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Evening Herald Reports 2018

Club Review

In the seven Men's and five Ladies' divisions there were twelve winners and twelve runners up awards. The leading clubs were Mannamead with six trophies, followed by Plympton with four, and three each for Ivybridge and St.Budeaux.


Devonshire - 2 teams with 30 players used. There were many team changes as indicated by the number of players used, with only two players appearing in more than five matches in the A team. There was a vast difference in standard between the A team, who finished third in Division 1, and the B team who were relegated from Division 5.

Hill Lane - 4 teams with 27 players used. Unfortunately the A team was weakened by the absence of players from the 2017 line up. This meant that many players had to move up, and the team were not strong enough to retain their Division 1 place. However, the club fielded full teams, except on one occasion, all season. The B team go down from Division 3, and the C team lose the promotion gained from Division 6 last season, with the D team seeking re-election from Division 7.

Ivybridge - 5 teams with 31 players used. The A team challenged for top spot in Division 1, but finally had to give second best to Mannamead A. The promoted B team, like so many other teams in past seasons, found Division 1 too strong and lost their place. There was good news for the C and D teams as the C team were promoted from Division 4 and the D team went up, for the second year in succession, into Division 4. The E team have to apply for re-election to Division 7.

Looe - 2 teams with 16 players used. A good win in week 10 kept the A team in Division 2, but the B team, up from Division 5 last season, lose their Division 4 place.

Mannamead - 5 teams with 34 players used. A mixed set of results. The A team retained the Division 1 championship, but the B and C teams, both promoted last season, fail to keep their places in Division 2 and 3 respectively. The D team regained a place in Division 5, and the newly formed E team won promotion from Division 7.

Menheniot - 1 team with 9 players used. The misreading of the fixture list cost the team dearly, as it meant a five point penalty, and promotion was missed by four points.

Newton and Noss - 2 teams with 17 players used. The A team in Division 3, needed only six players in their fifth consecutive promotion, with the B team, on their debut in the league, winning Division 7 and gaining promotion.

Plympton - 4 teams with 21 players used. There were very consistent team line ups throughout most of the season, with promotion for the A team from Division 2, and a first appearance for the team in Division 1, in 2019. The B team go back up to Division 3, with the C team promoted from Division 5, and the D team staying in Division 7.

Plymstock - 1 team with 9 players used. With two departures and also illness from the A team of 2017, the B team were withdrawn from Division 6 to play in Division 2. Although they lost every match, they fielded a full team every week and were sporting opponents.

Saltash - 2 teams with 13 players used. The A team finished in mid table in Division 2, with the B team doing well, to win promotion from Division 6.

St. Budeaux - 4 teams with 24 players used. A good season, with the A and B teams winning Divisions 2 and 3 respectively, and the C and D teams remaining in Divisions 4 and 5.

St. Mellion - 1 team with 8 players used. The team seems to be at home in Division 5, finishing third as in 2017.

Tavistock - 4 teams with 29 players used. The A team remain in Division 1, as do the B team in Division 3. However, there was relegation for both the C and D teams, down from Divisions 4 and 6.

Whiteford Road - 2 teams with 12 players used. Seven players played in most of the matches for the two teams. The A team seem to be anchored in Division 4, and the B team struggled in Division 6 and are relegated.

Yelverton - 2 teams with 13 players used. The A team hung on to their Division 3 place by two points, with the B team failing by two points to remain in Division 6.


Devonshire - 3 teams with 23 players used. The A team In Division 1, again had to settle for second place after being neck and neck all the way, with the eventual winners Mannamead A. The B team were not as strong as in past seasons and lost their place in Division 2, but the C team, back in the league again, did well to win Division 5.

Hill Lane - 2 teams with 13 players used. After just avoiding relegation from Division 2 in 2017, the A team, with a strong first pair, finished in second spot on set difference, for promotion. The B team failed to stay in Division 4.

Ivybridge - 3 teams with 27 players used. Without many top players from 2017, it was a tough battle for the A team to recover from a five point penalty, for failing to complete a fixture, and stay in Division 1. However, they managed to do it in their last match, staying up on set difference. The B team remain in Division 2, but the C team, with only one pair in four matches, are inevitably relegated from Division 3.

Looe - 3 teams with 20 players used. The A team put up a commendable performance in their second year in Division 1, and only just lost their place, on yet another set difference decision. It was the same downward story for the B and C teams, who were both just not good enough to stay in Divisions 3 and 4.

Mannamead - 3 teams with 20 players used. The best achievement by the Club for quite a long time. The A team just pipped Devonshire A to the Division 1 championship, and the B team won promotion for the second season in succession, going up to Division 2. The C team had to seek re-election in 2017, but an improvement in playing standard ensured promotion from Division 5.

Menheniot - 1 team with 6 players used. After relegation last year, the team found Division 3 more to their playing standard for a third place finish.

Plympton - 4 teams with 21 players used. The A team only just missed out on a return to Division 1, on set difference from Hill Lane A, with the B team making it two teams in Division 2 next season, after coming up from Division 3. The C and D teams, with many players having a baptism of league play, remain in Division 5.

Saltash - 1 team with 6 players used. The decision to enter just one team paid dividends, as the team lost only one match in returning to Division 3, as runners up in Division 4.

St. Budeaux - 3 teams with 17 players used. The A team were third in Division 1, with the B team the real success, achieving a first promotion to Division 1, by winning Division 2. The C team just escaped relegation from Division 4 by winning their last match.

St.Mellion - 1 team with 7 players used. The team scored over seven points a match, to win Division 4 by one point, from Saltash.

Tavistock - 3 teams with 21 players used. The A team won Division 2 easily in 2017, but failed by one set to keep their position in Division 1. The B team were well clear of the drop in Division 3, and the C team made a successful return to the league with third place in Division 5.

Yelverton - 2 teams with 20 players used. The A team came up from Division 3 but did not consolidate so are again in Division 3 for 2019. However the B team, up from Division 5, remain in Division 4, finishing in third place.

League Roundup

The long hot summer weather meant that there were no problems in completing the ten week fixture list. A total of 340 matches were played involving 272 players each week.

There were several notable club and team performances. In the Men's League Mannamead A retained the Division 1 title. Their D team won Division 6 and the E team go up from Division 7. On the debit side, the B and C teams lost the promotion places they won in 2017. It was success all the way for Mannamead Ladies. For the first time in many years the A team are now champions of Division 1. The B team, promoted last season from Division 4, have now won Division 3, and the C team, who were bottom of Division 5 last season, are now promoted to Division 4. However, you do not need to be a club with many teams to achieve success. This is borne out by Newton and Noss Men's A team, who only joined the league in 2013. In a remarkable run of five successive promotions, and in 2019 will have reached the dizzy heights of Division 2. (Looe A did the same with five successive promotions between 2005 and 2009). The team used just five players all season. There was further success as the B team, on their league debut, won Division 7. St. Budeaux A Men regain the top division place lost last season, and the B team won Division 3, to recover from last season's relegation. St. Budeaux B ladies won promotion for the second successive season and will now, for the first time, play in Division 1. Another team reaching Division 1 for the first time are Plympton Men's A, with further successes for the club coming with the B team winning Division 4, and the C team promoted from Division 5. Ivybridge D, winners of Division 6 in 2017, now go up again to Division 4. Other teams to lose their place, after promotion in 2017 are, in the Mens, Ivybridge B (Division 1), Looe B (Division 4), Hill Lane C (Division 5). Ladies' teams who failed to keep their place after promotion are, Tavistock A (Division 1), Yelverton A (Division 2), Looe B (Division 3) and Looe C (Division 4). Plympton B Men regain their Division 3 place and Mannamead D Men their place in Division 5

Divisional Round Up


Div.1 - Title retained by Mannamead A by eleven points from Ivybridge A. Mannamead effectively killed off the Ivybridge challenge by beating them 8-0. Devonshire A, in third place, had a different strength team each week using twelve players. Ivybridge B and Hill Lane A are relegated.

Div.2 - After losing their first match, St. Budeaux A won the remaining nine, to take top place from Plympton A. Mannamead B are unexpectedly relegated, along with Plymstock.

Div.3 - Promotion for both the front runners, St. Budeaux B and Newton and Noss A, with Mannamead C and Hill Lane B relegated.

Div.4 - Plympton B were in a class of their own, at one time scoring sixty three points out of sixty four, to finish fourteen point ahead of Ivybridge C. Looe B and Tavistock C lose their places.

Div.5 - Won by Ivybridge D with Plympton C second. Devonshire B, having used nineteen players lacked consistency, and are relegated along with Hill Lane C.

Div.6 - There were only five teams in the division, with Mannamead D finishing eighteen points ahead of Saltash B. Occupying the relegation positions are Yelverton B and Whiteford Road B.

Div.7 - Undefeated Newton and Noss B are in first place, well clear of Mannamead E, and facing re-election are Hill Lane D and Ivybridge E.


Div.1 - Mannamead A, by winning 6-3 at Devonshire A in the last match of the season, overtake them to become champions. Ivybridge A must be mightily relieved to have avoided relegation, a fate suffered by Tavistock A and Looe A.

Div.2 - St Budeaux B pulled away from Hill Lane A in the last two matches, with Hill Lane promoted over Plympton A on set difference. Yelverton A and Devonshire B lose their places.

Div.3 - Mannamead B, by winning their first seven matches, did enough to keep ahead of Plympton B, with Looe B and Ivybridge C well behind the rest and relegated.

