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Evening Herald Reports 2019

Club Reviews

In the 2019 season 68 teams from 15 Clubs competed, playing a total of 322 matches. The number of teams per Club were Mannamead (8), Ivybridge, Plympton, St. Budeaux, Tavistock (all 7), Looe( 6 ), Devonshire ,Hill Lane(both 5), Yelverton (4), Menheniot (3), Newton and Noss, Saltash, St. Mellion, Whiteford Road ( all 2), Plymstock (1)


Devonshire - A very strong A team who won Division 1 by three points. The team had a fairly consistent line up each week with fewer players used than in previous season. The B team deservedly won Division 6, comfortably ahead of the second team by ten points.

Hill Lane - The A team were relegated in 2018, but gained immediate promotion from Division 2, winning eight of their matches. In Division 4, the B team kept clear of relegation by three points, but the C team found Division 6 too much for them, finishing in fifth place

Ivybridge - The Club had problems in fielding players of a standard required for each division, with the A team failing to stay in Division 1. Only the B team saved their status, just missing out on promotion from Division 2. Also relegated are the C team from Division 3, and the D team from Division 4.

Looe - A mid table position was achieved by the A team and they were only three points short of promotion. The B team remain in Division 5 but the C team struggled in Division 7.

Mannamead - There was a poor start in Division 1 for the A team, with only two points out of sixteen in the first two matches. However the team recovered to finish third. After relegation in 2018, the B team were too strong for Division 3 by twenty two points. There was also success for the C team, second in Division 4. The D and E teams did not fare so well, finishing next to bottom in Division 5 and bottom in Division 6 respectively.

Menheniot - Playing in a four team Division 7, the team were second on set difference to gain promotion.

Newton/Noss - After five promotions the A team found Division 2 just too high a standard, and return to Division 3. By finishing second the B team go up again, this time from Division 6 to Division 5.

Plympton - It was unfortunate for the A team that, in their very first year in Division 1, they were without several key players, and go straight back to Division 2. A strong finish by the B team gained them promotion from Division 3, but the C team failed to stay up in Division 4.

Plymstock - With a small playing squad, the Club found life in Division 3 too tough, and go down to Division 4.

Saltash - Without many of their 2018 A team, the players from the B team had to play in Division 2, a move up of three divisions. Almost the same four players turned out each week, but despite all their efforts, relegation was inevitable.

St. Budeaux - The A team fared well in Division 1. finishing in fourth place. By scoring six points in their last match, the B team won promotion from Division 2. In Division 4 the C team were penalised five points for misreading the fixture list and missed out on promotion by five points ! The D team comprised of Juniors and many others not experienced in playing matches and are relegated from Division 5.

Tavistock - The A team made a determined bid for top place, but at the finish were four points short. The B team, in Division 3, were pipped for second place in their very last match. The C team won Division 5, and the D team retained their place in Division 6.

Whiteford Road - After just missing out on promotion in recent seasons, the A team finally move up from Division 4, with the same four players appearing in every match. The B team stay in Division 7.

Yelverton - The A team had a mixed set of results, but with five wins, kept their place in Division 3, with the B team winning Division 7.


Devonshire - The A team regained the Division 1 title playing consistently well all season, winning all their ten matches, to finish with a lead of twenty three points. In Division 3, the B team had a good season, gaining promotion with second place. The C team, by winning their last match, avoided relegation and stay in Division 4,

Hill Lane - The A team, after promotion, were not strong enough to remain in Division 1, but the B team coped well in Division 5 with third place.

Ivybridge - A shortage of available players meant that the Club had difficulty in turning out full teams. This lead, unfortunately, to three relegations from Divisions 1, 2 and 4.

Looe - All the three teams competed well in their divisions, and although not gaining any promotions, finished well clear of relegation in Divisions 2, 4 and 5.

Mannamead - The A team won seven matches in Division 1, but lost the title to Devonshire A, finishing third. The success stories come from the B and C teams. The B team won Division 2, for a third successive upgrade, with the C team going up for a second season in succession by winning Division 4.

Menheniot - The Club entered two teams for the first time. In Division 3, the A team won five matches to end up in third place. The newly formed B team lacked experience competing in Division 5, but should improve by playing match tennis.

Plympton - The A team recovered their Division 1 place, lost last season, by coming second in Division 2, but the B team go the other way, down to Division 3. There were two teams in Division 5, won by the C team but the D team only finished in fifth position.

Saltash - Surprisingly the team found promotion to Division 3 more than they could manage, and only got to grips with the standard in the last two fixtures, so they go back to Division 4.

St. Budeaux - There was the highest position ever for the A team, with second spot in Division 1. The B team, in Division 1 for the first time, were in fourth position, but the C team, after avoiding relegation several times recently, failed by four points, and go down to Division 5.

St.Mellion - The team were the draw champions of Division 3, and justified last season's promotion by finishing in fourth place.

Tavistock - The A team, after being in a Division 2 promotion place all season, had a below strength team for their last match, and were beaten 8-1. This meant that they missed out on promotion by set difference and games won. The B team failed to stay in Division 3 by fourteen points, but good news for the C team on promotion from Division 5.

Yelverton - A good season for the Club, with the A team winning Division 3 by two points, and the B team going up from Division 4 after a second place finish.

End Of Season Review

The Devonshire Club have the top teams in the league, this season, having regained first place in both the Men's and Ladies' Division 1. Devonshire A men were challenged for most of the season by Tavistock A, but pulled away from them in the closing matches when Tavistock did not have their full strength line up. Devonshire remained unbeaten with nine wins, finishing three points ahead of Tavistock. Ivybridge A are relegated, which means that for the first time since they achieved Division 1 status over 30 years ago, the Club will not have a team in the top division. Plympton A are the other team to go down after their debut season in the top division. Hill Lane A, after relegation last season, won Division 2 for immediate promotion. The team were only beaten once, and were ahead of the other promoted team, St. Budeaux B, by seventeen points. St.Budeaux B just kept ahead of Ivybridge B and Looe A by one and two points respectively. Newton and Noss A have made a rapid rise up the divisions, but found Division 2 just too much for them and are relegated along with Saltash.

Another team to bounce back at the first attempt are Mannamead B. The team were clear winners of Division 3, by twenty two points clear from Plympton B. Plympton B clinched promotion by set difference from Tavistock B. The teams to lose their places are Ivybridge C and Plymstock. Whiteford Road A, after several near misses, have finally won promotion as the top team in Division 4, with Mannamead C also promoted. Plympton C and Ivybridge D failed to make the grade and are relegated.

There were only five teams in Division 5 which was won by Tavistock C, who are promoted along with St. Mellion, with the bottom two places occupied by Mannamead D and St. Budeaux D. Similarly Division 6 was a team short. Devonshire B were far too good for the other four teams, claiming top place, with a ten point margin over Newton and Noss B. Hill Lane C were seventeen points short of safety, with Mannamead E a further twelve points adrift.

The team shortage continued in Division 7, with only four teams competing. Set difference again decided positions, with both Yelverton B and Menheniot on thirty points, but Yelverton had a five set difference compared with the set difference of Menheniot of two.

The Ladies' Division A was dominated by Devonshire A, who won with a 100% unbeaten record, scoring seventy one points out of a possible eighty and conceding only thirteen sets. In second place were St. Budeaux A, who achieved their highest ever placing and were just ahead of Mannamead A by one point. Of the two promoted teams, Hill Lane A go straight back to Division 2, but St. Budeaux B secured a mid-table position. Ivybridge A had great difficulties with player availability and the team are relegated, leaving the club with no representation in the Mens' and Ladies top division. Mannamead B did well to win a strong Division 2, with a third successive promotion. Also going up, after relegation last season, are Plympton A, who snatched second place ahead of Tavistock A. Looe A kept clear of the drop by thirty points, leaving Ivybridge B and Plympton B as the teams moving down to Division 3. The teams promoted from Division 3, are Yelverton A and Devonshire B. Yelverton A were only defeated once and scored 66 points, with Devonshire B two points behind them. The two teams up from Division 4, St.Mellion and Saltash, had mixed fortunes. St. Mellion managed the move quite comfortably, scoring forty four points, but Saltash never got going until their last two matches. In their first eight matches Saltash scored eight points, and then scored nine points in two matches, but not enough to avoid relegation, going down along withTavistock B.

Mannamead have had a good season with the C team, in a second successive promotion, by winning Division 4. Yelverton also had two teams promoted as Yelverton B were second, four points short of Mannamead C. After three seasons of narrowly avoiding relegation, St. Budeaux C failed, by four points, to stay up and are joined in Division 5 by Ivybridge C. The two leading teams in Division 5 were Plympton C and Tavistock C, with Plympton C ending up five points ahead of Tavistock C.

