners in mid-season, but the absence of key players for a couple of matches saw the team end up in the runners up spot.

Plympton  -    With the A team not so strong as in 2015 it was a Division 2 season to forget.  Only in the last week was defeat avoided, and only five sets were won in the other nine matches, but full credit to the team for completing every match. By contrast the B team are promoted from Division 3, with the highlight being Peter Horgan and Nick Haley who were ever present as a pair.  The C team were eleven points from safety in Division 4, and failure to win a set in their last match cost the D team promotion from Division 7.

Plymstock   -    The inclusion, for their first season, of David and Callum Whitelock proved to be the catalyst for success for the A team.  With long serving John Davies and junior Adam Randall completing the line up the team won Division 3.  Not so good for the B team who propped up Division 7.

Saltash  -     The A team, in Division 3, had many team changes but did enough to stay in the division. The B team, after promotion in 2015, return to Division 6.

St. Budeaux -  With two teams in Division 1 only the A team stayed up, with Neil Hunt and Matt Redshaw the main point scorers.  The B team, despite all their efforts with a full team each week, could only muster three sets and conceded the maximum eighty.  The C team were much more reliable this year with Terry Hall and Gary Symons the leading pair, and finished in mid table in Division 4. The D team, with very few changes, won Division 6, with Karol Fisher, Andy Jameson, Andy Conroy and Rob Cornish all contributing to the team’s success.  The newly formed E team comprising mainly of junior players were second in Division 7.

St. Mellion  -  With most of their small squad available  nearly every week, there was not the usual last minute fight against the drop, which was avoided by twelve points. Roy Barraclough, Roger Wratten, Jon Grainger and John Horton all played at least seven matches.

Tavistock  -  The A team, with Linden Hardisty winning thirty five sets out of thirty six and partnered mainly by Gareth George, won Division 2, and the B team just missed out by two points on promotion from Division 3.  The C and D teams lost their Division 3 and Division 5 places respectively.

Whiteford Road  -    Steve Kingston and Adam Mudford were their main points scorers, but with Kingston not playing in three matches the team still did well to secure third spot in Division 4.

Yelverton  -     A settled  A team, consisting of Andy Weymouth, Terry Leonard, Chris Taylor and Tom Chiappe for most of the season, and  good all round performances in most weeks, meant promotion from Division 4.  However the B team had many changes and lost their Division 6 place.


4th Aug Divisional Reports


Div. 1   After missing out in recent seasons, Ivybridge A are back at the

top as champions, just edging out Devonshire A on set difference.  The

2015 title holders Hill Lane A, not as strong as last season, slipped to

third place.    Promoted St. Budeaux A stay up, but St. Budeaux B found

the standard much too high and although they completed every fixture,

they lost all their matches and their stay in the top flight was for 2016



Div. 2  Tavistock A go back to the first division, heading the division from

Mannamead A, who just kept above Ivybridge B despite losing four

points for late result cards.  Mannamead B were not so fortunate and are

relegated, and it was only in the last match that relegated Plympton A

avoided defeat.


Div. 3  Plymstock A’s doubts about their playing strength proved to be

groundless and the team had a superb season. With almost the same

players each week they won the division by six points, ahead of

Plympton B. The promotion of Plympton B means that the club will still

have a team in Division 2 in 2017.   The two relegated teams,

Mannamead C and Tavistock C, actually won more points than any other

two relegated teams.


Div. 4  Hill Lane B, with a good second half, are promoted and are joined

by Yelverton A, who secured a second successive move up.  Plympton C

and Looe B finished well adrift at the foot of the table.


Div. 5  Noss Mayo in second place made it three promotions in a row,

and they were only two points behind leaders Ivybridge C.  Saltash B,

promoted last season, unfortunately lose their place, being ten points

short of safety.  There was a second relegation for Tavistock  with the D

team going down to Division 6.


Div. 6  The early withdrawal of Menheniot, by the league, for failing to

fulfil two fixtures, meant only five teams competed in the division.   St.

Budeaux D, much stronger and consistent than in 2015, are the top

team, followed by Devonshire B.  Looe C missed a great chance of

finishing second when they failed to score in their last fixture.   With only

five teams only Yelverton B were relegated.


Div. 7  Despite being docked seven points for a non-appearance and late

result cards,  Ivybridge D still won by ten points.  St Budeaux E join them

as, in the last week they scored six points to overtake Plympton D, who

failed to win a set. Applying for re-election will be Plymstock B.




Div. 1  Ivybridge A completed a top division double for the Club by

finishing eleven points ahead of previous champions,  Devonshire A.   Of

the promoted teams, St. Budeaux A comfortably kept their place but

Tavistock A, with only one win, go back to Division 2 along with Ivybridge

G, also with just one victory.


Div. 2  Plympton A, with nine wins, bounce straight back to Division 1,

and a feature of their season was that the same four players appeared

every week.  They are joined by Looe A, who have made steady

progress up though the league, and 2017 will be their debut in Division

1.  Ivybridge C, whose players were mainly in Division 4 last season,

competed gamely in every match but found the standard challenging.

They go down to Division 3 along with Yelverton A, who were another

team not always at full strength.


Div. 3  The success story for Menheniot continues, with yet another

promotion,  as they remained unbeaten  and were well clear, by twelve

points, of second team Hill Lane A.   A late season mini revival by

Tavistock B just preserved their status, as they overtook Looe B in the

final week by one point, who go down along with St. Mellion.