Div.4 - A double Cornish triumph with St Mellion first and Saltash second, and way out of sight of the other teams. Going down are Looe C and Hill Lane B.

Div.5 - The leading team, Devonshire C, won their first seven matches, only beaten finally by Mannamead C 8-1. This win sees Mannamead also promoted ahead of Tavistock C, with Plympton D having to seek re-election.

Week 10

Mannamead Men's and Ladies' A teams have proved to be the best in the league by winning their respective first divisions. The Men's team went into their last match already assured of retaining the championship, and finished in style, with an emphatic 8-0 win over Devonshire A. By contrast, Mannamead A Ladies were at Devonshire A, with just a one point advantage. Lorraine Lam was back from her honeymoon to partner Lucy Ryland for Devonshire, but there was no icing on the cake as, for the first time this season, the pair lost both their events. Ryland and Lam were beaten 7-6,6-2, by Josie Debnam and newcomer Sarah Fielder, and 6-3,5-7,10-6, by Katherine Bell and Linda Trebilcock, with Mannamead winning by 6-3. After eight matches without a win Looe A won for a second time by defeating Ivybridge A by 7-4, in the gathering gloom at Hannafore Point. Ivybridge have been battling all season to overcome a negative five points start, by failing to field a team at Tavistock A, in the first week. They succeeded in not being relegated, but only by the narrowest margins of set difference, as Ivybridge A, Tavistock A and Looe all finished on 25 points. Ivybridge A conceded 57 points, Tavistock A, who lost by 2-6 to St Budeaux A, conceded 60 points, and Looe A conceded 65 points. In Division 2, Plympton A were away at second placed Hill Lane A and facing a six point deficit. Plympton put up a sustained performance and won by 8-2. However, set difference was needed as both teams finished on 51 points, but Hill Lane held on to a promotion spot by conceding two fewer sets. The top team, St. Budeaux B, did not have matters all their own way, but finally did enough to win by 7-3 at Ivybridge B. Also winning 7-3 were Yelverton A against Devonshire B, who were indebted to Jane Downing for stepping in at the very last minute to complete the team. Chris Parker and Jo Battersby won all the points for Devonshire, defeating Ann Short and Fiona Murphy 6-0,5-7,10-6, but losing 4-6,6-4,10-12 to Helen Smith and Lynn Macfarlane. Mannamead B returned to winning ways, after two defeats, to win by 8-0 over Looe B in Division 3. Ivybridge C again had player availability problems with only one pair playing at home to Plympton B, who won by 8-0. Menheniot, by winning two of the three tie break third sets, had a 7-4 win over Tavistock B. Jacqui Batterbee and Debbie Smith went to three sets each time for Menheniot, when beating Sue Parsons and Annabel Sansom 6-3,3-6,10-4 and Lynda Williams and Hilary Broadley 6-3,4-6,10-4. In Division 4, St. Mellion just pipped neighbours Saltash, by one point, to win the division. St. Mellion won by 8-0 at home to Hill Lane B, with Saltash winning by 8-1 at Yelverton B. In the basement department, St. Budeaux C finally escaped relegation by beating Looe C 8-0. There were no surprises in the Plympton derby when the C team beat the D team 8-0, in Division 5.

The two relegated teams in the Men's Division 1, Ivybridge B and Hill Lane A, both failed to score, being beaten 8-0 by Tavistock A and Ivybridge A respectively. Looe A produced a surprise but deserved result, in Division 2, by winning 7-2 at Plympton A. All the team played well, with Dave Richardson and Nigel Watson in fine form, defeating Sam Raymond and Cameron Macleod 6-2,6-1, and Gary Raymond and Graham Warren-Blackwell 6-2,6-2. This result saves Looe A from relegation, and now sends Mannamead B, who only drew 4-4 at Saltash A, down to Division 3. St. Budeaux A, as expected, beat Plymstock by 8-0, but with a little more consistency and patience Plymstock would surely have improved their points' total. There was another unexpected result in Division 3, when the bottom team Hill Lane B, without a win, produced an unexpected level of performance to beat the second placed team, Newton and Noss A, by 8-3. Ramsey Mirza and Jack Powell beat Ron Cole and Jason Vosper 0-6,6-3,10-5, and Rob Thomas and Matt Thomas 6-1,6-1. Michael Harley and Phil Hore beat Cole and Vosper 6-3,0-6,10-7 and the Thomas's 7-6,3-6,10-5. Yelverton A, with only one pair, lost 0-8 at Mannamead C, but still stay in the division and Mannamead C go down. Another one pair team were Plympton B, at home to Whiteford Road A, and were beaten 6-3. Adam Blain and John O'Gorman did their best for Plympton, beating Kamran Ali and Kamran Khan 6-0,6-2, but losing 5-7,7-6,8-10, to Steve Kingston and Adam Mudford. St Budeaux B lost their 100% record at Tavistock B, drawing 4-4, with Phil Harbottle and Peter Rodgers winning the four points for Tavvy. St Budeaux C saved their best result until the last match, with an 8-1 victory at Tavistock C, in Division 4. A 5-5 draw was a fitting result between Looe B and Ivybridge C. The established partnership of Toby Davis and Nathan Toms, for Looe, beat Duncan Matthews and Peter Tongue 0-6,7-5,15-13, and Ben Semmence and Mark Owen 6-3,6-2. St. Budeaux D and Devonshire B were level on points and both trying to avoid relegation from Division 5. St. Budeaux were away at Hill lane C, and took advantaged of their hosts having just one pair, to win by 6-2. Devonshire B, at home to Ivybridge D, included both Nigel Smith and Ken Jones, but were beaten 8-2. Smith and Jones won the first set each time, but were defeated 6-7,6-3,10-5, by Alan Donaldson and Keith Sexton, and 2-6,6-0,10-4, by Andy Copestick and Chris Childs, and so are relegated. St. Mellion had a chance of moving into second place, but although eleven sets were played at Plympton C, the home side won eight of them, to win by 8-3, with St.Mellion staying in the fifth division.

The Division 6 match between Saltash A and Tavistock D was postponed, believe it or not, by rain! The Division 7 leaders, Newton and Noss B, defeated Hill Lane D by 5-4, with Alan Mayes and Paul Wright unbeaten for Hill Lane. Mayes and Wright beat Steve Turner and Mark Philips, 5-7,6-3,10-6, and John Denny and Roger Barnett, 6-1, 6-2. Mannamead E won by 8-2 at Ivybridge E, in Division 7, to finish in second place above Menheniot, who won by 6-2 against Plympton D.

Other Results :

Div. 6 Yelverton B 7 Whiteford Road B 2

Div. 5 Mannamead C 8 Devonshire C 1

Week 9

The top two teams, in the Men's Division 4, met at Ivybridge C who took the 100% record of leaders Plympton B by 6-4. Plympton were not at full strength, but full credit to their first pair for winning both their events in three sets, each time from a set down. Adam Blain and John O'Gorman beat Ben Semmence and Steve Cann 1-6,6-3,11-9 and Duncan Matthews and Mark Owen 2-6,6-4,10-4. Whiteford Road A defeated Tavisock C by 8-1,with Steve Kingston and Adam Mudford winning twenty three consecutive games in wins over Ashley Dobson and Sean George by 6-0,6-0, and over Rick Read and John Mulley by 6-0, 6-1. St Budeaux C are safe from relegation by virtue of a 4-4 draw with Looe B. Devlin Skinner and Jack Finnie won all the sets for St Budeaux, beating Clive Poole and Ian Brewis 6-1, 6-4, and Toby Davis and Nathan Toms by 6-1,6-3.

In Division 1, the win by Devonshire A, by 6-4, over Ivybridge A means that Ivybridge cannot win the division, but Devonshire now have a chance of second place. Chris Ryland and John Ingham of Devonshire beat Louis Davey and Harry Hargreaves 6-3,6-4 and Jonathan Bushby and Joe Kellet 7-5,6-2. Champions Mannamead A cannot be overtaken at the top after a win by 8-1 at Ivybridge B, whilst Tavistock A, with Matt Smith and Luke Wakley unbeaten, drew 4-4 at Hill Lane A. Mannamead B in Division 2, after losing heavily last week, included Ben Knight and Dominic Sussex in the team at home to Plympton A, who won by 5-4. Sam Hopper and Joe Thomas put in a great performance for Plympton, beating Knight and Sussex 6-3,6-3 and Phil Whitby and David Whitelock 6-0,6-3. St Budeaux A won by 8-0 at Looe A, to lead Plympton A by six points, at the top of the division.

Both the leading Division 3 teams, St. Budeaux B and Newton and Noss A, scored maximum points to gain promotion. St. Budeaux B, after leading 4-0 against Mannamead C at the halfway stage, finally won by 8-2, with Karol Fisher and Gary Symons beating Adam Short and James 0'Connell, 6-2 , 5-7,10-7, and Chris Williams and Neil Pearce, recovering from a poor start, to beat Tony Maestri and Simon Dusting, 1-6,6-2,10-6. Newton and Noss continued in their rich vein of success with an 8-1 victory over TavistocK B, with Rob Thomas and Yuen Siu taken to three sets, in their 6-3,1-6,10-2 win against David Martin and Phil Harbottle. Yelverton A put together one of their better team performances in a comprehensive 8-0 win over Hill Lane B. Devonshire B, in Division 5, looked set for maximum points at St. Budeaux D when they led 7-0 and 2-0 in the next set. However, Andy Conroy and Troy Lambourne improved their game and Neil Oxton and Alex Tuggle lost the plot, as Conroy and Lambourne finally won by 2-6,6-2,10-6. Andy Copestick and Alan Donaldson won both their events for Ivybridge D, but it was not enough to prevent Plympton C winning by 5-4. Copestick and Donaldson won by 6-3,6-4, against Paul Robertson and Gary Raymond, but it was much harder for them in a win by 3-6,6-4,11-9 against Richard Cooper and Jamie Stuart. Father and son, John and Jake Horton, only conceded four games, as St. Mellion defeated Hill Lane C by 8-1. A feature of the win by 8-2 of Saltash B at Whiteford Road B in Division 6, was the recovery of Jon Jacobs and Paul Tapp to beat John and Ollie Leyreloup 1-6,6-1,16-14. There is no stopping Newton and Noss B, in Division 7, after quite an easy win over Mannamead E by 8-0.