In the last re arranged match. Mannamead C defeated St. Budeaux C 6-2 in Men's Division 4 to gain promotion.

Knock Out Cup Final

Mannamead won the Knock-Out Cup final by defeating the holders Devonshire. In one of the most closely contested finals for many years, the teams were only separated at the end by games won. The final consisted of two Mixed Doubles pairs per team, with each pair playing both the opponent's pairs. At the half way stage it looked odds on Devonshire retaining the trophy, as they lead by four sets to one. Mannamead then staged a great fight back in the second half, also winning by four sets to one. With the teams tied at five sets each, the result was decided on games won, with Mannamead winning thirty six and Devonshire thirty three. Victory was some consolation for Mannamead, as in the league, Devonshire took both the top division titles from Mannamead.

Week 10

There was final week success for two Plympton teams, who both achieved promotion at the expense of Tavistock teams, with positions decided by the narrowest of margins.

In the Ladies' Division 2, Plympton A were at home to Tavistock A who had held a promotion spot all season. Plympton had their usual team but Tavistock had to field two reserves, with Plympton winning by 8-1. The second set that Jane Wilson and Fiona Crutchley of Plympton won, by 7-5 from 3-5 down, against Hilary Picton and Maggie Lilley, proved to be vital in the final analysis. The 8-1 win meant that both teams ended the season on 59 points and a set difference of 30 points. Plympton finished above Tavistock as, in the two matches between them, Plympton won 10 sets and Tavistock 7 sets.

The second promotion for Plympton came in the Men's Division 3, when Plympton B overtook Tavistock B. Plympton started two points behind Tavistock and, with an easier match, defeated Ivybridge C by 8-0. Tavistock entertained leaders, Mannamead B, and played well to win by 6-3. With both the teams now level on 49 points promotion went to Plympton who had a two point better set difference.

Devonshire A won the Men's Division 1 after beating challengers, Tavistock A, by 6-2. Although neither team was at full strength, Devonshire were the stronger unit, with Stefan Lupu and Will Heard defeating Rhys Dunford and Luke Wakley 6-2,6-1, and Phil Harbottle and Matt Smith 6-0,6-2. Ivybridge A played some of their best tennis of the season and did well to win three sets against former champions Mannamead A. Mannamead won all the three third set tie breaks for victory by 8-3. Plympton A avoided defeat, for only the second time, by drawing 4-4 with St. Budeaux A, with Neil Hunt and Rory Harries winning all the sets for St. Budeaux. Pete Tongue and Harry Hargreaves were the on form pair for Ivybridge B, in their 6-3 Division 2 win over Looe A. Tongue and Hargreaves beat Des Hocking and Alan Palin 6-3,6-3, and Dave Richardson and Jake Richardson 6-4,6-0, with Looe having to concede one set through injury. Also in unbeaten form were Matt Lloyd and junior player Troy Lambourne for St. Budeaux B, in a 6-2 win over Newton and Noss A. The 'L' team defeated Ron Cole and Rob Thomas 6-3,6-2, and Jason Vosper and Stewart Barnes 6-4,6-2. Yelverton A kept well clear of relegation, in Division 3, after a 7-2 home win against Plymstock.

Plympton C had one of their best Division 4 results in the 5-5 draw with second placed Mannamead C. Alan Robertson and Richard Cooper won both their events for Plympton, with wins over Simon Dusting and Paul Mathews by 6-4,5-7,10-8, and over Dave Brimble and Bernard Lien-Lambert by 7-5,6-3. Whiteford Road A have fielded the same team in every match. Steve Kingston, Adam Mudford, Kamran Khan and Kamran Ali completed their fixtures with a win by 6-4 over Hill Lane B. A very inexperienced St. Budeaux D team has found life In Division 5 tough, finally losing 2-7 at home to St. Mellion. Tavistock C, with an 8-1 win over Looe B, finish in first place, one point ahead of St. Mellion. Newton and Noss B, by beating Mannamead E 8-0 in Division 6, have won a second successive promotion. A second team this week to win maximum points, by winning three third set tie breaks, was Menheniot in Division 7. Menheniot, with an 8-3 win over Looe C, finish as runners up to Yelverton B on set difference.

In the Ladies' Division 1, St Budeaux A completed the double over the B team, but in a much closer match, winning by 6-3. For the B team, Chanelle Martin and Toni Lloyd avenged an earlier defeat, by beating Sue Gale and Janet Butler 6-4,6-7,12-10. Ivybridge A, with only one pair, were beaten 6-2 at Mannamead A. The win by Lesley Crocker and Jenny Richardson, of Ivybridge, over Clare Dyke and Katherine Bell by 6-3,6-2, proved costly for Mannamead as they finished in third place, one point behind St. Budeaux A. Mannamead B, by defeating Plympton B by 8-0, in Division 2, made it a third successive promotion, and now join their A team in Division 1. In a great final match, Looe A, with four more sets from Jess White and Gill Bath, were too good for Ivybridge B by 7-2. St. Mellion, in Division 3, probably wished that the season finished after eight matches. Last week they were beaten 8-0, and this week again went down 8-0, at home to Yelverton A, who win the division. Near neighbours, Saltash, finished on a relatively high note. After nine successive defeats, they won their last match by 6-3 over Tavistock B, with Chris Bunney and Jill Cansfield beating Sue Parsons and Jenny Read 6-3,0-6,10-5, and Wendy George and Elizabeth Raikes 7-5,6-3. The teams were fairly evenly matched when Devonshire B won by 7-4 at Menheniot A. For Devonshire, Sophie Murray and Shirley Williams beat Dianne Burt and Nona Markey 6-1,7-5, and Zoe Harris and Debbie Smith 6-4,5-7,10-8.

Yelverton B made it a second promotion for the Club after a win by 8-2 against Looe B, in Division 4, with Wendy Sharland and Jenny Whygrow the star pair for Yelverton. Mannamead also had two teams promoted, as the C team won the division for a second successive promotion. Devonshire C won the relegation battle with St. Budeaux C by 5 -4, sending St. Budeaux down, despite four sets from Pat Hexter and Elizabeth Gill. In Division 5, Looe C beat the top team Plympton C by 7-3, but Plympton had to concede three sets though injury. Plympton D won the match between the bottom two teams by 8-0, against Menheniot B.

Other Results:

Div. 2 - Hill Lane A 6 Saltash 2
Div. 2 - Looe A 4 Hill Lane A 4
Div. 4 - St. Budeaux C 8 Ivybridge D 0
Div. 5 - Looe B 7 St.Budeaux D 3
Div. 6 - Tavistock D 7 Hill Lane C 4

Div. 1 - Devonshire A 8 Hill Lane A 0
Div. 5 - Hill Lane B 5 Tavistock C 4

Week 9

In the Men's Division 2 Hill Lane A won by 7-3 at Newton and Noss A. This result guarantees Hill Lane promotion and an immediate return to Division 1, but unfortunately for Newton and Noss, relegation to Division 3. In a highly entertaining match, Newton and Noss gave full credit to Hill Lane for their excellent sportsmanship and line calling. Ali Al-Moussawi and Harry Bird were unbeaten for Hill Lane, and for Newton and Noss, Ron Cole and Rob Thomas secured a good win over Haidar Al-Moussawi and Michael Harley by 6-3,5-7,10-8. Four set wins, from Matt Lloyd and Dave Gale, enabled St. Budeaux B to come away from Looe A winners by 6-2. Lloyd and Gale defeated Dave Richardson and Nigel Watson 7-5,6-3, and Des Hocking and Jake Richardson 6-1,6-2. There is now all to play for as only three points separate St. Budeaux B, Ivybridge B and Looe A, as they challenge for second place, with Ivybridge h140ome to Looe this week. Tavistock A lead Devonshire A by one point, in Division 1, after a 6-3 win at St. Budeaux A, with neither team at full strength. For Tavistock, Josh Brown and Pete Bradley won their four sets, and the three points for St. Budeaux were won by Neil Hunt and Rory Harries. Linden Hardisty made a rare appearance for Devonshire A in their 6-2 win over Ivybridge A, and with Will Heard he remained unbeaten. Jonathan Bushby and Liam Murch of Ivybridge won by 6-4,6-4, against Joe Kellett and Leighton Starkie. In the match at Mannamead A, who defeated Plympton A by 8-0, there was an encouraging debut from Ollie Moore who with Alex Cox conceded just four games in four sets.