Div. 4  Only six points separated the first four teams.  Plympton B made

it a second promotion for the club and go up with Saltash A.  Saltash

survived a mid-season blip and achieved second place to build on their

2015 promotion.   Mannamead B lost their way slightly in the second half

of the season, but still did enough to keep ahead of relegated 

Devonshire C and Yelverton B.


Div. 5  Top of the table Saltash B are the only 100 % team in any of the

Mens and Ladies divisions, with Hill Lane B second, fifteen points in

arrears.  Plympton C occupy the re- election spot.


28th July

At the start of the final week of the season, Ivybridge A and Devonshire A were level on points at the top of the Mens Division 1.    Devonshire defeated St. Budeaux B 8-0, for the loss of just four games. The next evening, Ivybridge A travelled to Liskeard without their first pair of Rhys Dunford and Ben Knight.  However, reserves Dominic Hall and Duncan Matthews fully played their part, as Ivybridge won by 7-4.   There was then good news for Ivybridge but not for Devonshire, as Liskeard played an unregistered player, amending the score to 8-1 in favour of Ivybridge.  With the teams again on the same total, Ivybridge took the title by virtue of conceding fewer sets.  Deposed champions Hill Lane A won by 5-4 at St. Budeaux A, with thirteen year old Tom Miller making a creditable show on his first match for the Hill Lane A team.

In Division 2, Mannamead A went to Ivybridge B, who were two points ahead in the battle for second place .  Mannamead just did it by winning 6-3, with for Mannamead, Simon Poyner and Matt Adams beating James  Sexton and Michael Renovich 6-3, 5-7,10-6 and Sam Wilson and Chris Corbett 6-0,6-2.  Plympton A avoided defeat, for the first time, drawing 4-4 with Mannamead B. For Mannamead, Laurie Markelin and Toby Clark defeated Adam Blain and Bradley Crossfield 6-1,7-5 and Sam Reynold and Chris Light 6-3,6-1. Top team Tavistock A sent just one pair to Looe A who won by 6-3.

The closest match in Division 3 was at Plympton B where Saltash A went down by 7-4.   Peter Horgan and Nick Haley continued their successful partnership for Plympton, coming back from a set down in each event, with wins over Dave Harrington and Charles Crighton by 2-6,7-5,11-9,  and over Saul Davis and Ross Bunney by 4-6,6-4,10-3.  Both Plymstock A and Tavistock B had comfortable 8-1 wins over Tavistock C and Mannamead C respectively.

  In Division 4, Yelverton A had brothers Tom and Matt Chiappe in top form, in a 6-3 win at St. Budeaux C, as they defeated Gary Eato and Adam Davidson 6-0,6-2 and Gary Symons and Terry Hall 1-6,6-4,10-5.

Roy Barraclough and Roger Wratten of St. Mellion are past masters of defensive play and were at their best in a two hour straight sets win, 7-6 (7-5),7-5 over Jason Vosper and Rob Thomas of Noss Mayo in Division 5  as the teams drew 4-4, with all the Noss Mayo sets coming from Ron Cole and Eric Wilson.

St.Budeaux D secured first place in Division 6, with an 8-0 win over Yelverton B, for whom, eleven year old James Scott was not overawed and played well.

Plympton D were beaten 8-0 at home to Hill Lane D, a result which cost them promotion from Division 7.   St. Budeaux E overtook them by winning 6-3 at Plymstock B, for whom veteran Dudley Tolkien won his first event of the season, when with Peter Brownlow they overcame Ewen Gare and Harry Maplesden 6-2,6-4.

The consistent form of Plympton A, in the Ladies Division 2, paid dividends with an 8-1 win at Whiteford Road, which meant an immediate return to Division1. Sarah Brett and Sarah Robertson of Whiteford Road did well to take a set from Alison Miles and Helen Wright, who won by 3-6,6-1,10-8.  Looe A will be in the top flight for the first time next season, finishing with an 8-0 victory at Yelverton A. Clare Hutton made a rare appearance for Devonshire B at Ivybridge C, and was unbeaten with Julie Chapple,  conceding only one game, as Devonshire won by 7-3. 

Four sets from Toni Lloyd and Chanelle Belcher put St. Budeaux B on the way to a 5-4 win over Looe B, in Division 3, with Lloyd and Belcher combining well to beat Lindsey Fear and Silvia  Rocca 6-4,7-5.  Menheniot, having won the division, had a tight match at second placed Hill Lane A. In the event, between two of the best pairs in the division, Jacqui Batterbee and Zoe Harris of Menheniot defeated Sandra O’Sullivan and Luisa Warring 6-4,6-4.    In a battle royal at St.Mellion, eleven sets were needed before visitors, Tavistock B,  won by 6-5.  Jenny Read and Wendy George were the stars for Tavistock, beating Deborah Saunders and Michelle Heard 3-6,6-4,10-5 and Trudy Rowe and Xiaobin Brown 7-5,6-0.

It took nearly four hours for Mannamead B to draw 5-5, in Division 4, with Saltash A, who scored enough points for promotion. Alison Goodwin and Reena Bhatt for Mannamead, won by 6-3,6-4, against Christine Bunney and Jill Cansfield and by 3-6,7-6(7-5),10-5 against Noelle Boucherat and Felicity Wyman.  St. Budeaux C won 6-2 at Devonshire B, with Viv Sargeant and Sam Conroy unbeaten, for the fourth consecutive week.

There were mixed fortunes for the Saltash teams in Division 5.  Promoted Saltash B won by 8-1 at Looe C, but Saltash C lost 8-0 at Hill Lane B, with  Charlotte Olver the pick of the Saltash players.