Looe A took advantage of a below strength Tavistock A team in the Ladies' Division 1, to come away with a 6-3 win. Jess White and Sylvia Racca won four sets for Looe, with the Looe second pair of Melissa Hocking and Sacha Byford achieving success for the first time by beating Hilary Picton and Beth Lynch, 4-6,6-1,10-8. There is still only one point separating Mannamead A and Devonshire A at the top, after Mannamead beat St. Budeaux A 6-2, and Devonshire beat Ivybridge A by 6-3. In the Mannamead match, junior player Beth Groves did well for St. Budeaux, and for Devonshire Lucy Ryland and Julie Chappell had to fight hard to overcome Lesley Crocker and Kate Absalom by 7-5,5-7,10-7. The absence of Luisa Warring made a significant difference to the strength of Hill Lane A, at St Budeaux A in Division 2. Warring and Sandra O'Sullivan had previously won twenty six sets out of twenty eight, but without Warring the team went down 8-0 as St. Budeaux took over top spot. Ivybridge B made sure of escaping relegation with a 6-3 win over Devonshire B. Annie Haigh and Julie Lee were the best pair for Ivybridge, beating Lynda Haley and Tracey Stockton 6-4,4-6,10-4, and Henrietta Ferguson and Janet Stone 6-0,6-2. Fiona Murphy came in at the last minute to partner Helen Smith for Yelverton A at Plympton A. The pair were on court throughout the match, beating Joy Pellow and Lyn Helliwell, 3-6,6-1,11-9, but losing 6-2,4-6,7-10 to Helen Wright and Alison Miles. Mannamead B, after winning their first seven matches, have now lost two in a row in Division 3. Plympton B defeated Mannamead B by 6-3, with Nicky Ormshaw and Sarah Robertson undefeated in wins over Alison Goodwin and Rowenna George by 6-2,6-3 and over Esther Pettit and Anna Tickle by 6-3,6-4. Menheniot travelled to Cornish neighbours Looe B and won easily by 8-1. There is no change at the top in Division 4, as St. Mellion and Saltash continue their battle to win the division. St. Mellion won by 8-1 at Looe C, and Saltash inflicted a home defeat on St. Budeaux C by 8-0, but in each case the result sheets indicated much closer rallies. Yelverton B kept Hill Lane B in the relegation area by winning 6-3, with Sandy Johnson and Di Harrison too good for both Hill Lane pairs. Plympton C won for only the second time in Division 5, and it was a creditable performance in beating Mannamead C 5- 4, thanks to four sets from Vicki Finnigan and Liz Shaw.

Other results:

Div. 2 Plymstock 0 Saltash A 8
Div. 6 Mannamead D 8 Yelverton B 0
Div. 7 Plympton D 6 Ivybridge E 2
             Hill Lane D 4 Menheniot 5

Div. 3 Tavistock B 8 Ivybridge C 0
Div. 5 Tavistock C 8 Plympton D 0

Week 8

One of the best performances in the Ladies' divisions came from Tavistock B, who inflicted a first defeat on leaders Mannamead B, by 6-3. With the Mannamead first pair of Anna Tickle and Esther Pettit having an off night and failing to win a set, it was left to Alison Goodwin and Roanna George to win the three points for Mannamead. However, neither pair could get the better of Sue Parsons and Annabel Sansom, who defeated Tickle and Pettit 6-3,7-5, and Goodwin and George 3-6,7-5,10-4. Zoe Harris and Debbie Smith were unbeaten for Menheniot, conceding just two games, in the 7-2 home win against Ivybridge C. Although Plympton B won by 8-0 at Looe B, both teams really enjoyed the match and the surroundings at Hannafore Point.

St Budeaux B won by 8-1 at Yelverton A in Division 2, with junior player Lucy Cornish and the experienced Sue Gale both on top form. Helen Smith and Lynne Macfarlane won Yelverton's only point when beaten 1-6,6-4,10-8 by Cornish and Debbie Bradbury. Chris Parker and junior player Megan Brockbank won all the points for Devonshire B in the 4-4 draw with Plympton A. Ivybridge B lost to Hill Lane A by 6-3, with Sandra O'Sullivan and Luisa Warring again unbeaten. Playing for Ivybridge was Katrina Deacon, a comparative newcomer to tennis, and in her first match played well, and won a set partnered by Annie Haigh.

St. Mellion and Saltash continue to dominate Division 4, with St. Mellion a point ahead of Saltash. St.Mellion won by 7-3 at St.Budeaux C, with the St. Mellion first pair of Judith Farris and Oonagh Clancy too good for both the St. Budeaux pairs, beating Pat Hexter and Viv Sargeant 6-2,6-1, and Kirstie Harland and Phillipa Williams by 6-1,6-4. Hexter and Sargeant came from a set down to defeat Candy Birch and Glynis Church 2-6,6-2,10-5. Dawe and Chris Woodroffe were on court all evening, in beating Kath Cradick and Hilary Hopkins 7-6(7-5),3-6,10-4, but losing 6-3,0-6,5-10 to Claire Brewis and Angela Palin.

Devonshire C, the Division 5 leaders, made it seven wins out of seven by defeating Plympton C 7-2. The pick of the Devonshire team were Izzy Abernethy and Janet Stone, with wins over Liz Shaw and Sophie Raymond by 6-2,6-3, and over Caroline Thomas and Carla Price by 6-0,6-0.

In the Mens' Division 1, Ivybridge A were not at full strength, and certainly missed Rhys Dunford, as Mannamead A took full advantage, to win by 8-0. Ivybridge B had only one pair at Hill Lane A, who won by 8-1. Devonshire A won by 6-3 at Tavistock A with John Ingham and Steve Parker unbeaten, including a marathon 6-7,6-2,15-13 win, over Luke Wakley and Peter Bradley.

The rain gods came to the rescue of the football fans of St. Budeaux A and Mannamead B, in Division 2 on Tuesday, causing the match to be abandoned at 6.50 pm!! The match was played later in dry weather, with St. Budeaux A winners by 8-1. Plymstock deserved the two sets they won at Looe A, with Looe taking the match by 8-2. Chris King and James Driscoll won the two sets for Plymstock when beaten 6-2,3-6,10-4 by Dave Richardson and Nigel Watson, and 1-6,6-0,10-7 by Des Hocking and Mark Hunter. Plympton A beat Saltash A 8-2, with Cameron McLeod and Sam Raymond twice taken to three sets. McLeod and Raymond overcame Dave Harrington and Ross Bunney 7-6(8-6),4-6,10-5, and Charles Crichton and Jon Jacobs 3-6,6-2,10-8.

As expected the match, between the two top teams in Division 3, was closely fought, with St. Budeaux B just keeping their unbeaten record by winning 6-5 at Newton and Noss A. The match was decided when Chris Williams and Neil Pearce won in straight sets, 6-4,6-2, against Ron Cole and Jason Vosper.

Plympton B continued being too good for the other teams in Division 4, but in their 8-0 win over Looe B, Looe had to concede three sets when Jack Puckey had to retire. Each of the St. Budeaux C pairs won an event, in the 4-4 draw at Whiteford Road A. Nick Moore and Adam Davidson beat Kamran Ali and Kamran Khan, 7-5,7-6, and Dave Gale and Rob Cornish beat Ali and Khan 6-3,7-5, with Gale and Cornish recovering from 1-5 in the second set.

St. Mellion won by 8-1 in Division 5, against a below strength St. Budeaux D, with Rich Mitchell and Troy Lambourne of St. Budeaux just losing out, in three close sets, to Paul Sheppard and Russell Birch, by 6-7(3-7),6-3,12-10. Paul Robertson and Matt Hollick won four sets for Plympton C in a 6-3 victory over Devonshire B, but needed a third set to defeat Ken Jones and Rob Wilkinson 6-3,2-6 10-7.

Mannamead D lost their 100% record at Saltash B, in Division 6, but were relieved to come away with a 5-5 draw. Martin Hall and Richard Miles were the mainstay of the Saltash team, beating Lee Horton and Andy Dingley 7-5,5-7,10-7, and Velu Balasubramanian and Nick Bray 6-4,7-6. Whiteford Road B competed keenly throughout against visitors Tavistock D, and an 8-2 defeat was scant reward for their efforts.

Newton and Noss B came away from Menheniot, after a fairly comfortable and enjoyable 7-2 win, with Phil Davies and Roger Barnett unbeaten, in Division 7. And Mannamead E move above Menheniot after winning 7-2 at Plympton D.

Other Results:

Div. 3 - Hill Lane B 2 Mannamead C 7.
            Tavistock B 8 Yelverton A 2
Div. 4 - Tavistock C 0 Ivybridge C 8.
Div. 5 - Hill Lane C 0 Ivybridge D 8
Div. 7 - Ivybridge E 8 Hill Lane D 0.