Nick Haley and Jay Stuart were in unbeatable form for Plympton B, who won by 6-3 against Yelverton A in Division 3. Haley and Stuart had few problems in wins over Bob Verey and Matt Hillyard by 6-1,6-2, and over Andy Weymouth and Phil Gasche by 6-1,6-4. Unbeaten Mannamead B had a weakened team at home to Ivybridge C, who took full advantage to win by 5-4. Andrew Leigh and Ed Benjafield were undefeated for Mannamead but dropped a set to Ben Semmence and Harry Hargreaves, in winning by 6-7(5-7),6-2,10-6. Alan Robertson and Peter Silverwood had a great night for Plympton C, who won 6-4 at Hill Lane B in Division 4. They won their four sets with comparative ease, recording wins over Alan Mayes and Mike Bruce by 6-3, 7-5, and over Rob Antrobus and Dave by 6-2. Yelverton B move to the top of Division 7 by winning 6-2 at Looe C. Roger Johnson and Tom Chiappe were the saviours for Yelverton, remaining unbeaten, but they had a tough battle with Richard Sayer and Mark Codgbrook, before running out winners by 7-6,6-4.

Devonshire Ladies A had no difficulty in scoring enough points to win Division 1, as they defeated Ivybridge A by 8-0. Also winning 8-0 were St. Budeaux A at Hill Lane A, and this result puts them into second place, a point ahead of Mannamead A. Mannamead A won by 7-2 at St. Budeaux B, with Clare Dyke and Sarah Fielder beating Chanelle Martin and Sam Conroy 6-2,6-2, and Ursula Richardson and Skye Lambourne 6-1,6-4. Mannamead were denied maximum points when Katherine Bell and Sarah Naylor went down 6-2,6-7,10-7 to Martin and Conroy. In Division 2, Tavistock A increased their lead at the top to three points, over Mannamead B, by beating them 5-4. It was succes for Josie Debnam and Linda Trebilcock, once again, winning four sets for Mannamead. However, they only just did enough to defeat Hilary Picton and Frances Lindsay, by 6-4,7-6,12-10, despite hard hitting and great serving from Lindsay. Jess White and Gill Bath continue to be the main scorers for Looe A, winning four sets, in a 6-3 victory at Plympton B. White and Bath accounted for Nicola Trevaskis and Sarah Robertson by 7-5,6-3, and Helen Wright and Vicky Finnegan by 6-0,6-0.

Devonshire B beat St. Mellion 8-0 in Division 3, but St. Mellion had to concede two sets, due to an injury to Lynne Maunder. Saltash won more points than in any other match this season, but not quite enough to prevent Yelverton A from winning 5-4. The Yelverton pair of Helen Smith and Fiona Murray beat Jill Cansfield and Chris Bunney 6-1,6-0, and Val Knight and Di Fitton 6-2, 6-2. Saltash replied with Cansfield and Bunney defeating Wendy Sharland and Angie Lynch 6-1,4-6,10-5, and Sharland and Lynch also lost by 6-2,6-2, to Knight and Fitton. Only Nicola White and Penny Punch were available for Ivybridge C, at Looe B, in Division 4. The pair deserved every credit for making the long journey worthwhile, by winning three sets, as Looe B won 6-3. White and Punch won by 7-6(7-3),6-3 against Sylvia Fair and Lillian Harrison, but were beaten 4-6,6-1,10-7 by Jackie Wray and Rosie Henstridge.

Menheniot B and Looe C were so evenly matched in Division 5, that the result was a 5-5 draw, and every pair won a set and lost a set. The Looe pair of Sylvia Smale and Claire Brewis were on court throughout, beating Thelma Crabb and Charlie Harris 6-4,4-6,10-8 but being beaten 6-3,1-6,10-8 by Sally Crabb and Kirsty Merrin. Plympton D drew 4-4 at Tavistock C, with Alice Wildgoose and Sophie Raymond, of Plympton, beating Lynda Williams and Elizabeth Raikes 6-3,6-3, and Mary Harold and Olivia Clark 7-6(8-6),6-4.

Other Results:

Div. 2 Saltash 0 Ivybridge B 8.
Div. 3 Plymstock 0 Tavistock B 8.
Div. 6 Hill Lane C 0 Newton /Noss B 8.

Div. 2 Ivybridge B 1 Plympton A 8.
Div. 3 Tavistock B 4 Menheniot A 5.
Div. 4 Mannamead C 5 Devonshire C 5.
Div. 4 St. Budeaux C 5 Yelverton B 4.
Div. 5 Plympton C 8 Hill Lane B 0

Week 8 extra

The final of the Knock-Out Cup will see the holders, Devonshire, play Mannamead. Devonshire were away to Ivybridge in the semi- final, winning by three events to one. Chris and Lucy Ryland won both their events for Devonshire in straight sets, and the sole winners for Ivybridge were Liam Murch and Lizzy Warrender. The other semi- final was a much closer affair, when Mannamead won by six sets to five at St. Budeaux, with both teams winning two events. After two events, both teams had won an event and also won three sets. Each team won the first set in the second round of events, to remain level at four sets all. The match then switched the way of Mannamead when they won the next set in each event, giving them an unbeatable lead.


Ivybridge v. Devonshire (Ivybridge names first)

H. Hargreaves/L. Crocker lost to C. Ryland/L. Ryland 2-6,3-6

          lost to C. Price/C. Giadrini 3-6,7-6,4-10

L. Murch/L. Warrender lost to C.Ryland/L.Ryland 4-6,2-6

          beat C. Price/C. Giadrini 2-6,6-1,10-7.

St. Budeaux v. Mannamead (St. Budeaux names first)

R.Harries/K.Gibbons lost to D.Chadder/S.Fielder 4-6,6-1,6-10

          beat J. Piernicki/S. Naylor 6-2,3-6,10-6

N. Hunt/ C. Martin beat D. Chadder/ S. Fielder 6-4,1-6,10-5

          lost to J. Piernicki/S.Naylor 3-6,3-6.

With a free week on the fixture list, teams used the time to play matches postponed due to wet weather, in early June.

In the Men's Division I, the top two teams, Tavistock A and Devonshire A played, with both scoring eight points. Tavistock A, with one reserve included, were away to a much weakened Mannamead A team. Tavistock had little difficulty in winning 8-1, with only one event going to three sets, when Rhys Dunford and reserve Paul Newton beat Dan Chadder and Callum Whitelock 3-6,6-4,15-13. Devonshire A were even more impressive, winning 8-0 home to St. Budeaux A. A very strong Devonshire team included a first match of the season for Richard Stafford, who came out of semi- retirement on his 40th birthday. Devonshire conceded just eight games, with four sets being won by 8-0. Plymstock were beaten 8-1 at home to Ivybridge C, in Division 3. The Plymstock point was won by Steve Mallor and Chris King when defeated 6-3,5-7,10-6 by Ben Semmence and Mark Warner.

Mannamead A fielded only two of their regular team at Hill Lane A, in the Ladies' Division 1, but still managed a 4-4 draw. Sarah Fielder and Katherine Bell earned the points for Mannamead when beating Roxanne Marshall and Carla Marshall 6-2,6-2, and Sandra O'Sullivan and Luisa Warring 6-2,6-0. St. Budeaux B won by 7-2 at Ivybridge A, a result which almost guarantees freedom from relegation.

Only two week's fixtures remain and there are many issues of promotion and relegation still to be decided. In the Men's Division 1 there is a two team race for the lead, with Tavistock A having a one point lead over Devonshire A, and with Plympton A and most likely Ivybridge A, relegated. Hill Lane A are well clear in Division 2 and are almost assured of promotion, with Looe A favourites for runners up spot, and Salash relegated. Division 3 is led by already promoted Mannamead B, followed by three teams, Plympton B, Tavistock B and Yelverton A, separated by just two points. Whiteford Road A lead Mannamead C by one point in Division 4, with Whiteford Road hoping to go up at last, after several near misses in previous seasons. The team already destined for Division 5, is Ivybridge D. Tavistock C head Division 5, with Mannamead second, but they could be caught, as Looe B and St. Mellion both have a match in hand. Devonshire B are assured of promotion from Division 6, with either Tavistock D or Newton and Noss B hoping to join them. Whiteford Road B is the top team in Division 7, but they have completed their fixtures and have to sweat it out, waiting to see if Looe C or Yelverton B will overtake them.

Devonshire Ladies A need only four points from two matches to win Division 1 and are followed by Mannamead A and St. Budeaux A who are level on points. Ivybridge A and Hill Lane A are on the verge of relegation. In Division 2, Tavistock A and Mannamead B are odds on favourites to go up, with Ivybridge B and Plympton B going down to Division 3. Yelverton A lead Devonshire B by four points, in Division 3, with Tavistock B and Saltash relegated. Mannamead C and Yelverton B are the teams most likely to go up from Division 4, with Ivybridge C and probably St. Budeaux C going down. Plympton C and Tavistock C are almost mathematically certain to go up from Division 5, with Menheniot B having to seek re-election.