Other Results :- Ladies Div. 1 -  Mannamead A   8,  St. Budeaux A  1; Tavistock A  0,  Devonshire A  8;   Ivybridge A  8,  Ivybridge B  0: Div. 4    Yelverton B  0,  Plympton B  8:

Mens Div. 4  -  Whiteford Road  8,   Looe B  0;   Plympton C 4,  Hill Lane B  4;  Div. 5  Mannamead D  5 Ivybridge  C 4 ; Saltash B 8 Tavistock D 1 Div. 6  Hill Lane C  8 Looe C  0


14th July


Division 1.    The two top teams, Ivybridge A and Devonshire A, had little difficulty winning their matches, with Ivybridge A beating  Mannamead A by 8-1, and Devonshire A far too good for St. Budeaux A by 8-0.  Tavistock A won for the first time, after seven defeats, by 6-4 against Ivybridge B.  Sue Parsons and newcomer Francis Lindsay were the form pair for Tavistock, beating Annie Haigh and Helen Cock by 6-4,6-1, and Margaret Hammett and Jill Dickinson by 7-5, 7-5.

Division 2.      Looe A are doing exceptionally well and could be on course for promotion after a win by 7-2 at Ivybridge C, with all the team playing their part. Whiteford Road were missing two regulars at Yelverton A, who won by 5-4. Alison Diver and Sarah Brett won both their events, but took over two hours to beat the Yelverton pair of Ann Short and Angie Lynch by 7-6, 6-4.  Plympton A are clear leaders, and in the 6-3 win at Devonshire B, Joy Pellow and Lyn Helliwell defeated Henrietta Ferguson and Tamsin Sandy 6-1,1-6, 10-7, and Claudia Castellani and Kate Brady 7-5,6-3.

Division 3.   Looe B had their best result of the season by drawing with top team Menheniot.   For Looe, Lindsey Fear and Silvia Rocca inflicted only a second defeat on Jacqui Batterbee and Zoe Harris, winning by 6-3,6-3.  Hill Lane A really enjoyed the match at St. Mellion, especially as they won by 7-2, with the points for St. Mellion coming from Deborah Saunders and Michelle Heard, who defeated Emily Gilbert and Roxanne Marshall 6-1,2-6,11-9.  Tavistock B  were 3-2 ahead at the half way stage at St. Budeaux B, but the home side recovered well to win by 6-3.

Division 4.    Mannamead B lost their unbeaten record to visitors St. Budeaux C, who won by 6-2, with Viv Sargeant and Sam Conroy of St. Budeaux winning four sets for the second week in succession.   Plympton B took advantage of a below strength Saltash A  team to narrowly win by 5-4, thanks to Nicky Ormshaw and Sarah Blain winning four sets. In the match between the bottom two teams, Devonshire C took a huge step in trying to avoid relegation, with an 8-1 win over Yelverton B.

Division 5.      Saltash B made it six wins out of six and move eleven points clear of Hill Lane B at the top, by beating their C team 8-0.   Hill Lane met much tougher opposition, but with Nancy Northfield and Karey Mayers undefeated, the team beat Plympton C by 7-2.


Division 1.   Rhys Dunford and Ben Knight were on top form for Ivybridge A in the 4-4 draw at Hill Lane A, beating Rory Harries and Johnny Taylor 6-2, 6-2, and Glenn Richards and Ali Al- Moussani 6-0 6-0.  Devonshire A included two reserves, David Vernon and Steve Parker, at St.Budeaux A, and both players played well.   Devonshire won by 6-5, with Neil Hunt and Matt Redshaw, of St. Budeaux, twice coming from a set down to defeat Chris Ryland and Vernon by 2-6, 6-3,10-6, and Pierce Widdicombe and Parker by 4-6,6-4,10-6.

Division 2.    The feature of the 6-4 win, by Ivybridge B over Tavistock A, was an unbeaten display by James Sexton and Michael Renovich . This included a first defeat for Tavistock’s Linden Hardisty, when Hardisty and Gareth George were beaten 7-6,3-6,10-4 by Sexton and Renovich.  Looe A should avoid the drop after winning by 8-0 at Plympton A, who had only one pair.   Mannamead A are still in second place, after defeating Mannamead B by 6-3, with Alex Cox and Dan Cole unbeaten for the A team.

Division 3.   Plympton B returned to winning ways and closed the gap on leaders Tavistock B, by defeating them 8-2, with Pete Horgan and Nick Haley in particularly fine form. Dave Harrington and James Taylor won all the sets for Saltash A, at home to Plymstock A, but the visitors won by 6-4. Harrington and Taylor beat John Davies and Callum Whitelock  2-6,6-3,10-6 and Adam Randell and David Whitelock 6-4,6-7,10-7.

Division 4.   Hill Lane B are three points ahead at the top, after a creditable 8-1 win at St. Budeaux, by being the more consistent team.   Also winning by 8-1 were third placed Yelverton A, at bottom team Looe B.  Plympton C did well to win three sets at Whiteford Road, who won by 6-3. For Plympton,  Paul Robertson and Ed Mann overcame  Kamran Ali and Anthony Wilborne by 6-3,6-0.

Division 5.    Noss Mayo won a very close match against Tavistock D, by 7-3.  Rob Wills and Mike Baker were on court throughout for Tavistock, winning by 3-6,6-3,10-2, over Jason Vosper and Roger Barnett, but were beaten 6-7,6-1,10-7 by Ron Cole and Rob Thomas.  Roger Wratten and Duncan Neale won the two sets for St.Mellion in beating Duncan Matthews and Joe Kellett of Ivybridge C, by 7-5,2-6,12-10, as Ivybridge won by 7-2.