Div. 5 - Mannamead C 5 Tavistock C 5.

Week 7

Veteran, Linden Hardisty, made a rare appearance for Tavistock A, at Mannamead A, in the Men's Division A and won four sets with Luke Wakley, which almost guaranteed thr team avoiding relegation. Hardisty and Wakley defeated Ashley Reburn and Simon Poyner 6-2,4-6,12-10, and Callum Whitelock and Dominic Sussex 6-1,6-0, with Mannamead match winners by 5-4. Devonshire A fielded one of their strongest teams and had few problems in beating Hill Lane A by 8-1. Ivybridge B however did have problems, with last minute withdrawals due to injury and non-availability, and were forced to concede 0-8 to Ivybridge A, and also incur a five point penalty.

The best match in Division 2 was at Saltash A, where St. Budeaux A won by 6-5. Each pair won an event, with both Saltash pairs coming from a set down to win the third set tie break. St Budeaux won because Matt Lloyd and Martin Hill beat David Harrington and Ross Bunney in straight sets, 6-2,7-6. Jack Puckey, home from College, strengthened the Looe A team as they won a vital match, at Mannamead B, by 6-3. Puckey and Des Hocking beat Dave Whitelock and Ed Benjafield 6-3,7-6, but had to come from a set down to defeat Phil Whitby and Dan Cole 1-6,6-3,10-3.

Another player to strengthen his team was Erik Wilson of Newton/Noss A, in Division 3. All the Newton and Noss team were in fine form, winning by 8-1, despite a determined effort from Yelverton A. Junior player Devlin Skinner, in his second B team match for St. Budeaux, again was undefeated with Neil Pearce, in the 7-3 win at Hill Lane B. Mannamead C lost 2-6 at home to Tavistock B, with Bernard Lien-Lambert and Tony Maestri doing well to defeat Richard Hendin and Phil Harbottle 7-6, 6-4, before losing their way when beaten 6-4,6-1 by Pete Rodgers and Bill Sparks.

With their top player, Steve Kingston, away, Whiteford Road A suffered a heavy 8-1 defeat at Ivybridge C, in Division 4. St. Budeaux C were no match for Plympton B, as the home team notched up another eight points in winning by 8-0. Looe B scored their best win to date in defeating Tavistock C by 8-1, with Clive Poole and Ian Brewis particularly impressive.

In Division 5, Andy Conroy and Rich Mitchell were unbeaten for St. Budeaux D, at Plympton C, who won by 6-4. Conroy and Mitchell beat Gary Raymond and Paul Robertson 6-4,3-6,11-9, and Jay Stuart and Scott Ledger 1-6,6-4,10-8. Ivybridge D and St. Mellion shared the points 4-4, with all Ivybridge's set wins coming from the racquets of Alan Donaldson and Andy Copestick. Steve Cole and Rob Wilkinson dropped just two games as Devonshire C won by 7-3 against Hill Lane C.

Ivybridge E made the short trip to Newton and Noss B, in Division 7, and went down by 0-8. Four sets from Lawrence Markey and Sam Picken put Menheniot well on the way to a 6-3 win over Mannamead E.

Ivybridge A Ladies are slowly recovering from their poor start to the season, and drew 4-4 at St. Budeaux A, in Division 1. Lesley Crocker and Kate Absalom are a strong pair, winning all the four sets for Ivybridge, beating Kate Gibbons and Nikki Aitken 6-4,6-3, and Tania Belcher and Chanelle Belcher 6-2,6-2. Devonshire A had a comfortable 8-1 win at Looe A, whose point came from Jess White and Sylvia Racc, who lost 0-6,6-4,8-10 to Lucy Ryland and Lorraine Lam. Hilary Picton and Frances Lindsay had a good win for Tavistock A in defeating Linda Trebilcock and Katherine Bell of Mannamead A 6-3,5-7,10-5 but they were the only scorers for the home side as Mannamead came away winners by 7-2.

Joy Pellow and Lyn Helliwell were unbeaten for Plympton A, at Ivybridge B in Division 2, with wins over Annie Haigh and Jill Dickenson by 4-6,6-2,10-4, and over Jane Wilson and Gill Woodyear by 6-3,6-3, but Ivybridge took the match honours by 5-4. In a week of very even results in this division, Devonshire B won by 5-4 at St. Budeaux A, and Hill Lane A and Yelverton A drew 4-4.

Zoe Harris and Debbie Smith won four more sets for Menheniot in Division 3, but not quite enough to prevent visitors, Plympton B, winning 5-4. Tavistock B had to concede two sets through late arrival, but Tavvy won all six sets played, to defeat Looe B by 6-2.

St. Mellion and Saltash are on course for a double Cornish promotion from Division 4, beating Yelverton B and Looe C respectively, both by 8-0. St. Budeaux C and Hill Lane B seemed to be evenly matched in the early stages, but somehow the match swayed the way of St. Budeaux, who were both delighted and surprised to win by 8-1.

Another Tavistock team at home with a late arrival, were the C team in Division 5, with Devonshire C still unbeaten at the top, and winning by 8-1. Mannamead C move into second place with a win at Plympton D, by 8-1, but few of the sets were won easily.

Other Results:

Div. 2 Plympton A 8 Plymstock 0
Div. 6 Yelverton B 5 Tavistock D 6
Div. 7 Hill Lane D 6 Plympton D 2

Div. 3 Ivybridge C 0 Mannamead B 8

Week 6

Menheniot turned in a strong performance at the Ladies Division 3 leaders Mannamead B, only losing by 6-4. Consistent baseline play from Esther Pettit and Anna Tickle of Mannamead just got the better of the attacking play from Jacqui Batterbee and Dianne Burt of Menheniot. Pettit and Tickle were unbeaten in wins over Zoe Harris and Batterbee by 6-4,4-6,10-5 and Debbie Smith and Burt by 6-7,6-4,10-7. Also winning 6-4 were Tavistock B at Plympton B. Sue Parsons and Lindsey Fear were the match winners for Tavy, beating Jane Wilson and Fiona Crutchley 6-3,7-5 and Lisa Light and Sarah Robertson 4-6,6-2,10-4. Ivybridge C are still struggling and were well beaten at Looe B by 8-0.

Ivybridge A continued their Division 1 recovery by winning 7-2 against Tavistock A. Kate Absalom was playing for the first time this season and partnered by Lesley Crocker the pair defeated Hilary Picton and Frances Lindsay 6-3,6-0, and Lucy Hillman and Maggie Lillley, 6-2,6-4. Devonshire A beat St. Budeaux A by 6-3, with undefeated Lucy Ryland and Lorraine Lam saving three match points, in a 6-1,6-7,13-11 win over Kate Gibbons and Nikki Aitken. Mannamead A lead Devonshire A by two points after an 8-0 win over Looe A.

Yelverton A included Wendy Sharland and Fiona Spreadbury for the first time, and they won three sets in the 7-3 team win, against Ivybridge B in Division 2. In two very long events, Sharland and Spreadbury beat Sue Birch and Nicki Scutt 2-6,7-5,11-9, but were beaten 1-6,7-6,12-10 by Annie Haigh and Julie Hulett. Plympton A took full advantage of St. Budeaux B having only one of their regular team available, to win by 8-1. Hill Lane A, by beating Devonshire B 6-3, thanks to four sets from Sandra O'Sullivan and Luisa Warring, now head the division.

Jenny Cheung- Penny made a winning return to the St. Mellion team in Division 4, and the team go top after a 7-2 win at Saltash. Cheung-Penny and Judith Farris beat Caroline Hambly and Val Knight 6-1,6-3, and Louise Higman and Jill Cansfield 6-1,6-1. Young junior players, Molly Antrobus and Carla Marshall, played well to win two sets for Hill Lane B, in the 5-4 victory over Looe C, with Mandy Kellagher and Audrey Scott unbeaten for Looe C. Sarah Wooke and Sandy Johnson won both their events in straight sets, as Yelverton B overcame St. Budeaux C by 6-3.

The two Plympton teams in Division 5 both suffered defeats. The C team went down 2-6 at home to Tavistock C, for whom Julie Wigmore and Elizabeth Raikes won four sets, and the D team played much better than an 8-0 defeat at Devonshire C would indicate.

Tavistock A had only one pair at home to Ivybridge A, in the Mens' Division 1. Matt Smith and Luke Wakley did at least save something for Tavistock in defeating Jonathan Bushby and Joe Kellett 6-4,1-6,10-8. The two bottom teams failed to improve their positions, with Hill Lane A beaten 8-0 by Mannamead A, and Ivybridge B losing 1-8 to Devonshire A.

St. Budeaux A just managed to win by 6-4 against Plympton A, in Division 2. Plympton trailed 1-4 at the half way stage but did better in the second half. Joe Thomas and Cameron Macleod came from 1-5 down in the second set, against Neil Hunt and Matt Redshaw, to win the set, but Hunt and Redshaw finally won by 6-2,6-7(4-7),10-8 to remain unbeaten. It finished all square at Looe A, who drew 4-4 with Saltash A, with Charlie Crichton and Ben Davis wining all four sets for Saltash.