Week 8

There was an unusual result, in the Men's Division 2, when Ivybridge B entertained Hill Lane A and beat them, despite losing all the sets played. Hill Lane could only send one pair, and conceded four sets, and the pair who did make the journey arrived late, and so another set was conceded giving Ivybridge a 5-0 start. When play eventually started, Hill Lane took control, with Haidar and Ali Al-Moussawi beating both Ivybridge pairs. They defeated Peter Tongue and Keith Sexton 0-6,6-2,10-4, and Andy Copestick and Duncan Mathews 6-3,6-0, for a final score of 5-4 in favour of Ivybridge B. Looe A were without two regular players, and fielded a new partnership in Mark Hunter and Jake Richardson, against Newton and Noss A. The pair were unbeaten, in wins over Ron Cole and Rob Thomas by 6-3,6-2, and over Jason Vosper and Yuen Siu by 6-4,6-2, with Looe winning by 6-3. St. Budeaux B did not find it all that easy to defeat Saltash by 7-2. Ben Slade played his first ever competitive match and with Dave Gale beat Chris Cansfield and James Both 6-3,6-1. The points for Saltash came from Jon Jacobs and Martyn Hall, with a win over Slade and Gale by 6-2,4-6,10-8. The Division 1 match at Mannamead A produced fine quality tennis, in a hard fought 5-5 draw with St. Budeaux A. The highlights included, great net play from Rory Harries of St. Budeaux, and numerous high speed down the line shots from Dan Chadder of Mannamead. Harries and Matt Lloyd were unbeaten for St. Budeaux, with wins over Chadder and Alex Cox by 6-7(5-7),6-0,10-8, and over Ben Knight and Callum Whitelock by 6-2,6-3. The other two matches in this division resulted in maximum points for Tavistock A, who beat Ivybridge A 8-0, and for Devonshire A, who defeated Plympton A by 8-1.

Nick Haley and Matt Hollick were on form for Plympton B, in the 4-4 draw at Tavistock B, in Division 3. The 'H' team beat Peter Rodgers and Kevin Siemonsma 6-1,6-4, and Bill Sparks and Mike Baker 6-2,6-3. Although there were many closely contested sets, they all went the way of Yelverton A, in their 8-0 victory over both Ivybridge C and the setting sun. Plymstock were the latest team to lose eight sets to the powerful Mannamead B team, who won 8-0. The top of the table clash, in Division 4 at Whiteford Road A, resulted in a win for the home team over Mannamead C by7-3. Steve Kingston and Adam Mudford were back to unbeaten form for Whiteford Road, winning by 6-4,6-2, against Tony Maestri and Dave Brimble, and by 6-2,6-1,against Simon Dusting and Paul Mathews. St. Budeaux C comfortably defeated Plympton C by 8-0.

Devonshire B increased their lead at the top of Division 6, having few problems in winning by 8-1 at Mannamead E. Newton and Noss B won by 6-2 at home to Tavistock D, with Phil Davis and Matt Thomas in impressive form, dropping just one game in winning their four sets. In Division 7, Looe C did well to come away from Whiteford Road B, winners by 6-3, thanks to Mark Codgbrook and Richard Sayer beating Stephen Fisher and John Dean 1-6,6-4,10-8, and John Leyreloup and Ollie Leyreloup 6-4,6-2.

With Sarah Fielder unavailable, Mannamead A brought in Izzy Abernethy for the match at St. Budeaux A, in the Ladies Division 1. Abernethy partnered Clare Dyke, and although the pair twice lost in three sets, the two sets they won enabled Mannamead to win by 6-4, as Sarah Naylor and Katherine Bell won their four sets for Mannamead. Hill Lane A won for the first time, beating one pair at Ivybridge A by 8-1. Devonshire A were far too strong for St. Budeaux B, conceding just five games, in an 8-0 win. The all Plympton match in Division 2 resulted, as expected, in a win for the A team over the B team by 8-1. Nicky Trevaskis and Sarah Robertson won the sole point for the B team when beaten 6-4,3-6,10-5 by Lyn Helliwell and Alison Miles. There was yet another unbeaten performance from Josie Debnam and Linda Trebilcock, as Mannamead B won by 6-2 against visitors Looe A. Roanna George of Mannamead was again prominent, with many super volleying shots. Tavistock A won by 8-1 against Ivybridge B, to move above Mannamead B into top spot. Menheniot A were indebted to Nona Markey and Dianne Burt for winning four sets, in the 4-4 home draw with St.Mellion, in Division 3. Markey and Burt played consistent tennis throughout, for wins over Candy Birch and Zoe Brown by 6-4,7-5, and over Judith Farris and Oonagh Clancy by 7-5,6-3. Yelverton A made the short trip to Tavistock B, returning home winners by 7-3. The Yelverton second pair of Lynne Macfarlane and Sandy Johnson had a great night, winning by 4-6,6-1,10-8, over Sue Parsons and Lindsey Fear, and by 6-1,6-4, over Maggie Lilley and Julia Wigmore. The Devonshire B first pair of Joanna Battersby and Christine Parker whitewashed both Saltash pairs, as Devonshire won by 7-2. Jill Cansfield and Chris Bunney won the points for Saltash in a 6-4,2-6,10-1 win, over Rachel Youngs-Pearce and Henrietta Ferguson.

Mannamead C are the new leaders of Division 4, after a superb 8-0 win at previous top team Yelverton B. Looe B defeated St.Budeaux C by 6-2. Sylvia Fair and Lillian Harrison were undefeated for Looe, including a narrow 7-5,7-6(7-4) win over Pat Hexter and Elizabeth Gill.

Menheniot B failed to fulfil their Division 5 fixture at Plympton C, with the match awarded to Plympton C 8-0, and Menheniot B deducted five penalty points. Five sets went to the tie break stage when Hill Lane B lost 5-4, at home to Plympton C. The best showing came from Karen Harley and Stephanie d'Haussy of Hill lane, who defeated Claire Walker and Alice Wildgoose, 3-6,7-6(8-6),10-8, and Julie Lees and Louise Luckcraft 7-6(7-1),6-3.

Other Results:

Div. 4 - Ivybridge D 3 Hill Lane B 6
Div. 5 - St. Budeaux D 0 Tavistock C 8.
          Mannamead D 6 Looe B 5

Div. 4 - Ivybridge C 3 Devonshire C 7
Div. 5 - Looe C 0 Tavistock C 8.

Week 7

After the first seven weeks of fixtures the only team undefeated, and with maximum points, is Mannamead Men's B in Division 3. The team was surprisingly relegated last season, but now have won promotion, with three matches left to play. They have scored fifty six points and conceded only two sets in seven matches. Their latest win was by 8-0 at Yelverton A, which puts them twenty five points ahead of second placed Tavistock B and guaranteed top place. Tavvy were engaged in a hard fought 5-5 draw at Ivybridge C. Bill Sparks and Paul Newton were the best pair on court, winning four sets for Tavistock, beating Ben Semmence and Keith Sexton 1-6,7-5, 10-6, and Alan Donaldson and Mark Owen 6-3,6-3. Plymstock compete cheerfully each week despite suffering heavy losses, this week an 8-0 reverse at Plympton B.

In Division 1, Devonshire A completed the double over the 2018 champions Mannamead A, winning by 6-3, with Mannamead not as strong as in recent matches. Chris Ryland and Will Heard were unbeaten for Devonshire, with wins over Dan Chadder and Ben Knight by 6-3,3-6,10-6, and over Ed Benjafield and Callum Whitelock by 6-3,6-0. St. Budeaux A won by 6-3 at Ivybridge A thanks to four sets from Rory Harries and Neil Hunt. The pair had to come from a set down to defeat Richard Marshall and Jonathan Bushby 5-7,6-4,10-7, but it was easier against Piron Rolls and Joe Puckering in a 6-3,6-3 win. Tavistock A were always expected to gain a comfortable win against Plympton A, but their task was made easier, in an 8-0 win, by Plympton having only one pair due to last minute, unavoidable, withdrawal by one player. In Division 2, Hill Lane A failed to score maximum points for the first time, as they won by 6-2 against St. Budeaux B. Father and son, Haidar and Ali Al Moussawi, were too good for both St. Budeaux pairs, beating Dave Gale and Ricky Palmer 7-6,6-0, and Troy Lambourne and Andy Conroy 6-1,6-1. Looe A travelled further up the South East Cornwall coast, and came away from Saltash, winners by 8-0. The South Hams derby saw Ivybridge B beat near neighbours Newton and Noss A by the unexpected, but deserved, margin of 8-0.