Division 6.    St Budeaux D suffered their first defeat, as Hill Lane C won for the first time, 5-4.  Steve Randall and Harry Bird of Hill Lane won by 6-1,6-4, against Andy Jameson and Roger Gare, and by 6-3,6-2 against Andy Conroy and Karol Fisher.  Only one Devonshire B pair turned up at Looe C, but Nils Haneman and Simon Palmer won three sets, as Looe took the match by 6-3.

Division 7.    Ivybridge D misread the fixture list and failed to appear at Plympton D, who were awarded the match 8-0, and a five point penalty to Ivybridge.  The St.Budeaux E match versus Hill Lane D included  many junior players, with St. Budeaux taking the honours by 8-2.


Other Results: -

Men   -       Div.1    -     Liskeard 8,  St. Budeaux  B 0.  

                  Div. 3   -    Tavistock C 4,  Mannamead  C 6.   

                  Div. 5   -     Mannamead D 8,  Saltash B 1


7th July

In both the Mens and Ladies Division 1, the top three teams played the bottom three teams and all won by the maximum 8-0. Ivybridge A Men had probably the youngest team in their history. The oldest was 22 year old Rhys Dunford, backed up by Tom Fenton (17), Jack Jones (16) and Joe Kellett (13) at St. Budeaux A.  Hill Lane A won at St. Budeaux B, and Devonshire A accounted for Liskeard, who fielded only one pair.   In the ladies matches, Ivybridge A beat St. Budeaux A , Devonshire A won at Ivybridge B, and Mannamead A allowed Tavistock A just six games. 


Division 2.   Tavistock consolidated their top place with a 7-2 win over visitors Mannamead B, with Linden Hardisty and Phil Harbottle combining well for two straight set wins. The best result was at Looe A, who did themselves a power of good and move clear of the relegation area by defeating Ivybridge B by 8-1.   Mannamead A made it seven defeats for Plympton A by winning 8-0.

Division 3.    The Tavistock derby confirmed the superiority of the B team by comfortably beating the C team 8-1.  Mannamead C, on court, beat Saltash A by 8-3, but Simon Poyner was ineligible so the final score was Mannamead C 4, Saltash A 6. The inclusion of Tim Randell strengthened the Plymstock A team and they also scored eight points at Plympton, beating the B team by8-1.

Division 4.     In a week of maximum wins, this division provided three more.   Hill Lane B beat Looe B 8-0, Whiteford Road accounted for Yelverton A by 8-1 and St. Budeaux C made it a hat trick of maximum defeats at Plympton, by winning 8-1 against Plympton C.

Division 5.    Saltash B deserved their 6-4 win over the top team Noss Mayo, who despite not at full strength, put up determined resistance.    Alex Tucker and Martyn Hall were unbeaten for Saltash, but Chris King and Roger Barnett of Noss Mayo were unlucky to miss out twice in third set tie breaks.   King and Barnett lost by 3-6,6-4,12-10 to Richard Miles and John Jacobs and by 6-4,4-6,12-10 to Tucker and Hall.  Mannamead D needed three hours to defeat St. Mellion by 7-3,  with for St. Mellion, Roger Wratten and Duncan Neale recovering to beat Paul Matthews and James 0’Connell 5-7,6-3,10-6.

Division 6   Yelverton B won for the first time by 6-3 against Looe C with four sets coiming from Scott Ferguson and Roger Froud


Division 2.    Devonshie B found the windy conditions not to their liking at Looe A, who in a fine team performance won by 7-2.  Both the Yelverton A and Plympton A teams enjoyed a sporting and tactical match, but Plympton continued being too good for the rest, by winning 8-0, and still ate all the lemon cake!

Division 3.   There is no stopping Menheniot, as St. Mellion found out, as their Cornish neighbours won by 8-0.   Hill Lane A and St. Budeaux B are vying for second place and drew 4-4. Sandra O’Sullivan and Luisa Warring won all the Hill Lane sets, beating Tania Belcher and Debbie Bradbury 6-3,6-2, and Chanelle Belcher and Lucy Cornish 6-3,6-4.  Also unbeaten were the Tavistock B pair of Olga Rogers and Frances Lindsay, in the 6-2 win over Looe B.

Division 4.    After the spate of maximum wins, it was all so different at Devonshire C, who drew 6-6 with Plympton B, after nearly four hours. Tracey Stockton and Kate Brady were the mainstay of the Devonshire team, defeating Sarah Blain and Nicky Ormshaw 6-3,3-6,10-3 and Jane Wilson and Lisa Light 6-4,1-6,10-7.  St. Budeaux C took advantage of Saltash A being without two regular players, to win by 6-3, with Viv Sargeant and Sam Conroy unbeaten for St. Budeaux.   Mannamead B won by 6-2 at Yelverton B, but had to concede two sets through an injury.

Division 5.   Hill Lane B were indebted to Karey Mayer and Julie Bates for winning four sets in the 6-4 victory at Looe C.   Ann Hughes and Sophie Raymond won all the sets for Plympton C, in the 4-4 draw with Saltash C.

Other Results:     Mens  Div. 5 - Tavistock D 2   Ivybridge C 6.    Div. 7 - Ivybridge D 8   St. Budeaux E  0.  Plymstock B 3 Hill Lane D 7

Ladies Div. 2  -  Whiteford Road 8  Ivybridge C 0


23rd June 2016


Division 1

In the battle to avoid relegation Liskeard closed the gap on St. Budeaux A to four points, by beating them 5-4.  Neil Hunt and Matt Redshaw won all the sets for St. Budeaux, including a win by 6-3,3-6,10-5 over Tom Fear and Andrew Jackson.  The two leading teams both scored maximum points, with Devonshire A completing an 8-1 double over Hill Lane A, and Ivybridge A defeating St. Budeaux B 8-0.