In Division 3, all four events at St Budeaux B went to third set tie breaks, with St. Budeaux winning three of them to beat Yelverton A by 7-5. Junior player Devlin Skinner had an exceptionally good match for St. Budeaux, being unbeaten with Neil Pearce, in defeating Andy Weymouth and Terry Leonard 6-4,6-7,10-6, and Matt Hildyard and Bob Verey 3-6,6-1,10-2. Newton and Noss A won by 6-3 against Mannamead C, with Jason Vosper and Yuen Siu undefeated, but th pair needed three sets to beat Paul Matthews and Simon Dusting 6-2,6-7(3-7),10-5.

Ricky Palmer and Rob Cornish won both their events for St Budeaux C, in the 6-3 Division 4 win against Ivybridge C. Palmer and Cornish were 6-4,3-6 against Peter Tongue and Duncan Matthews but ran away with the tie break, to win by 6-4,3-6,10-1. Whiteford Road A certainly missed Steve Kingston, as bottom team Looe B won for the first time by 6-4. Toby Davis and Nathan Toms were the form pair for Looe, beating Adam Mudford and John Dean 7-5,6-2, and Kamran Ali and Kamran Khan 0-6,7-6(7-3),10-6.

Ivybridge D were far too good for St. Budeaux D, in Division 5, winning easily by 8-0. Ken Jones and Rob Wilkinson were the only scorers for Devonshire B, who lost by 6-3 at St.Mellion. Jones and Wilkinson beat Roy Barraclough and Roger Wratten 6-4, 6-1, but were defeated 6-7, 6-1,10-4, by Jon Grainger and Russell Birch.

Runaway Division 6 leaders, Mannamead D, made it a maximum forty points from five matches, with an 8-0 win over Tavistock D. A closely fought match at Saltash B against Yelverton B became a marathon, with match injuries causing a long hold up. The teams just managed to beat the failing light with Saltash winning by 8-2.

Hill Lane D had only one registered pair, at Mannamead E in Division 7, who with Nigel Morris and Jon White undefeated won by 6-3. Newton and Noss B still are the leading team after a narrow 5-4 win at Plympton D. SteveTurner and Jo Woodyear were the unbeaten pair for Newton and Noss, with the vital fifth point coming from Huw Darch and Roger Barnett, when beaten 7-5,3-6,10-7, by Phil Hughes and Alan Robertson.

Other Results

Div. 2 - Plymstock 0, Mannamead B 8.
Div. 3 - Tavistock C 6, Hill Lane B 2.
Div. 4 - Tavistock C 0, Plympton B 8.
Div. 5 - Hill Lane C 1, Plympton C 8.

Div 3 Plympton B 8 Menheniot 1

Week 5 extra

Two teams with 100% records met in Division 4 with Plympton B coming away from Whiteford Road A winners by 7-2. It was the first time that Plympton B had not scored maximum points. The Whiteford Road pair who won an event were Steve Kingston and Adam Mudford who defeated Adam Blain and John Gorman, 6-1,6-7,10-3.

Champions, Mannamead A, overcame a possibly difficult fixture at Devonshire A, in Division 1, by winning 7-2. All the Mannamead team played well, and for Devonshire Craig Arbuckle made a rare appearance and with John Ingham beat Ashley Reburn and Simon Poyner 1-6,6-4,10-8. Ivybridge A are a point behind Mannamead A after beating Hill Lane A 8-0. Reserve, Jon Farquhason, supported Matt Smith well for Tavistock A, who won 7-3 at Ivybridge B. Smith and Farquhason beat Dominic Hall and Malcolm Bruce 7-6,1-6,10-5, but were beaten 4-6,6-1,10-7, by Samuel Wilson and Leighton Starkie.

Plympton A lost their100% record, in Division 2, at Looe A, in a 4-4 draw. Plympton needed Joe Thomas and Patrick Wilson to beat Dave Richardson and Nigel Watson 7-6,6-3, and Des Hocking and Alan Palin 6-3, 6-0, to secure the draw. Saltash A scored a resounding 8-1 win at Mannamead B, with Tom Wyman and Ben Davis dropping a set for Saltash. St. Budeaux A now occupy top spot with the expected 8-0 win at Plymstock.

It was not a good week for Mannamead teams in the middle divisions as the C team also went down by 8-1 in Division 3 at Yelveron A. Andy Weymouth and Terry Leonard of Yelverton were back on form, with wins over Dave Brimble and Bernard Lien-Lambert by 6-2,6-2 and over Simon Dusting and Velu Balasubramanian by 7-5,7-5. A draw was a fitting result at Newton and Noss A where Hill Lane B were the visitors. Ali Al-Moussawi and Mike Bruce were too good for both the Newton and Noss pairs, beating Jason Vosper and Yuen Siu 6-1,6-1 and Ron Cole and Rob Thomas 6-2,6-3. Unbeaten St Budeaux B increased their lead at the top with a 7-2 win against Tavistock B. When Tavistock were 7-0 in arrears, Phil Harbottle and John Mulley in particular, came good in the third set tie-break to beat Gary Symons and Karol Fisher 4-6,7-5,10-5.

Jake Horton of St. Mellion was the best player on court in a Division 5 match against Plympton C, with St. Mellion winning by 6-2. Horton and Jon Grainger dropped just one game in four sets. St. Budeaux D move out of the relegation area after defeating Hill Lane C by 8-2.

Martyn Hall and David Miles formed an excellent partnership for Saltash B in the 5-4 win at Tavistock D, in Division 6. The pair beat Simon Church and John Stewart 6-3,6-4, and John Whitehead and Ashley Dobson 6-4,6-1. Roger Johnson and Chris Webber were unbeaten for Yelverton B, at Whiteford Road B. In their team win of 6-2, Johnson and Webber defeated John Dean and Joseph Fisher 6-2,6-2, and John Leyreloup and Ollie Leyreloup 7-5, 6-4.

In Division 7, Ivybridge E drew 4-4 at Mannamead E, with all the points for Ivybridge coming from Chris Childs and Mark Roca. Newton and Noss B turned in another good all-round performance, being too good at Hill Lane D by 7-2.

The match between the top two unbeaten teams, Mannamead A and Devonshire A, in the Ladies' Division 1, produced a high standard of tennis, with visitors Devonshire A winning by 6-4. Lisa Jacob and Clare Dyke won both their events for Mannamead, coming from a set down each time. They became the first pair to beat Lucy Ryland and Lorraine Lam, winning by 6-7, 7-6,10-5, and also defeated Clare Giadrini and Julie Chappell 5-7,6-0,10-4. Ivybridge A won for the first time, with an 8-0 victory over Looe A, to close the gap on the teams above them. The Tavistock A and St. Budeaux A first pairs played excellent tennis throughout, before Kate Gibbons and Nikki Aitken of St. Budeaux just got the measure of Hilary Picton and Frances Lindsay, to win by 7-5,5-7,12-10. Gibbons and Aitken also overcame Lucy Hillman and Beth Lynch 6-0,6-1, as St Budeaux won by 6-3.

The best Division 2 performance came from Hill Lane A, who won 6-4 at Plympton A. The Hill Lane second pair of Caroline Mackie and Rowenna Marshall were the stars for Hill Lane, beating Lyn Helliwell and Joy Pellow 7-5,6-2, and Alison Miles and Helen Wright 6-3,3-6,10-5. Also winning four sets in their team's win were Jo Battersby and Chris Parker of Devonshire B. The pair guided their team to a 6-3 win against Yelverton A. All the St.Budeaux B team contributed to a win by 8-2 over Ivybridge B. Julie Hullett and Jane Rickman won the points for Ivybridge when beaten 6-3,2-6,10-4, by Sue Gale and Sam Conroy and 3-6,7-5,10-2 by Janet Butler and Lucy Cornish.

Failure to win many of the deuce games meant that Looe B suffered a heavy 8-0 reverse at leaders Mannamead B, in Division 3. Zoe Harris and Jacqui Batterbee won all the sets for Menheniot at Tavistock B, with Tavvy just winning by 5-4. Ivybridge C enjoyed the refreshments at Plympton B, but the hospitality ended there, as Plympton won by 8-0.

Cornish teams are dominating Division 4, with Saltash and St. Mellion both winning by 8-0, over Yelverton B and Hill Lane B respectively. St Budeaux C won for the first time, with four sets from Pat Hexter and Liz Gill seeing them to a narrow 6-4 victory at Looe C.

Although Julia Goss and Kelly Perryman did not win their events, they won a set each time, which enabled Devonshire C to finally beat Mannamead C by 6-4, in Division 5. There were no upsets to the form book as Plympton C beat Plympton D by 8-0.

Other Results :-
Div. 4 - Ivybridge C 8 Looe B 1.
Div. 5 - Ivybridge D 8 Devonshire B 0
           St. Budeaux C 8 Tavistock C 0
Div. 7 - Plympton D 4 Menheniot 4.

Week 5

With the weather for the first four weeks of the 2018 season being the driest for many years, only two matches are still outstanding to be played. This contrasts with the thirty four at the same time in 2017.

In the Men's Divisions six teams, Ivybridge A, Plympton A, St. Budeaux B, Plympton B, Whiteford Road A and Mannamead D, have 100% records.

Similarly in the Ladies' Divisions, Devonshire A, Mannamead B, and Devonshire C have won every match.

Men: - Division 1 - Champions Mannamead A lead Ivybridge A by two points, with Devonshire A in third place. Hill lane A, with a much below strength team compared with 2017, are facing relegation, after many years in the top division.

Division 2 - After just avoiding relegation, Plympton A have bounced back to lead the division, with St. Budeaux A a point behind. Looe A are in fifth spot, and Plymstock are another team to have suffered from players leaving for pastures new, and although with only two sets won, they turn out a full team each week.