Full marks to Alan Mayes and Mike Bruce for a determined and well fought four set wins for Hill Lane B, at St Budeaux C in Division 4. Mayes and Bruce were a set and 3-5 down to Karol Fisher and Gary Symons, but they saved three match points, to win the second set. In the third set tie break, they made another recovery from 3-6 to win it 11-9, and the match by 5-7,7-5,11-9. More comfortable was their 6-2,6-3 win over Rich Mitchell and Devlin Skinner, with St.Budeaux winning by 5-4. Plympton C and Whiteford Road A drew 5-5, with Richard Cooper and Alan Robertson unbeaten for Plympton C. Their best performance was to come back from the loss of the first set, to take the unbeaten record of Steve Kingston and Adam Mudford, by 1-6,6-4,10-8. Mannamead C move up to top place after a 7-3 win over Ivybridge D.

Two Tavistock teams won, in matches against Mannamead. In Division 5, Tavistock C beat Mannamead D by 6-2, and in Division 6, Tavistock D went to Mannamead E and won by 5-4. The leading team, Devonshire B, needed Ryan Parsons and Sebastian Viorescuto to win their two matches in straight sets, for the team to draw 4-4 at Newton and Noss B. The pair defeated Phil Davies and Joe Woodyear 7-5,6-4, and Mark Phillips and Paul Shepherd 6-4,6-0. Joe Fisher and John Dean were unbeaten for Whiteford Road B, at Menheniot, but all their efforts failed to prevent Menheniot winning by 6-4, in Division 7.

The top match, in the Ladies' Division 1, resulted in a narrow 6-4 win for Devonshire A over Mannamead A, by 6-4. On form for Devonshire were the unbeaten Mia Loye and Lorraine McConnell, who won by 6-4,2-6,10-7, against Sarah Fielder and Sarah Naylor, and by 6-1,6-2, against Clare Dyke and Katherine Bell. St. Budeaux A defeated Ivybridge A by 8-0, with Ivybridge having to concede two sets due to an injury to junior player Leah Kelley. The St.Budeaux B team also won, beating Hill Lane A by 6-2. Chanelle Martin and Toni Lloyd won four sets for St. Budeaux, and there was an encouraging performance from junior, Skye Lambourne, who with Sam Conroy, won by 7-5,7-5, over Debbie Wilson and Emily Ramsden. Plympton B played two matches in Division 2. They won a re-arranged fixture at Ivybridge by 7-3, but found visitors, Tavistock, in the next match, too strong by 8-0. Tavistock travelled home delighted, not only with eight points, but also with the hospitality of a glass of Pimms and a slice of fruit cake. Looe A scored by far and away their best result, with a win by 8-2 over Plympton A. The Looe second pair of Melissa Hocking and Karen Galloway had a great match, with wins over Jane Wilson and Fiona Crutchley by 6-2,1-6,11-9, and over Lyn Helliwell and Elena Leolea by 6-7,6-0,10-3. Undefeated Mannamead B march on at the top, winning this week by 8-0, against Ivybridge B.

The two promoted teams, St. Mellion and Saltash, met, with St. Mellion winning by 8-0 in Division 3. The teams are having differing fortunes, with St. Mellion doing well, but Saltash, rather surprisingly, still to win a match. Junior player Izzy Hillman made her debut for Tavistock B, at Devonshire B. Unfortunately, although she played well, Tavistock, due to a last minute withdrawal, had only one pair and lost 8-0. Yelverton A won by 6-2 at Menheniot A, with the unbeaten performance from Fiona Murphy and Helen Smith, including a 6-1,6-3 win over Zoe Harris and Debbie Smith. Di Harrison and Sandy Johnson were the best pair for Yelverton B, in Division 4, at Devonshire C. They scored two straight set wins in a team win of 7-2. St. Budeaux C faced only one pair at Ivybridge C, and although given four sets only won by 6-3. Plympton D avoided defeat for the first time in Division 5, by defeating Looe C by 5-4. Alice Wildgoose and Louise Luckcraft were the stars for Plympton, beating Chris Woodward and Angela Palin 7-5,6-4, and Kath Cradick and Carol Metcalfe, 7-5,6-2. Plympton C also won, securing a fairly comfortable victory at Tavistock C by 6-2.

Other Results :
Division 4 - Mannamead C 7 Plympton C 2.
Division 5 - Looe B 7 St. Mellion 3.

Division 5 - Hill Lane B 8 Menheniot B 1.

Week 6

In the Ladies' Division 1 match, when Devonshire A beat St. Budeaux A by 6-4, there were two amazing recoveries from almost certain defeat by Kate Gibbons and Nikki Aitken of St. Budeaux. The match, after one set, was moved to the indoor courts because of the heavy rain, with Gibbons and Aitken outplayed in the first set, losing it 6-0 and then 5-2 down in the second set. The match pattern suddenly changed as Gibbons and Aitken fought back, to win the second set 7-6(7-2). The third set tie-break developed into a marathon being evenly matched throughout, before Gibbons and Aitken finally won it 14-12. In their second event, against Lorraine McConnell and Georgia Jones, Gibbons and Jones won the first set 6-1, but failed to win a game in the second set. In the third set tiebreak Gibbons and Aitken came back from 1-6 to win it 10-8, to complete a fine evening's performance. The other two matches in the division were postponed by rain.

Plympton A and Mannamead B, in Division 2, were the only teams in any division to complete a full match on outdoor courts, in the heavy rain on Monday Josie Debnam and Linda Trebilcock, of Mannamead again, won their events in straight sets, as Mannamead B won by 5-4. Anna Tickle and Roanna George won the fifth point for Mannamead when beaten 7-6,1-6,10-7 by Lyn Helliwell and Alison Miles. George was particularly in good form, with well controlled net shots, quite a feat in the blustery conditions. Tavistock A entertained Looe A who had a stronger team than in the first match but finally managed a narrow 5-4 win. Devonshire B recorded an excellent 7-3 win, at Yelverton A in Division 3. All the Devonshire team played well, with Chris Parker and Lynda Haley remaining unbeaten. They defeated Fiona Murphy and Helen Smith 4-6,6-3,10-4 and Lynne Macfarlane and Ann Short 6-2,6-2. It took Mannamead C well over three hours to win by 8-1 at St.Budeaux C, in Division 4. The event occupying most of the time was when Margaret Banyard and Nancy O'Connor defeated Elizabeth Gill and Viv Sargeant 6-4,6-7,10-4. Junior player, Ursula Richardson, was making her debut for St. Budeaux this season, and impressed with both good serving and ground strokes. Jackie Wray and Rosie Henstridge, of Looe B, were too good for both Devonshire C pairs, winning both events fairly comfortably. The pair beat Angela Wright and Janet Stone 6-2,6-3, and Helen Brockbank and Tracey Stafford 6-4, 6-3, despite fine serving from Stafford which included two aces. Only Nicola White and Sarah Owen were available for Ivybridge C, at Yelverton B, who won by 8-1. White and Owen, although losing, put up a great fight against Wendy Sharland and Jenny Whybrow, who won by 3-6,7-6(7-3)10-7. It was a long, but successful, match in Division 5 for the Looe C pair, Audrey Scott and Hilary Hewitt, who were unbeaten against visitors Hill Lane B, who won the match 5-4. Scott and Hewitt were too good for Caroline Floccia and Libby Allman by 5-7,6-3,11-9, and for Karen arley and Jean Jane by 7-6(8-6),6-2. Plympton C completed the double over the D team, but it was a closer affair than in the first match. Honours must go to the D team pair of Sharon Raymond and Alice Wildgoose who won three sets. They beat Liz Shaw and Sarah Blain 6-7(2-7),6-4,10-7 but were defeated 5-7,7-5,10-8 by Anne Hughes and Carla Price.

Two matches were played in the Men's Division 1, with both ending at the half way stage due to rain. Having reached that stag the results stand, with both ending in draws. St. Budeaux A and Devonshire A drew 3-3, with, for St. Budeaux, Neil Hunt and Rory Harries beating Chris Ryland and Will Heard 6-3,3-6,10-6, with the Devonshire pair of Joe Kellett and Leighton Starkie accounting for Dave Gale and Martin Hill, by 6-7,6-0,10-3. Plympton A and Ivybridge A drew 2-2, with wins for Joe Thomas and Jay Stuart of Plympton over John Bushby and Richard Marshall, by 6-4,6-4, with Piron Rolls and Joe Puckering replying for Ivybridge in their 6-4,6-4 win over Sam Raymond and Gary Brooks. Newton and Noss A beat Saltash 8-1, in Division 2, but it could have easily been only 6-2. Rob Thomas and Ron Cole trailed by a set and 2-5 to Jon Jacobs and Martin Hall, but they fought back to win the second set on a tie-break, going on to also win a third set tie-break, for a hard earned victory by 2-6,7-6,10-8. St. Budeaux B lost at home to a determined performance from Ivybridge B. For Ivybridge, Peter Tongue and Rob Lee won four sets, and Duncan Matthews and Andy Copestick three sets.