Division 2

Daniel Cole and Simon Poyner were the unbeaten pair for Mannamead B, winning both events in straight sets, in the 6-2 win at Looe A.

Division 3

Four sets from Bill Sparks and Tom Briggs ensured a narrow 5-4 win for Tavistock C against visitors Plympton B.   Sparks and Briggs beat Ben Battersby and Joe Thomas 7-5,6-2 and Peter Horgan and Nick Haley 6-2,6-1.

Division 4

Yelverton A bounced back from their 8-0 defeat last week, to overcome Hill Lane B by 7-4. In an exceptionally close match, played in showery conditions, all of the team played well, with Tom Chiappe and Chris Taylor unbeaten and coming back from a set down to beat Mike Bruce and Ricky Hitt 2-6,6-3,10-7.  The absence of two regular players proved too much for St. Budeaux C, and although the team tried hard the vital game points eluded them as Whiteford Road won by 8-0.  Clive Poole made a rare appearance for Looe B and combined well with Dave Worrall to win both their events in straight sets, in the 5-4 victory over Plympton C. 

Division 5

Noss Mayo avenged a first half defeat by Mannamead D, in winning by 8-2.  Craig Southard and Chris Watmore were on court throughout for Mannamead, but lost two third set tie breaks when beaten 4-6,7-6,10-6 by Ron Cole and Rob Thomas and by 7-6,3-6,12-10 by Jason Vosper and Roger Barnett.   St. Mellion secured their best result to date with a comprehensive 8-1 result over Tavistock D.   For St. Mellion,  Roger Wratten and Roy Barraclough won four sets for the first time, and Duncan Neale and John Horton recovered to defeat Jon Farquharson and Miles Pinkney  2-6,6-1,10-5. Ivybridge C beat Saltash B 8-0 but played an unregistered plyer with the final score amended to 4-4.

Division 6

The leadersSt Budeaux D made it five wins out of five in coming away from second placed Looe B winners by 6-3. Toby Davis and Nathan Toms won all the points for Looe beating Andy Conroy and Karol Fisher 6-3 6-3 but losing by 3-6,6-4, 8-10 to Rob Cornish and Andy Jameson.

Division 7

Plympton D beat Plymstock B by 6-4, with the Plymstock pair of James Driscoll and Adam Clynch losing both events in three sets.  Henry Thomas and Chris Light beat them 6-1,4-6,10-6 and Phil Hughes and Neil Crosswaite beat them 3-6,6-1,10-5.


Division 1

Ivybridge A have opened up a four point lead after conceding a meagre three games at Tavistock A,  with Verity Holdsworth and Kate Absalom winning all their sets by 6-0.  Devonshire A  move into second spot ahead of Mannamead A, by defeating them 6-2.  Margaret Hammet was delighted to win for the first time for Ivybridge B, as with Jill Dickerson they defeated Janet Butler and Megan Jameson of St. Budeaux A by 3-6,6-3,10-7, with St. Budeaux taking the match 7-2.

Division 2

Looe A put up a good show in the top of the table encounter at Plympton A.  Jessica White and Gillian Bath played well throughout for Looe in beating Joy Pellow and Lyn Helliwell 6-7,6-4,10-5 and Alison Miles and Helen Wright 6-3,6-3.  In the match between the bottom two teams Yelverton A made up ground on the teams above them after a 7-2 win at Ivybridge C with Ann Short and Angie Lynch unbeaten and dropping just five games .

Division 3

St. Mellion have still to avoid defeat, with their latest reverse being by 1-8 at St. Budeaux B. The maximum twelve sets were played at Looe B, with Looe and Hill Lane A drawing 6-6.  Sasha Byford and Lyndsey Fear won four sets for Looe by overcoming Debbie Wilson and Sandra O’Sullivan 6-2,4-6,10-6, and Emily Gilbert and Roxanne Marshall by 5-7,6-4,13-11.  Although Menheniot won six sets very comfortably against Tavistock B,  full credit to Olga Rogers and Lucy Hillman of Tavistock in winning by 3-6,7-6,11-9, against Dianne Burt and Nona Markey.

Division 4

It must be a long time since two matches in the same week ended 6-6, but it happened again at Mannamead B, with Jo Jackson and Alison Goodwin in the draw with Devonshire C.   Jackson and Goodwin beat Caroline and Izzy Abernethy 6-3,4-6,10-4 and Tracey Stockton and Kate Brady 4-6,7-5,10-6.  Jill Cansfield and Chris Bunney were back to unbeaten form as Saltash A accounted for Yelverton B by 7-3.   Lynne Macfarlane and Wendy Sharland were the pick of the Yelverton team, beating Noelle Boucherat and Jane Trahair  6-3,6-7,10-8, but losing 2-6,6-3,10-5 to Cansfield and Bunney.   Plympton B were too strong for St. Budeaux C winning by 7-2, with Pat Hexter and Liz Gill avoiding the whitewash with a 4-6,6-2 13-11 win over Sarah Blain and Nicky Ormshaw.

Division 5

Saltash B power on at the top by defeating Plympton C 8-0 and Saltash  C A areon the way up after a first win by 7-4 against Looe C. 