Division 3 - Relegated St. Budeaux B are making a determined effort to win promotion, and lead Newton and Noss by five points. Newton and Noss have won four successive promotions and a fifth is a possibility. In last place are Hill Lane B, weakened by players having to move up to a higher team.

Division 4 - Leaders, Plympton, have not only won every match but have the maximum thirty two points from four outings. Whiteford Road A, with a small squad, are also unbeaten and are in second place. Finding sets hard to win are the two bottom teams, Tavistock C and Looe B.

Division 5 - Plympton C make it a hat trick of first places for the club, just pipping Ivybridge D on set difference. In a very competitive division only twelve points separate the top team and Devonshire B at the bottom.

Division 6 - With only five teams in the division, Mannamead D are on maximum points, already establishing a lead of over twenty points on Yelverton B, who have played one less match.

Division 7 - Making their debut, and a successful one, in the league are Newton and Noss B, and they are the leaders by two points from Mannamead E.

Ladies: - Division 1 - In first place are Mannamead A, with Devonshire A second. Ivybridge A, after many successful seasons, have many of their top players not available. With an almost completely new team, they find themselves in the unaccustomed last place, with relegation a distinct possibility. Tavistock A and Looe A are also battling to avoid relegation.

Division 2 - Hill Lane A, after finishing fifth last season, have come good to lead, with promoted St. Budeaux B a point behind them. The other promoted team, Yelverton A, are not doing quite so well and are fifth, just ahead of Devonshire B.

Division 3 - Mannamead B, having been promoted, have adjusted well to a higher division, so much so that they lead, having won all their matches. Menheniot, down from division 2, are ten points behind with a match in hand. At the wrong end of the table are Looe B and Ivybridge C.

Division 4 - Relegated Saltash are always more at home in this division, and with an unbeaten start, lead St. Mellion by three points. Losing contact with the rest are St. Budeaux C and Looe C.

Division 5 - Devonshire C, yet to lose, are the strongest team, having a match in hand and a point lead over Tavistock C.

Knock out Cup

There were no surprises in the first round of the Knock-Out Cup, with three teams winning by the maximum 8 sets to 0. Hill Lane won at Saltash and Tavistock and Looe were successful at home to Plymstock and Yelverton respectively. The fourth match was a cliff hanger and not decided until the last event, when St. Budeaux entertained Devonshire. Devonshire led 2-0 after Chris and Lucy Ryland beat Martin Hill and Chanelle Belcher 6-1,6-2 and Will Head and Lorraine Lam beat Matt Lloyd and Kate Gibbons, 6-3,1-6,10-6. Both the reverse events went the way of St. Budeaux, with Lloyd and Gibbons defeating Ryland and Ryland 6-4,7-5,and Hill and Belcher defeating Head and Lam 6-4,2-6.10-4. With both teams now having won five sets, Devonshire went through by winning more games.

Second Round draw:

Ivybridge v. Looe; Newton and Noss v. Tavistock;

Menheniot v. Devonshire; Hill Lane v. Mannamead:

To be played by June 17th

Week 4

The draw between S. Budeaux A and Mannamead A, in the Ladies' Division 1, was a fair result, with the teams 3-3 at the halfway stage, and finally 5-5. Both teams were without their number one player. Kate Gibbons for St. Budeaux and Lisa Jacob for Mannamead. The first round saw a good win for Tania Belcher and Janet Butler ( St. Budeaux) over Katherine Bell and Megan Jameson by 6-3,4-6,10-5, with Josie Debnam and Clare Dyke (Mannamead) coming back from a set down to defeat Nikki Aitken and Chanelle Belcher 3-6, 6-5,10-5. Debnam and Dyke, and Aitken and Belcher both won their next events in straight sets, for the 5-5 final result. Tavistock A won their first points on court with a 5-4 victory at Looe A. Hilary Clifton and Frances Lindsey won four of Tavistock's points, beating Jess White and Sylvia Racca 6-4, 6-1, and Melissa Hocking and Sacha Byford 6-1,6-1. Lucy Ryland and Lorraine Lam are still undefeated for Devonshire A after a 6-2 win against Ivybridge A. The points for Ivybridge came from Lesley Crocker and Grace Kellett, with a 6-2,7-5 win over Julie Chappell and Georgia Jones.

Plympton A switched their pairings at Yelverton A and won by 5-4, in Division 2. As is usual in matches between these two teams it was an excellent competitive encounter, with Plympton having the unbeaten pair in Joy Pellow and Lyn Helliwell. Pellow and Helliwell beat Helen Smith and Lynne Macfarlane, 7-6 (7-3),6-2, and Ann Short and Julia Whetton 6-2,7-5. St. Budeaux B had to include three reserves, Pat Hexter, Liz Gill and Julie Adamson, and they all won sets in losing 8-3 at Hill Lane A. Sandra O'Sullivan and Luisa Warring of Hill Lane won four sets for the fourth match running, and the final result could have been closer, but St. Budeaux lost all three of the third set long tie breaks. Annie Haigh and Jill Dickenson were unbeaten for Ivybridge B, in the 6-4 win over visitors Devonshire B. After losing the first set against Megan Brockbank- Naylor and Kate Brady, Haigh and Dickenson won the next two sets, including the third set long tie break by !0-0.

Nicky Ormshaw and Sarah Robertson put up spirited resistance for Plympton B at Mannamead B, in Division 3, but could not prevent the home team winning by 8-2. Ormshaw and Robertson were beaten 4-6,7-6(8-6),10-8 by Anna Tickle and Linda Trebilcock, and 6-4,2-6,10-6 by Alison Goodwin and Roanna George. Although many games reached deuce, none went the way of Looe B, who went down 8-0 at Menheniot. It looked as though Looe might win a set when Jackie Wray and Rosie Henstridge led Janet wright and Debbie Smith 4-0, in the first set. Unfortunately they won just one more game, as Wright and Smith won by 7-5,6-0.

In Division 4, Saltash, by playing more consistently, deserved their 8-1 win at St. Budeaux C. Newcomer Phillipa Williams and Viv Sargeant, were cruelly beaten in the long third set tie break when Val Knight and Caroline Hambly won the match point with an unplayable net cord, to win by 6-1,4-6,10-8. Di Harrison and Fiona Murphy were the undefeated form pair for Yelverton B, as Hill Lane B lost by 6-4. Fifteen year old Molly Antrobus made a promising debut for Hill Lane, winning one set with Debbie Wilson. Su Jameson was also a debutante for Yelverton, winning two sets with Chris Woodroffe, but after twice winning the first set, the pair lost both events in the long third set tie break.

Tavistock C, in Division 5, had few problems in winning 8-0, at Plympton D, with only one set closer than 6-3.

Devonshire A had a strong first pair in Will Head and Stephen Lupu, in the Men's Division1at Ivybridge A, and they were unbeaten, but the match was won 5-4 by Ivybridge. Head and Lupu inflicted a first defeat on Rhys Dunford and Louis Davey, by 6-2,4-6,10-5, and also defeated Jonathan Bushby and Leighton Starkie by 6-1,7-6. There were comfortable wins for Mannamead A, by 8-0 over Ivybridge B, and for Tavistock A against Hill Lane A, by 8-1.

St. Budeaux A beat Looe A 8-0, in Division 2, but the Looe first pair of Dave Richardson and Nigel Watson deserve d at least a set for all their efforts. In the second set of each event they really troubled their opponents, but were defeated 6-1,7-5 by Neil Hunt and Matt Redshaw, and also 6-1,7-5 by Matt Lloyd and Martin Hill. Plympton A remain unbeaten after a close 7-4 win over Mannamead B. For Plympton, Joe Thomas and Sam Raymond came from a set down to defeat Callum Whitelock and Ed Benjafield 3-6,6-3,10-8, as did Patrick Wilson and Pete Silverwood in beating David Whitelock and Phil Whitby by 4-6,6-4,10-3.

The Mannamead C first pair, Dave Brimble and Tony Maestri, must still be wondering how they lost to Chris Williams and Neil Pearce of St. Budeaux B, in Division 3. Brimble and Maestri won the first set 6-1, led in the second set, and by 5-1 in the third set tie break, only to be beaten by 1-6, 6-4 10-7. Promoted Newton and Noss A move into second place with a superb 8-0 win at Tavistock B.

Plympton B have made it the maximum thirty two points in Division 4, with an 8-2 win over Ivybridge C. Ben Semmence and Steve Cann were the only scorers for Ivybridge when beaten 6-3,3-6,10-6, by John O'Gorman and Adam Blain, and 4-6,6-2,10-4 by Nick Haley and Benoit de Villepin. A consistent team performance ensured that Whiteford Road A won by7-2 at Tavistock C. Also winning 7-2 were St. Budeaux C at Looe B, with all the sets closely contested.

Each pair won an event at Plympton C in Division 5, who drew 5-5 with Ivybridge D. Scott Ledger and Dom Odsbor were on court throughout for Plympton, beating Andy Copestick and Alan Donaldson 7-6,6-7,10-6, but losing 6-4,3-6,10-8 to Mike Thong and Keith Sexton. Devonshire B fielded a very strong line up, at home to St. Budeaux D, and with Martin Mali the man of the match, Devonshire won by 6-2. Four sets from Eli Hingston and Paul Cooper helped Hill Lane C to a 7-3 win ove St. Mellion.