All the events in the Division 3 match, when Tavistock B beat Yelverton A by 6-2, were settled in straight sets. Peter Rodgers and John Mulley were the pick of the Tavistock team, beating Bob Verey and Matt Hillyard 6-1,7-6, and Andy Weymouth and Phil Gasche 7-5,6-4. There was yet another maximum win for Mannamead B this week, against Plympton B. The Division 4 leaders, St. Budeaux C, lost top place, as they pressed the self-destruction button, by misreading the fixture list and not turning up at Whiteford Road A. The match was awarded to Whiteford Road who are now in top place, with St. Budeaux incurring five penalty points. Ivybridge D won their first sets of the season when beaten at home 7-2 by Plympton C. The pair to win the two points for Ivybridge were Nick Haigh and Alan Fuller, who beat Ming Dai and Stephen Flint 2-6,6-3,10-5. Hill Lane B were indebted to Mike Bruce and Alan Mayes for winning four sets, in the 5-5 draw with Mannamead C. Bruce and Mayes had a creditable 7-6,7-6 win over Dave Brimble and Tony Maestri and also defeated Simon Dusting and Paul Matthews 6-3,4-6,10-5. The teams managed to finish only six sets at St. Mellion, in Division 5, with Tavistock C winning 4-2. Devonshire B continue to be, by far, the best team in Division 6, after their 8-0 victory over Hill Lane C. Winning the three third set tie breaks made all the difference to the score, as Whiteford Road B beat Yelverton B 8-3, in Division 7.

Week 5

The top match, in the Men's Division 1, saw Devonshire A close the gap to two points, with a match in hand, on leaders Tavistock A, by beating them 7-2. This was an outstanding performance from the Devonshire team, especially young players Sam Hopper and Joe Kellett. Kellett and Stefan Lupu were unbeaten for Devonshire, and Tavistock's points came from Josh Brown and Rhys Dunford, who defeated Hopper and Chris Ryland 6-4,5-7,10-8. Alex Cox and Jamie Moncrieff were the pick of the Mannamead A team, who won by 8-0 against Ivybridge A. Cox and Moncrieff won their events in quick time, but by comparison Callum Whitelock and Dan Chadder took two hours to grind out a 7-6(7-5),7-6(8-6) win over Piron Rolls and Joe Puckering. Plympton A had only one pair at St. Budeaux A, losing 8-1. Gary Brooks and Dave Harrington of Plympton put up strong resistance before being beaten 7-6(8-6),6-7(5-7),11- 9 by Matt Redshaw and Martin Hill. In an evenly balanced Division 2 match at Newton and Noss A, St Budeaux B won by 6-3, with Matt Lloyd and Troy Lambourne unbeaten for St. Budeaux. Looe A defeated visitors Ivybridge B by 6-2, with Dave Richardson and Nigel Watson, for Looe, conceding only four games in four sets. Teams at the opposite ends of the table met and, as expected, Hill Lane A won by 8-0 at Saltash.

Mannamead B kept up their impressive Division 3 form with an 8-1 win against Tavistock B. Ben Semmence and Mark Warner scored all the points for Ivybridge C, at Plympton B, but the home team won by 6-4. Semmence and Warner were on court all evening, in beating Joe Thomas and Adam Blain 6-3,3-6,10-7, and Nick Haley and Jay Stuart 6-4,3-6,10-8. The bottom team, Plymstock, were defeated at home 7-2 by Yelverton A. Andy Weymouth and Bob Verey won both their events in straight sets for Yelverton and for Plymstock, Chris King and Peter Brownlow defeated Steve McCormick and Mike Shaw 7-6,3-6,10-2. St. Budeaux C still lead in Division 4 after a maximum 8-0 win at Ivybridge D, with the other two matches in the division postponed, due to wet weather.

St.Mellion were far too experienced for St. Budeaux D, winning in Division 5 by 8-0. Newton and Noss B recorded their best result to date by winning 8-0 at Mannamead E, in Division 6. The local derby match, in Division 7, resulted in Looe C just getting the better of visitors Menheniot, in a good spirited match, by 6-5, Looe clinched victory by winning all three of the third set tie breaks. Looe had Mark Codgbrook and Michael Fletcher unbeaten, in wins over David Elworthy and Don Hollick by 7-5,5-7,10-1, and over Andy Crabb and Sam Picken by 1-6,6-1,10-7.

There were no close matches in the Ladies' Division 1 with the top three teams all scoring eight points. The leaders, Devonshire A, won by 8-0 at Hill Lane A, with Mannamead A winning 8-0 at Ivybridge A. The two St. Budeaux teams met, with the A team beating the B team 8-1. Chanelle Martin and Toni Lloyd scored the point for the B team when beaten 6-1,2-6,10-7 by Kate Gibbons and Nikki Aitken. In Division 2, Looe A won by 7-3 at Ivybridge B, with Sacha Byford and Karen Galloway winning their four sets for Looe. All the points for Ivybridge came from Julie Hulett and Gill Woodyear who won by 7-6,1-6,10-5 against Jess White and Gill Bath but lost by 3-6,7-5,10-6 to Byford and Galloway. Josie Debnam and Linda Trebilcock are still undefeated for Mannamead B, winning both their events in the 6-2 victory at Plympton B. Tavistock A, by beating Plympton A, are joint leaders with Mannamead B.

Menheniot A played well at Devonshire B to win 6-4, in Division 3, with the rallies closely contested throughout, and many games reaching the deuce stage. The unbeaten pair came from the Menheniot team, with Zoe Harris and Debbie Smith beating Jo Battersby and Rachel Youngs-Pearce 6-1,4-6,10-5 and Henrietta Ferguson and Lynda Haley 2-6,6-3,10-6. Yelverton A defeated St.Mellion 6-4, with Di Harrison and Helen Smith in fine form for Yelverton. The pair dropped only five games in wins over Candy Birch and Xiaobin Brown by 6-2,6-2 and over Oonagh Clancy and Judith Farris by 6-0,6-1. Chris Bunney and Jill Cansfield won the only set for Saltash, who lost by 8-1 at Tavistock B. St.Budeaux C and Devonshire C played through almost continuous rain, to complete their Division 4 match, and it was fitting that the teams shared a 4-4 draw, with Pat Hexter and Elizabeth Gill winning the four points for St.Budeaux. In a very competitive but enjoyable match, Yelverton B came away from Looe B winners by 6-5. Jemmy Whybrow and Wendy Sharland were the main point scorers for Yelverton, beating Sylvia Fair and Lillian Harrison 6-3,3-6,10-8, and Jackie Wray and Rosie Henstridge 0-6,6-4,10-8.

Despite a twenty minute hail storm interrupting play, Tavistock C still had enough time to win their Division 5 match, against visitors Hill Lane B, by 8-1. Former St. Budeaux player, Debbie Bradbury, made her debut for Plympton C, combining well with Liz Shaw to remain unbeaten in a 7-2 win over Looe C. There was also a promising debut for Hilary Hewitt, for Looe C. Plympton D won for the first time, by 6-2, at Menheniot B.

Week 4

Plympton A move to the top of the Ladies' Division 2, with a maximum 8-0 win over Ivybridge B. Ivybridge did take two sets to the tie break stage, but the other six sets went comfortably the way of Plympton. Tavistock A, the previous leaders, drop to second place, level on points with Mannamead B who beat them 6-4. Josie Debnam and Linda Trebilcock were unbeaten for Mannamead, beating Lucy Hillman and Maggie Lilley 7-5, 6-2, and coming from a set down, inflicted a first defeat on Hilary Picton and Frances Lindsey by 6-7,6-1,10-6. Plympton B suffered a heavy 8-0 loss at Looe A, who won their first match of the season. Devonshire A still reign supreme in Division 1, having little difficulty in their 8-0 win over Ivybridge A. Mannamead A had Sarah Naylor and Katherine Bell in unbeaten form, in a 6-2 win against St. Budeaux B, with the two points for St. Budeaux coming from Toni Lloyd and Chanelle Martin in defeating Clare Dyke and Megan Jameson 6-4, 7-5. In a match with hard hitting from both teams, St. Budeaux A proved to be too good for Hill Lane A, by 8-0.