16th June 2016


Division 1

The inclusion of Tom Fear, for the first time this season, meant that Liskeard had their strongest team at Ivybridge A, with Ivybridge just winning by 6-4.  Rhys Dunford and Ben Knight were far too good for both the Liskeard pairs winning their evens in straight sets.  Both the Liskeard pairs won from a set down, with Rob Kellagher and Keith Abbott beating Tom Fenton and Jack Jones 3-6,6-1,11-9, and Fear and Andy Jackson beating Fenton and Jones 3-6,7-5,10-4.  Four sets from Rory Harries and Jonny Taylor put Hill Lane A on the way to a 6-2 win over St. Budeaux A, and Devonshire A had little trouble in beating St. Budeaux B by 8-0.

Division 2

Linden Hardisty continued his winning run for Tavistock A, this week partnered by Richard Hendin against Looe A.  In a win for Tavistock by 6-3, Hardisty and Hendin defeated Jack Puckey and Dave Richardson 6-4,1-6,10-8 and Des Hocking and Alan Palin 6-2,6-3. Plympton A started four sets in arrears at Mannamead B as they had only one pair available, with Mannamead finally winning by 8-1.

Division 3

Joe Thomas and Matt Hopper of Plympton B comfortably beat both the Saltash A pairs in straight sets. The Plympton B second pair of Pete Horgan and Nick Haley had two marathon events, but came through successfully, in wins over Dave Harrington and Jason Holland by 6-4,4-6,10-8 and over James Booth and Charlie Crichton by 5-7,6-4,10-8.  There were mixed fortunes for Tavistock teams in away matches.   The B team won by 7-2 at Mannamead C, but the C team went down 8-1 at Plymstock A.

Division 4

At the start of the match, leaders Yelverton A were ten points ahead of St. Budeaux C.   Three hours later the gap was only two points, and with St. Budeaux having the edge in all matches they won by 8-0.  Richard Sayer and Nigel Watson were the only winners for Looe B, as visitors, Whiteford Road, won by 6-2.

Division 5

The experience and craft from veterans Roy Barraclough and Roger Wratten of St. Mellion was all too much for Ron Cole and Rob Thomas of Noss Mayo, who were beaten 6-3,6-4. However, with Jason Vosper and Roger Barnett unbeaten, Noss Mayo won by 6-3.  In a match where nearly all the sets were close affairs,   the unbeaten form from Jon Farquhason and Miles Pinkney made all the difference for Tavistock D, in a 6-3 win over Saltash B.

Division 6

St. Budeaux D kept their 100% record after a 7-2 victory at Yelverton B, with Yelverton’s points coming from Matt and Tom Chiappe, in beating Rob Cornish and Andy Jameson 6-2,2-6,10-8. Two well matched teams met, with Looe C and Hill Lane C drawing 5-5. In a very sporting match, the Looe captain made special mention of the good court manners of Hill Lane junior player Tom Miller.

Division 7

A feature of the St. Budeaux E match against Plymstock B was that veteran, Dudley Tolkien of Plymstock, has now appeared for a  Plymstock team for the last  47 seasons. There was no happy ending as St. Budeaux won by 7-4.



Division 1

It is unusual for a team not to be disappointed in losing 8-0, but St. Budeaux A played some of their best tennis of the season, enjoyed the match, and paid full credit to the standard of play and team work of their opponents Mannamead A, who on the day were too good.  The other two matches also ended 8-0, with Ivybridge A beating their B team and Devonshire A overcoming Tavistock A.

Division 2

By far the best match to date saw Plympton A defeat Whiteford Road by 8-3.  Alison Diver and Linda Trebilcock of Whiteford Road lost for the first time, just missing out on vital game points in long rallies.  Diver and Trebilcock were beaten 3-6,7-5 10-7 by Joy Pellow and Lyn Helliwell and 6-4,3-6,10-7 by Alison Miles and Helen Wright.   Sarah Brett and Sarah Robertson deserve a special mention, for taking a set off Pellow and Helliwell.  All the Devonshire B team played their part, in the 7-3 win over Ivybridge C. Only one pair from Yelverton A made it to Looe A, who won by 8-0.

Division 3

The top of the table clash at Menheniot against Hill Lane A, ended all square at 4-4.    Sandra O’Sullivan and Luisa Warring won all the sets for Hill  Lane and in the process took the unbeaten record of Jacqui Batterbee and Zoe Harris, in a 6-4,6-4 win.   Sacha Byford and Lyndsey Fear won three sets for Looe B, but St. Budeaux B came away winners by 6-3, with Tania Belcher and Debbie Bradbury unbeaten and defeating Byford and Fear by 4-6,6-4,10-6.  Success at last for Tavistock B, whose first win was by 8-0, over St.Mellion.

Division 4

Pat Hexter and Liz Gill played particularly well for St. Budeaux C, in an 8-1 win over Devonshire C, with the pair conceding just four games in four sets. The other two matches both ended in 4-4 draws, with the visitors having the unbeaten pair each time.   Alison Goodman and Reema Bhatt won four sets for Mannamead B at Saltash A, as did Julia Whetton and Lynne Macfarlane for Yelverton B, at Plympton B.

Division 5

There were 7-3 wins for the two Saltash teams.  Christine Hambly and Birte Morris won both events in straight sets for the B team, against Looe C, as did newcomers Sue Murch and Muriel Hocking for the C team, against Hill Lane B.


Other Results: -

Menspan style="mso-spacerun:yes">  -  Div. 4     Hill Lane B  6,  Plympton C  3.

            Div. 5     Ivybridge C  8,  Mannamead D 1.  

            Div. 7     Hill Lane D 3 Plympton D  6.