In Division 7, newcomers Newton and Noss B, are the only unbeaten team. In the match against Mannamead E, Steve Turner and Roger Barnett won their events in straight sets, with Newton and Noss prevailing by 6-3. Four sets from Mark Owen and Mark Rocca meant that Ivybridge E drew 4-4 with Plympton D.

Other Results:
Div. 2 Saltash A 8, Plymstock A 0.
Div. 3 Hill Lane B 4, Yelverton A 5.
Div. 6 Saltash B 5 W. Road B 5
Yelverton B 0 Mannamead D 8
Div. 7 Menheniot 8, Hill Lane D 0.
Div. 3 Ivybridge C 0, Tavistock B 8.
Div. 4 St.Mellion 8, Looe C 0.

Week 3

The ability to win long tie break sets proved to be invaluable for Ivybridge A, in the top Men's Division 1 match against Mannamead A. Mannamead won five of the eight sets played before the third set, but then lost all three of the third set tie breaks, to lose the match by 6-5. Unbeaten for Ivybridge were Rhys Dunford and Louis Davey who defeated Alex Cox and Jamie Moncrieff 2-6,6-1,11-9, and Ben Knight and Ashley Reburn 3-6,6-1,10-8. Hill lane A won their third point of the season when losing 7-2 at Ivybridge B. Samuel Wilson and KIeren Kothari won four sets for Ivybridge, and for Hill Lane, Haidar Al and Ricky Hitt beat Rich Marshall and Leighton Starkie 5-7,7-6,11-9. Tavistock A had a good 6-4 win at Devonshire A. Luke Wakley and Pete Bradley of Tavistock were the best pair on the night, beating Rob Kellagher and John Ingham 7-5,0-6,12-10 and Chris Ryland and Freddie Ryland 3-6,6-0,10-8.

In Division 2, St. Budeaux A expected to be involved in a close match at Mannamead B, but were both surprised and delighted to come away winners by 8-0. Plympton A continued their winning run by defeating Saltash A 7-3. Only Tom Wyman and Ben Davis scored for Saltash, beating Pat Wilson and Pete Silverwood 5-7,6-3,10-5 and being beaten 1-6,6-2,10-8 by Joe Thomas and Cameron Macleod. Plymstock won their first points of the season, but visitors Looe A won by 6-2.

At the half way stage at St Budeaux B the score was 3-3, against Newton and Noss A, in Division 3. St Budeaux then took over to win the next four sets, for a 7-3 victory. Roger Froud made a rare appearance for Yelverton A against Tavistock A, in a 4- 4 draw. Froud and Matt Hildyard won all the sets for Yelverton, beating Peter Rodgers and John Stewart 6-3,6-2, and Bill Sparks and Phil Harbottle 6-4,6-1.

Plympton B proved to be too strong for Looe B, enjoying a comfortable 8-0 away win in Division 4. There was also few problems for Ivbridge C, who overcame Tavistock C by 8-1, with the sole Tavistock point coming from James Mulley and Rick Read when beaten 4-6,6-3,10-4, by Ben Semmence and Steve Cann. St Budeaux C and Whiteford Road A were evenly matched, but too many mistakes cost St. Budeaux dearly. Steve Kingston and Adam Mudford won four sets for Whiteford Road, and for St. Budeaux, Ricky Palmer and Troy Lambourne beat Kamran Ali and Kamran Khan 6-3,6-3.

Ali Al-Moussawi was playing his first match after recovering from injury, and he strengthened the Hill Lane C team, at Ivybridge D in Division 5. Al-Moussawi and Michael Harley beat Nigel Baxter and Keith Sexton 6-3,6-3, and Mark Owen and Alan Donaldson 6-0,6-3, as the teams drew 4-4. Jake Horton of St. Mellion was by far the best player on court, and partnered by father John, the pair were unbeaten in the 5-4 win at St Buideaux D. The pair conceded only three games in beating Adam Davidson and Nick Moore 6-2,6-0 and Andy Conroy and Rich Mitchell 6-0,6-1. Devonshire B could only find one pair to play at home to Plympton C, who won by 6-2.

Whiteford Road B had to concede two sets through injury, at Tavistock D, which enabled the home team to win by 5-4 in Division 6.

The two new teams in Division 7 met, when Newton and Noss B faced visitors Menheniot, and in the 4 -4 draw each pair won two sets. Ten sets were needed at Mannamead E, where Plympton D, with two third set tie break wins, took the match by 6-4.

The excellent start to the season made by Mannamead Ladies' A team, in Division 1, continued, with their latest win being by 8-1 at Ivybridge A. Also winning by 8-1 were St .Budeaux A at Looe A, in a match containing many long rallies.

The Division 2 match at St. Budeaux B against Yelverton A finished in poor light. This was due to the fact that, although the players were on time, the match did not start until 6.25 pm. After two events, St.Budeaux had a narrow 3-2 lead. The second round of matches all went the way of St. Budeaux, who finally won by 7-2. In a very long match, Hill Lane A just got the better of Ivybridge B, by 7-4. Sandra O'Sullivan and Luisa Warring beat both Ivybridge pairs, winning by 6-1,3-6,11-9, against Annie Haigh and Jill Dickenson and by 6-2,6-4, against Julie Hulett and Gill Woodyear. Plympton A were indebted to Joy Pellow and Alison Miles for an unbeaten performance, in the 5-5 draw with Devonshire B. Pellow and Miles were taken to three sets before beating Jo Battersby and Lynda Haley 6-0,5-7,10-3 but found it easier in their 6-3,6-3 win over Kate Brady and Megan Brockbank-Taylor.

Two teams, in Division 3, travelled up from Cornwall, with contrasting results. Much happier were Menheniot, who defeated Ivybridge C by 8-0, with Zoe Harris and Jacqui Batterbee in great form, dropping just one game in their four sets. Looe B were well beaten at Plympton B, by 8-1. The division leaders, Mannamead B, with Josie Debnam and Linda Trebilcock included, won by 8-0 at Tavistock B.

Continuing the trend of eight set winners, St. Mellion achieved this in Division 4, by defeating St. Budeaux C 8-1. Much closer was the 7-4 win by Saltash, at Hill Lane B. Jill Cansfield was away so Chris Bunney was partnered by Di Fitton, and they defeated Nancy Brace and Caroline Floccia 6-2, 6-1, and Jean Jane and Libby Allman by 4-6,6-2,10-2. A very long event between Kath Cradick and Corrie Fairlie of Looe C, and Chris Woodroffe and Louise Dawe of Yelverton B, ended with Woodroffe and Dawe winning by 5-7,7-6,10-6 .This meant that the match which started in glorious sunshine finished in the gloom, with Yelverton B winners by 6-4.

Esther Pettit and Margaret Banyard won both their events, as Mannamead C drew 4-4 with Tavistock C, in Division 5, and with Janet Stone and Helen Brockbank unbeaten, Devonshire C won by 7-3 at Plympton C.

Other Results


Div.1 - Tavistock A 0, Devonshire A 8.


Div.3 - Mannamead C 5, Hill Lane B 5.

Div.6 - Mannamead D 8, Saltash B 2.

Div.7 - Hill Lane D 6, Ivybridge E 4.

Week 2

Pride of place in the Ladies' Division 1 goes to the Looe A first pair of Jessica White and Sylvia Racca. Although the team lost by 7-3 at Devonshire A the pair played superbly to win three sets, which was quite an achievement. White and Racca beat Lynda Haley and Georgia Jones 6-1,3-6,10-7, and took a set off the Devonshire first pair of Lucy Ryland and Mae Dartnell, who won by 6-3,2-6,10-3. With Clare Dyke playing in her first match for Mannamead A, after recovering from injury, the team showed they are expecting a successful season after beating Tavistock A 8-0. The poor start to the season for Ivybridge A continues, as, with a much weaker line up from 2017, they went down 1-8 to St. Budeaux A.

In Division 2, Devonshire B found visitors St. Budeaux B too good for them, as St. Budeaux won by 8-1. Sandra O'Sullivan and Luisa Warring won all the points for Hill Lane A at Yelverton A, but the home team won by 5-4. O'Sullivan and Warring beat Ann Short and Julia Whetton 6-1,3-6,10-7, and Helen Smith and Lynne Macfarlane 7-5,6-0. Also winning all their team's points and finishing on the losing side were Lyn Helliwell and Helen Wright of Plympton A. The pair beat both Ivybridge B pairings, Julie Hulett and Gill Woodyear, 5-7,6-2,10-5, and Jane Rickman and Nicky Scutt, 6-4,4-6,10-7, with Ivybridge B winning the match 6-4.

On a rain swept evening at Mannamead B, in Division 3, the home team won more of the vital deuce points than Ivybridge C, in defeating them by 8-0.

Two Devon " Young Volunteer of the Year " players were on opposing sides, when Hill Lane B defeated St. Budeaux C by 6-2 in Division 4. Roxanne Marshall for Hill Lane won four sets with 11 year old sister Carla, and for St Budeaux, Beth Groves won two sets with Pat Hexter, for St. Budeaux. Saltash were far too experienced for Looe C, winning by 8-0. Another pair to win all four sets for their team were Fiona Murphy and Di Harrison for Yelverton B, against St. Mellion. Murphy and Harrison beat Lynne Maunder and Zoe Wang 6-3,6-2, and Oonagh Clancy and Judith Farris 6-4,6-4, as the teams drew 4-4.