The highlight of the Division 3 results was a superb 8-1 victory for Menheniot A over Tavistock B, with Zoe Harris, Debbie Smith, Dianne Burt and Nona Markey all playing well for Menheniot. Promoted St. Mellion are settling down in a higher division and this week had a hard 5-5 draw, with visitors Devonshire B. Unbeaten Candy Birch and Xiobhan Brown of St. Mellion had an easy win over Jo Battersby and Rachel Youngs-Pearce, by 6-2, 6-0. Their second win was quite a battle before finally overcoming Georgia Jones and Denise Nixon, ( back from her Gig Racing ), 6-3,4-6,10-7. Saltash, the other promoted team, are finding sets hard to win, losing 8-1 to the top team Yelverton A. Louise Higman was playing her first match for Saltash, and with Val Knight the pair put up a creditable performance but were narrowly defeated, 3-6,6-2,11-9, by Lynne Macfarlane and Julia Whetton. In Division 4, each pair on both sides won an event, when St Budeaux C drew 5-5 for the second match running, this week at Yelverton B. It really was a match of two halves, as St. Budeaux led 4-1 at the half way stage, with Yelverton winning the second half, also by 4-1. Devonshire C had Chris Parker and Shirley Williams in fine form, winning both their events, as the team accounted for Mannamead C by 6-2. Parker and Williams conceded only four games in beating Anna Tickle and Nancy O'Connor 6-0,6-0, and Kathy Bryan and Louise Simpson 6-2,6-2. Unbeaten Tavistock C won their fourth match, to take top place in Division 5, by defeating Plympton D 6-2, with Mary Harold and Olivia Clark winning four sets for Tavistock.

All the three matches, in the Men's Division 1, ended with an 8-0 score line. There was a home win for Tavistock A over St. Budeaux A, and away wins for Devonshire A at Ivybridge A, and for Mannamead A at Plympton A. Saltash won their first event of the season, at Ivybridge B in Division 2, when Martyn Hall and Jon Jacobs beat Duncan Matthews and Peter Tongue 0-6,6-4,10-7, but Ivybridge won the match 7-2. Looe A scored a good win at St. Budeaux B by 6-2. Looe played the more consistent tennis throughout, with Nigel Watson and Ian Brewis beating Matt Lloyd and Troy Lambourne 6-2,6-3, and Chris Williams and Dave Gale 6-3,6-1. There seems to be no stopping Hill Lane A, who have a 100% record after a win by 8-1 over Newton and Noss A. They are already twelve points clear at the top.

Similarly, in Division 3, Mannamead B have maximum points from four matches, and after winning 8-0 at Ivybridge C they have a thirteen point lead. There was a much closer match at Yelverton A, where the home team, after leading Plympton B 4-1, finally won by 6-4. Bob Verey and Matt Hillyard were undefeated for Yelverton, but had to come back from the loss of the first set, to beat Jamie Stuart and Scott Ledger 6-7,6-4,11-9. Tavistock B beat Plymstock comfortably by 8-0. Tony Maestri and Dave Brimble were the unbeaten pair for Mannamead C, at St. Budeaux C in Division 4. However they dropped a set in their 6-7,6-3,10-8 win over Ricky Palmer and Gary Symons, allowing St. Budeaux to win by 5-4. Whiteford Road A are now only a point behind St Budeaux after their 8-0 win over two player Ivybridge D. Due to an unavoidable last minute withdrawal, Looe B had only one pair at St. Budeaux D, in Division 5. Toby Davis and Dave Richardson won both events in under two hours, to earn Looe a well-deserved 4-4 draw. Newton and Noss B won their first match in Division 6 by an impressive 8-0, against Hill Lane C.

Other Results;

Div. 5 - Mannamead D 7 St. Mellon 3
Div. 6 - Tavistock D 2 Devonshire B 6
Div. 7 - Yelverton B 7 Looe C 3

Div. 4 - Ivybridge C 1 Looe B 8
Div. 5 - Hill Lane B 1 Plympton C 8
Div. 5 - Looe C 8 Menheniot B 1

Week 3

Tavistock A remain top of the Men's Division 1, but dropped their first points of the season in defeating Ivybridge A by 7-3. Josh Brown and Peter Bradley had two comfortable wins for Tavvy, but it was much closer for Rhys Dunford and newcomer Dominic Walker. Former Ivybridge player Dunford, and Walker beat Jonathan Bushby and Stewart Basneh 5-7,6-1,10-6 but were defeated 6-2,6-7,10-8 by Piron Rolls and Joe Puckering. Mannamead A won for the first time with a 6-3 victory at St. Budeaux A. Mannamead changed their partnership formation with great success for Jamie Moncrieff and Dan Chadder. The pair remained unbeaten, including an almost faultless display in overwhelming Neil Hunt and Rory Harries 6-0,6-1. There were no problems for the talented Devonshire A team, who defeated Plympton A by 8-0. There was a twist in the tale at Newton and Noss A, in Division 2, where Looe A snatched a 5-4 win. The match appeared to be heading for a draw, when, with Newton and Noss trailing 2-4, Ron Cole and Rob Thomas led Toby Davis and Nathan Toms 6-4,5-2. Cole and Thomas then lost five games in a row, to give Looe the vital fifth set of the match. There was some consolation for Cole and Thomas in that they took the final set, to win by 6-4,5-7,10-8. Hill Lane A still have a 100% record after defeating Ivybridge B by 8-1, and St. Budeaux B won at Saltash by the same score.

Four sets from Andy Copestick and Alan Donaldson for Ivybridge C, in Division 3, were not quite enough to prevent visitors, Yelverton A, winning by 5-4. Copestick and Donaldson beat Bob Verey and Matt Hillyard 6-2, 6-4, but dropped a set in defeating Andy Weymouth and Phil Gasche 3-6,6-2,10-3. Also winning four sets, but finishing on the winning side this time, were Nick Haley and Jay Stuart for Plympton B. Haley and Stuart beat both Tavistock pairs, Peter Rodgers and Jeremy Hyde by 6-0,6-1, and Bill Sparks and Paul Newton by 6-4,6-1, as Plympton won by 6-3. Mannamead B made it three maximums in succession after an 8-1 win over Plymstock. In Division 4 there was a good all round team performance from St. Budeaux C in winning 7-2 at Plympton C. Kamran Ali and Kamran Khan played their best tennis, winning three sets, as Whiteford Road A, with Steve Kingston and Adam Mudford unbeaten, won by 7-3 at Mannamead C.

An inexperienced St.Budeaux D line up were no match for Tavistock C, losing the Division 5 away match 8-0. Looe B achieved a great result by winning 8-0 against Mannamead D, conceding only eight games, including five 6-0 sets. With four players making their debut, Mannamead E went down 8-0 at Devonshire B, in Division 6. Looe C were playing their first match of the season in Division 7, and started in winning fashion by beating Whiteford Road B 6-2. The Looe first pair of David Whittaker and David Bath beat Joseph Fisher and Andy Melnic 6-0,6-2, and John Leyreloup and Ollie Leyreloup 6-1,6-2. Victory was secured for Looe when Mark Codgbrook and Andrews Swale came from 4-1 down, in the second set, to defeat John and Ollie 7-6,6-4.

In the Ladies Division 1, two straight set wins, from Sarah Naylor and Sarah Fielder, enabled Mannamead A to overcome St. Budeaux A by 6-3. The St.Budeaux second pair of Sue Gale and Janet Butler did very well to beat Clare Dyke and Katherine Bell by 2-6,6-2,10-7. Ivybridge A included two juniors, Lizzie Warrender and Leah Kelly, in their team against Hill Lane A. With Lesley Crocker and Margaret Hammett winning four sets and Warrender and Kelly beating Debbie Wilson and Emily Ramsden 6-4,6-3, Ivybridge won by 7-2. Thirteen year old Skye Lambourne made her debut for St. Budeaux B in the home match with Devonshire A. It was quite a baptism for her against four very strong players, and although Devonshire won easily by 8-0, Lambourne was not overawed by the occasion. Tavistock A are making every effort to achieve a quick return to Division1, scoring another eight points in an 8-2 win at Ivybridge B. Looe A had to concede three sets to Mannamead B when Jess White retired in the third set of her first match, with Mannamead winning by 8-1. The form book predicted the right result when Plympton A beat their B team 8-0, despite the B team contributing to many long rallies.

The Yelverton A team all shone in the glorious weather, putting Tavistock B in the shade by 8-0, in Division 3. There was a 5-5 draw at St. Mellion with Menheniot A the visitors. Menheniot had Zoe Harris and Debbie Smith winning four sets in defeating Candy Birch and Zoe Brown 6-2,6-4 and Oonagh Clancy and Judith Farris 6-1,4-6,10-8. Saltash had to concede their match at Devonshire B, and incurred a penalty of five points. In Division 4, St. Budeaux C and Looe B drew 5-5, with Pat Hexter and Liz Gill playing well to win four sets for St. Budeaux. Hexter and Gill beat Sylvia Fair and Lillian Harrison 6-3,6-2 and Jackie Wray and Rosie Henstridge 6-3,3-6,10-3. All twelve sets were played at Devonshire C when the home team won by 7-5 against Ivybridge C. For Devonshire, Kelly Perryman and Janet Stone were unbeaten, coming from a set down in each event, and remarkably winning each event by identical scores. They defeated Nicola White and Penny Punch 4-6,7-6,10-6, and Joan Hunt and Jennny Bates also by 4-6,7-6,10-6. In Division 5, Tavistock C were slightly flattered by the margin of their 8-1 win over Looe C, while Menheniot, with only one pair, were beaten 8-0 at home by Plympton C.