2nd June 2016


Division 1 

With both Devonshire A and Ivybridge A fielding strong teams, the match was full of top class tennis and honours ended even at 5-5. Starring for Devonshire were the unbeaten Chris Ryland and Pierce Widdicombe  who defeated Rhys Dunford and Jake Freeman 3-6,6-3,10-5 and James Scarr and Jack Jones 6-3,6-3.  Liskeard were without the injured Andrew Jackson and lost at home to Hill Lane A by 7-2, with Rob Kellagher and Keith Abbott of Liskeard beating Ashley Reburn and Ali Al-Mouzzani 4-6,6-2,10-5.

Division 2

Tavistock A are setting a hot pace at the top and Plympton A  posed them few problems, with Tavvy winning by 8-0. Also scoring maximum points were Ivybridge B at home to Mannamead B.  The Mannamead A team came away from Looe A with a 4-4 draw, thanks to a consistent and competitive performance from Alex Cox and Franck Mouney, who beat Alan Palin and Des Hocking 6-3,6-1 and Dave Richardson and Nigel Watson 6-1, 7-5.

Division 3

Young Charles Crichton played well in his first match, remaining unbeaten with Dave Harrington, as Saltash A won by 6-3 at Tavistock C.  An injury to Chris Watmore, of Mannamead C, caused by a ball hitting his eye,  meant his early retirement and conceding three sets at Plympton B, who won by 7-3.

Division 4

Yelverton A kept their 100% record and opened up an eight point lead on Plympton C, by beating them 7-2. Phil Gasche made a rare appearance for Yelverton, winning three sets with Chris Taylor.  Looe B fully contributed to an enjoyable match at St Budeaux C, but neither of the Looe pairs could overcome Terry Hall and Gary Symons, as St. Budeaux won by 7-2.  Hall and Symons defeated Dickie Lovelock and Richard Sayer 7-5,6-0 and Terry Lewis and Jake Richardson 6-2,6-2. There were many close sets at Whiteford Road in their 7-3 win over Hill Lane B, with Kamran Ali and Anthony Welbourne, for Whiteford Road, holding their nerve in their 6-3,2-6,16-14 win against Steve Randall and Haider Al- Mouzzani.

Division 5

At Noss Mayo, eleven hard fought sets were played, with Ivybridge C winning by 6-5. However, two days later, the Ivybridge player Duncan Matthews had to stand in for the B team in Division 2. Unfortunately this negated his C team wins, with the amended score being Noss Mayo 7 and Ivybridge C 3.  John Horton and Jon Grainger continue to be the leading pair for St. Mellion, and their four set wins saw the team to a narrow 5-4 victory at Saltash B.

Division 6

The leaders, St Budeaux D, did not have matters all their own way against a new look Devonshire B line up, but with junior player, Jack Finnie, gaining in confidence as the match progressed, and winning two sets with Rob Cornish, St. Budeaux edged home by 6-4.

Division 7

Pympton D lost by 8-0 at home to St. Budeaux E, but in another case of a player playing twice in the same week, St Budeaux lost four sets, with the final score being a 4-4 draw. A hamstring injury to Tim Randell, of Plymstock B, meant a concession of three sets and a win for Ivybridge D by 8-1.


Division 1

With both Mia Loye and Abbi Skelley available, Ivybridge A were much too good on the night for Devonshire A, who had only Lucy Ryland of last season’s championship team playing.  Ivybridge took full advantage to win by 8-0.  Mannamead A now take over as the leading team, with a four point cushion, after beating Ivybridge B by 8-0 and dropping only nine games. Tavistock A won their first sets of the season, but not enough, as visitors, St. Budeaux A, took the match by 7-3.   Junior player Megan Jameson won three sets with Janet Butler, including a 6-1,2-6,10-8 win over Sue Parsons and Olga Rogers.

Division 2

The Whiteford Road second pair of Sarah Brett and Sarah Robinson did exceptionally well, and stepped out of the shadow of the unbeaten first pair of Alison Diver and Linda Trebilcock, by winning both their events in three sets, as Looe A were defeated by 8-2.  It was a long night at Yelverton A, with one point taking 25 shots, as Claudia Castellani and Sue Denham, of Devonshire B, beat Ann Short and Fiona Spreadbury 6-3,6-1, with Devonshire winning by 8-1.  Plympton A were better at winning the vital game points at Ivybridge C and their 8-0 victory puts them in top spot

Division 3

Menheniot failed to score eight points for the first time this  season, but their never say die approach earned them a deserved 7-3 win at St. Budeaux B, with Jacqui Batterbee being almost unpassable at the net, winning at least twenty points.  Trudy Rowe and Deborah Saunders of St. Mellion, twice came from a set down, to beat both Looe B pairs, with Looe winning by 6-4. Rowe and Saunders were too good for Lindsey Fear and Rosie Henstridge by 3-6,6-3,10-8 and for Jackie Wray and Helen Brockbank by 4-6,6-1,10-8.

Division 4

 Noelle Boucherat and Felicity Wyman are forming a good partnership for Saltash A, but their four set wins could not prevent Devonshire C from winning by 6-5.  Alison Goodman, on her debut for Mannamead B,  partnered another comparative newcomer in Reema Bhatt and were undefeated, as Plympton B lost by 8-0.  Each of the four pairs from Yelverton B and St. Budeaux C won an event, as Yelverton won by 5-4.