Rachel Youngs-Pearce and Helen Brockbank-Naylor played exceptionally well for Devonshire C, in Division 5, winning both their events in straight sets, in a win over Tavistock C by 7-2. Linda Haston and Cathy Bryan had to play, and win, two three set matches for Mannamead, in the 8-2 victory over Plympton D. Haston and Bryan won by 6-4,4-6,10-3, against Ralda Chivers and Liz Shaw, and by 3-6,6-2,12-10 against Carla Price and Louise Luckcraft.

The top three teams in the Mens' Division 1 all recorded resounding wins. Mannamead A won by 8-0 at Tavistock A, Ivybridge A beat their B team, also by 8-0, and Devonshire A defeated Hill Lane A 8-1.

It took St. Budeaux A over three hours to finally get the better of Saltash A, by 7-2, in Division 2. Matt Lloyd and Martin Hill won four sets, and reserve Ricky Palmer and Neil Hunt three sets for St Budeaux. The two points for Saltash came from Dave Harrington and Charles Crichton who beat Palmer and Hunt 5-7, 7-5, 10-8. Callum Whitelock and Ed Benjafield won four sets for Manammead B, in a 6-4 victory at Looe A. Whitelock and Benjafield came from a set down to defeat Dave Richardson and Nigel Watson, 3-6,6-4,10-4, but found it much easier to overcome Des Hocking and Richard Jones 6-1,6-4. With none of last season's players available Plymstock suffered the inevitable 8-0 defeat, at home to a strong Plympton A team.

Andy Weymouth and Terry Leonard, of Yelverton A in Division 3, played some of their best tennis to beat both Newton and Noss A pairs, but Yelverton lost by 6-5. Weymouth and Leonard needed two third set wins in beating Jason Vosper and Yuen Siu 6-1,4-6,10-7 and Ron Cole and Rob Thomas 6-7,6-4,10-6. Newcomer Neil Pearce made his debut for St. Budeaux B in a comfortable 8-0 win over Hill Lane B. Bill Sparks and Mike Baker of Tavistock B were too good for both Mannamead C pairs, winning both their events in straight sets. Although losing twice, Richard Gould and Peter Rodgers picked up two vital sets, to enable Tavistock to win by 6-4.

The Division 4 match at Tavistock C was played in heavy rain, as Looe B were beaten 6-2, thanks to four sets from David Martin and Jeremy Hyde for Tavistock. Steve Kingston and Adam Mudford continued their successful partnership for Whiteford Road A, in the 5-4 win over Ivybridge C. Kingston and Mudford had straight set victories over Ben Semmence and Steve Cann, by 6-2,6-4, and over Duncan Matthews and Pete Tongue by 6-3,7-5.

St Budeaux D, strengthened by the inclusion of Matt Redshaw, scored a good 7-2 win over Plympton C In Division 5. St Budeaux played the more consistent tennis throughout, particularly at game points. A solid team performance from Ivybridge D earned them a 7-2 win at St.Mellion, whose two points came when Paul Sheppard and Roger Wratten beat Keith Sexton and Chris Childs 5-7,6-2,10-6. In a topsy turvey score line each pair won two sets, as Hill Lane C drew 4-4 with Devonshire B.

A 5-5 draw was a fair result in Division 6, at Tavistock D, who entertained Yelverton B. John Stewart and Simon Church won four of Tavistock's points, beating George Dansie and Chris Webber 0-6,6-1,10-4, and Mike Shaw and Steve McCormick 6-2,6-3.

Newton and Noss B continued their good start In Division 7 with a hard fought 5-4 win, at Ivybridge E, courtesy of Mark Phillips and Paul Shepherd winning four sets. Menheniot misread the fixture list and failed to arrive at Mannamead E, and incurred a five point penalty.

Other Results: -
Men's Div.6 - Whiteford Road B 1, Mannamead D 8
Div.7 - Plympton D 6, Hill Lane D 2.

Week 1

Mannamead A, the 2017 champions, opened their 2018 account, in the Men's Division 1, by beating Hill Lane A by 8-0. Hill Lane were weakened by the absence of Rory Harries, Glenn Richards and Ali Al - Moussawi from last year's team, and had to meet strong opposition in their first match. Devonshire A just escaped relegation last season and made a convincing opening with a 7-2 win over Ivybridge B. Andrew Jackson and John Ingham were the in-form pair for Devonshire, beating Samuel Wilson and Kieren Kothari 6-3,6-4, and Leighton Starkie and Richard Marshall 7-5,6-3. Ivybridge A had little trouble in winning 8-1 against Tavistock A, whose sole point came from Luke Wakley and Peter Bradley, when beaten 7-5,5-7,10-7, by Joe Kellett and Jonathan Busby.

Plympton A made a great recovery in Division 2, from trailing 2- 4 at the half way stage, to defeat St. Budeaux A by 6-4. St. Budeaux won the first two events by two sets to one, after losing the first set in each event. All the Plympton players, Patrick Wilson, Sam Hopper, Joe Thomas and Sam Raymond, hit top form, to win the final two events in straight sets. With father and son, David and Callum Whitelock joining Mannamead, and John Davies still recovering from an illness, it is going to be a tough season for Plymstock. Both David and Callum were in the Mannamead B team, in an 8-0 win over Plymstock. Saltash A were strengthened by the inclusion of Tom Wyman, in their South East Cornwall derby win by 6-2, against visitors Looe A. For Looe, Dave Richardson and Nigel Watson beat Dave Harrington and Ross Bunney 6-3,6-1.

In a keenly fought Division 3 match at Yelverton A, St. Budeaux B came away winners by 7-2. Chris Williams and Ricky Palmer were too good for both Yelverton pairs, beating Andy Weymouth and Terry Leonard 6-1-,6-2, and Matt Hildyard and Bob Verey 6-4,6-2. Promoted Newton/Noss A made an encouraging beginning to life in a higher division, by winning 6- 3 at Mannamead C. In good form for Newton/Noss were Jason Vosper and Yuen Siu, with wins over Bernard Lien-Lambert and Tony Maestri by 6-4,2-6,10-5 and over Simon Dusting and Alastair Todd by 6-4 6-4.

In Division 4, St Budeaux C were indebted to David Gale and Rich Mitchell who won four sets, in the 4-4 draw with Ivybridge C. Gale and Mitchell defeated Ben Semmence and Steve Cann 6-2,6-2 and Duncan Matthews and Peter Tongue 7-5,6-4. Bad light stopped play at Looe B, with Whiteford Road A winning by 5-3.

Jon Grainger and John Horton of St. Mellion won both their events in straight sets, in the 7-3 win at Devonshire B, in Division 5. There were few problems for Plympton C who comfortably won by 8-0 against Hill Lane C.

Newcomers to the league are Newton/Noss B, who, in appalling wet conditions, overcame both the rain and Plympton D, to win by 6-2 in Division 7. Phil Davies and John Denny turned in an impressive, unbeaten, debut performance for Newton/Noss, whitewashing Ming Dai and Neil Crosswaite and beating Alan Robertson and Richard Cooper 6-1,6-4. Menheniot took advantage of Ivybridge E having only one pair, to win by 6-2.

In Division 1 of the Ladies League, current champions Ivybridge A had player availability problems and could not send a team to Tavistock A, and so Ivybridge incurred a five point penalty. Mannamead A seem to have a well-balanced team this season, including ex Whiteford Road player Linda Trebilcock, and the team started with an 8-1 win at Looe A. There was excellent play from all eight players when Devonshire A won by 6-2 at St. Budeaux A, with Claire Giadrini playing for Devonshire despite carrying an injury.

The best Division 2 match was at St. Budeaux B, who defeated Plympton A by 8-2. Joy Pellow and Alison Miles were on court for nearly three hours to win the Plympton points, when beaten 6-4,2-6,11-9 by Debbie Bradbury and Chanelle Belcher and 5- 7,6-4,10-6 by Sue Gale and Sam Conroy. Hill Lane A were too strong for Devonshire B, winning 8-0, with seven of the eight sets being won by 6-3 or better. Yelverton A were grateful to Di Harrison for standing in at the last minute at Ivybridge B, who, with Margaret Hammett and Julie Hulett unbeaten, won by 6-3. Hammett and Hulett beat Helen Smith and Lynne Macfarlane 7- 6,1-6,10-3 and Ann Short and Di Harrison 6-3,6-4.

In a very close Division 3 match, Menheniot lost at home to Mannamead B, by six sets to four. However, the unbeaten pair came from Menheniot, with Zoe Harris and Debbie Smith winning 6-1,4-6,10-7 against Esther Pettit and Anna Tickle, and by 7-5,4-6,10-6 against Alison Goodwin and Roanna George. With a good all-round team performance, Plympton B won by 7- 2 at Tavistock B, in a match containing plenty of long rallies. The long journey from Looe to Ivybridge was worth the effort for Looe B, who defeated Ivybridge C by 6-4, with Jackie Wray and Rosie Henstridge winning four sets for Looe B.

Honours ended even at 5-5, when St. Mellion hosted Saltash. Jill Cansfield and Chris Bunney of Saltash did well to defeat Candy Birch and Oonagh Clancy 2-6,6-2,10-5, and Judith Farris and Glynis Church 6-2,7-6.

Tavistock C made a winning return to the league, in Division 5, with a 7-3 home win over Plympton C. Two other new teams met at Plympton D, with visitors Devonshire C making an immediate impact by winning 8-1.

Other Results:
Division 3 - Hill Lane B 0 Tavistock B 8 .
Division 4 - Plympton B 8 Tavistock C 0.
Division 5 - Ivybridge D 7 St. Budeaux D 3.
Division 4 - St. Budeaux C 5 Yelverton B 5