Division 5

Saltash B turned in another good team effort and with Caroline Hambly and Birte Morris unbeaten  the team won by 7-2 at Hill Lane B. Plympton B had only one pair at Looe C and lost by 6-2 with Anne Hughes and Sharon Raymond salvaging the two points for Plympton in beating Corrie Breyer and Angela Palin 7-5,6-1

Other Results

Men - Div. 1    St. Budeaux A 8   St. Budeaux B 0

          Div. 3     Tavistock B 7       Plymstock A 3

          Div. 4     Mannamead  D 6  Tavistock D 3

Ladies - Div. 3    Hill Lane A 8     Tavistock B 0


26th May 2016


Division 1

The top match resulted in Devonshire A overcoming spirited resistance from St. Budeaux A, to win by 7-4. Unbeaten for Devonshire were Chris Ryland and Chris Price, but they were taken to three sets by Neil Hunt and Matt Redshaw.  Hunt and Redshaw had a good win over Richard Stafford and Stuart Barnes by 6-4, 4-6, 10-4.  Glenn Richards was unavailable to play for Hill Lane A and without him the team went down by 8-1 at Ivybridge A.  Liskeard inflicted a third successive defeat on St. Budeaux B, winning by 8-1.

Division  2

Four sets from Des Hocking and Alan Palin put Looe A on the way to a 6-2 victory over Plympton A.  In very wet conditions Mannamead A defeated their B team easily by 8-0, conceding just nine games.  Ivybridge B at Tavistock A came away losers by 8-1, with James Sexton and Michael Renovich the pick of the Ivybridge team.

Division 3

Plymstock A continued their promising start to the season with a 6-2 win over Saltash A.  Andrew Leigh and Phil Whitby were undefeated for Manamead C, who overcame Tavistock C by 6-4.  It was tough going for the other Mannamead  pair, as Simon Dusting and Bernard Lien- Lambert went to three sets twice but lost by 3-6,6-3,7-10 to John Stewart and Simon Asford and by 6-4,3-6,9-11 to Bill Sparks and John Farquharson.  Tavistock B also lost, when, with Joe Thomas and Jamie Stewart unbeaten, Plympton B won by 6-3.

Division 4

Hill Lane B had a very strong line up and St. Budeaux C were well beaten by 8-0.  A shortage of fit players meant Looe B having to concede to Yelverton B 8-0.  With Steve Kingston back from injury and unbeaten with Adam Mudford,  Whiteford Road won by 5-4 at Plympton C.

Division 5

Only Ben Semmence and Yuen Siu turned up for Ivybridge C at St Mellion, but they defeated Roger Wratten and Roy Barraclough 6-4,6-3 and John Horton and Jon Grainger 6-0,6-4, to earn the 4-4 draw.  Alex Cox, the Mannamead A team captain, had to stand in at the last minute when only three D team players arrived at Saltash B. He made all the difference, dropping just four games, partnered by Chis Watmore, as Mannamead won by 5-4.   Noss Mayo recorded a comfortable 8-0 victory at Tavistock D.

Division 6

In an excellent match, full of variety of play, St. Budeaux D kept their 100% record with a win by 7-2 over Hill Lane C, with all eight players fully involved throughout. In the other two scheduled fixtures the only action was off the court.  Devonshire B misread the fixtures and did not turn up at home to Looe C, and Menheniot failed to find a team to travel to Yelverton B.

Division 7

Ivybridge D had to settle for a 4-0 win over Plympton D, as rain stopped play at the half way stage, and at Hill Lane D against St. Budeaux E, both teams included several junior players, with Hill Lane winning by 6-2.



Division 1

Lucy Ryland and Erica Herbert make up a formidable partnership for Devonshire A, who lead the division after a 6-2 win at St. Budeaux A.  Mannamead A, with two good partnerships, inflicted a first defeat on Ivybridge A by 6-4.  For Mannamead,  Sarah Naylor and Katherine Bell won their four sets, with Josie Debnam and Clare Dyke twice losing in the third set long tie break.  A first win for Ivybridge B by 8-0 over Tavistock A meant that Tavvy are still looking to win a set.

Division 2

The most competitive match was at Plympton A, in a 7-4 win against Devonshire B. For Plympton, Alison Miles and Helen Wright beat both Devonshire pairs, and Joy Pellow and Lyn Helliwell played two three set events.  Pellow and Helliwell beat Jo Battersby and Henrietta Ferguson 6-2,4-6,10-4 but lost 5-7,6-4,9-11 to Sue Denham and Claudia Castellani.  Linda Trebilcock and Alison Diver are still unbeaten for Whiteford Road, as visitors, Yelverton A, were defeated by 5-4.  Penny Punch and Helen Widlake, for Ivybridge C, were unlucky not to win a set at Looe A, who won by 8-0.

Division 3

Hill Lane A have a 100% record after a 7-2 win over St. Mellion, whose two points came from Deborah Saunders and Michelle Heard, who beat Debbie Wilson and Emily Ramsden 1-6, 6-2,10-4.  St. Budeaux B did well to win by 8-1 at Tavistock B, and leaders, Menheniot, faced few problems in an 8-0 win over Cornish rivals Looe B, to make it maximum points to date.

Division 4

Saltash A lost for the first time, as with Sarah Blain and Nicky Ormshaw in fine unbeaten form, Plympton B won by 6-3.  Blain and Ormshaw beat Jill Cansfield and Chris Bunney 6-4,6-1 and Felicity Wyman and Noelle Boucherat 6-2,6-3. Honours were even at Yelverton B who, thanks to four sets from Fiona Murphy and Angie Lynch, drew 4-4 with Devonshire C.  St. Budeaux C against Mananmead B was postponed due to rain.

Division 5 

Saltash B won by 7-0 against their C team, with rain bringing about an early finish, and Hill Lane B were deserved 8-0 winners at Plympton C.