Other Results:

Div. 4 - Hill Lane B 8, Ivybridge D 0.
Div. 7 - Menheniot 5, Yelverton B 4.

Div. 5 - Plympton D 2, Hill Lane B 8.

Week 2

The top match in the Ladies' Division 1 saw Devonshire A score an excellent win over current champions, Mannamead A, by 6-3. Laura James and Lorraine McConnell were in fine form for Devonshire, defeating Sarah Fielder and Sarah Naylor 2-6,6-3,10-3, and Claire Dyke and Katherine Bell 6-2,6-0. St Budeaux A won 6-3 at Ivybridge A, but did not take full advantage of the home team having only one pair. St. Budeaux were gifted four points, but on court Ivybridge won three sets. For Ivybridge, Lesley Crocker and Jennie Richardson beat Tania Belcher and Sam Conroy 6-2,6-0 but lost 4-6,6-4,10-6 to Kate Gibbons and Nicola Aitken. Hill Lane A were without their normal first pair, with visitors St. Budeaux B winning by 8-0. In Division 2, the Looe A first pair of Jessica White and Silvia Racca were on court throughout, winning all the team's points, as Plympton A won by 7-3. White and Racca won by 6-1,4-6,10-4 against Jane Wilson and Fiona Crutchley but were beaten 7-5,3-6,14-12 by Alison Miles and Elena Leclea. Mannamead B still have maximum points after winning by 8-1 at Ivybridge B.

The South East Cornwall derby match, in Division 3, went all the way of St. Mellion, who won by 7-1 at Saltash, when bad light stopped play. The good start to the season for Yelverton A continued, with a comfortable 8-1 win over Menheniot A. Henrietta Ferguson and Georgia Jones were the unbeaten pair for Devonshire C, in a 7-2 win at Tavistock B. Ferguson and Jones defeated Maggie Lilley and Sue Parsons 7-6(7-4),6-0 and Wendy George and Lyndsey Fear 6-0,6-4. Both teams found the windy conditions at Hannafore Point a problem, but in an enjoyable match, Mannamead C won by 7-2 over Looe B in Division 4. Jackie Wray and Rosie Henstridge scored the points for Looe in a 1-6,6-4,10-4 win over Margaret Banyard and Alison Goodwin. Penny Punch and Nicola White of Ivybridge C were too good for both St. Budeaux C pairs, enabling Ivybridge to win by 6-2. Yelverton B continue to lead the division as a sound team performance meant a win by 7-2 over Devonshire C. There were so many deuce games and long rallies that even, after three hours play, the Division 5 match at Plympton C against Tavistock C ended at 9.15pm, when bad light stopped play, with Tavistock winners by 6-4. Julie Wigmoor and Sally O'Neill played six sets for Tavistock, beating Liz Shaw and Sarah Blain 6-0,3-6,10-5, but defeated 7-5,2-6,12-10 by Carla Price and Anne Hughes.

It was certainly not the start to the season that champions, Mannamead A, wished to make in the Men's Division 1. For the second match running, they suffered a heavy defeat, this week by Devonshire A, 8-0. A youthful Devonshire team of Sam Hopper, Joe Kellett and Will Heard, backed up by the experience of Chris Ryland, were far too good. The only small consolation for Mannamead is that they have, to date, played the best two teams. St Budeaux A, with Neil Hunt and Rory Harries forming a solid partnership, beat Ivybridge A by 5-4. Hunt and Harries dropped just four games, in wins over Jonathan Bushby and Piron Rolls by 6-3,6-0, and over Richard Marshall and Joe Puckering 6-1,6-0. Tavistock A beat Plympton A quite comfortably 8-0. Hill Lane A won by 8-2 at St. Budeaux B, in Division 2. After a fairly even start, the turning point in the match came when Glenn Richards and Haidar Al-Moussawi recovered from a set down and 3-5 in the second set, to win by 6-7,7-6,10-3, against Chris Williams and Matt Lloyd. With players of both teams knowing their opponents pattern of play, a 5-5 draw was a fair result, when Newton and Noss A drew 5-5 with Ivybridge B. Duncan Matthews and Pete Tongue, with Tongue serving excellently throughout, remained unbeaten for Ivybridge. Matthews and Tongue defeated Rob Thomas and Ron Cole 6-3,5-7,10-2 and Jason Vosper and Yuen Siu 6-4,6-1.

In Division 3, Tavistock B and visitors Ivybridge C shared the points 4-4, with the four points for Tavistock coming from Paul Newton and Peter Rodgers. Newton and Rodgers had straight sets wins over Steve Cann and Ben Semmence by 6-3,6-1 and over Andy Copestick and Nigel Baxter by 6-4,6-2. Plympton B and Mannamead B both won by 8-0, against Plymstock and Yelverton A respectively. In a very close match, played in very wet conditions, four sets from Steve Kingston and Adam Mudford, paved the way for Whiteford Road A to beat Plympton C 5-4 in Division 4. Hill Lane B were probably disappointed not to win a set, as the win by St. Budeaux C was much closer than 8-0 would suggest. St Mellion are the Division 5 leaders after easily beating Looe B by 7-1. Promoted Newton and Noss B lost their opening match by 8-1, at Devonshire B, in Division 6. Much closer was the match at Mannamead E, who drew 4-4 with Hill Lane C. Nigel Morris and Jamie Wallace were the form pair for Mannamead, beating Paul Wright and Rob Antrobus 7-5,6-3, and Joe Rosas and Phil Hore 6-1,7-5.

Andrew and Joseph Fisher were unbeaten in Division 7 for Whiteford Road B, in a 7-4 win over Menheniot, but they had to come from a set down to overcome Don Hollick and Dave Elworthy 1-6,6-4,10-3.

Other Results:

Div. 2 - Looe A 8, Saltash 0.
Div. 4 - Ivybridge D O, Mannamead C 8.
Div. 5 - Mannamead D 4 Tavistock C 5

Div. 5 - Menheniot B 1, Hill Lane B 8.
Div. 5 - Looe C 6, Plympton D 2.

Week 1

Mannamead Men's A team, who were champions in the past two seasons, suffered a heavy first match defeat at Tavistock A. Tavistock look to be much stronger this season with the addition of former Ivybridge A player Rhys Dunford and also Josh Brown returning to the team. Only Alex Cox and James Moncrieff scored for Mannamead, but in two hard fought events, were beaten 6-4,1-6,10-7 by Luke Wakley and Brown, and 6-1,5-7,10-6 by Dunford and Peter Bradley. Ivybridge A had a 6-2 win over debut team Plympton A, with Richard Marshall and Joe Puckering remaining unbeaten. Marshall and Puckering defeated Joe Thomas and Sam Raymond 6-1,6-4, and David Harrington and Scott Ledger 6-2,6-4. The match at Devonshire A against St.Budeaux A was postponed as the courts were not fit for play. All three matches in Division 2 ended 8-0. St. Budeaux B won at Ivybridge B, Newton and Noss A were successful at Saltash, and Hill Lane A, at home, beat Looe A.

Relegated Mannamead B made a maximum start to life in Division 3 by winning 8-0 at Plympton B. Plymstock did well to win two sets at Ivybridge C, with Ivybridge winning the match 6-2. Steve Cann and Harry Hargreaves won both their events for Ivybridge, and for Plymstock, Steve Maller and Jon Williams beat Andy Copestick and Keith Sexton 6-3,6-4. Andy Weymouth and Phil Gasche were the unbeaten pair for Yelverton A, who won by 6-4 at home to Tavistock B. Weymouth and Gasche won by 2-6,7-6 10-4 against Peter Rodgers and Paul Newton, and by 6-1,6-3 against Mike Baker and Jeremy Hyde. Ivybridge D only had one pair at Plympton C, in Division 4, who won by 8-0. Steve Kingston and Adam Mudford are still the number one pair for Whiteford Road A, and they were unbeaten at St. Budeaux C, who won the match 5-4. Kingston and Mudford staged the recovery of the week, saving six consecutive match points in defeating Rich Mitchell and Devlin Skinner 6-3,2-6,11-9.

St. Mellion had a creditable 6-3 victory at Tavistock C in Division 5. Unbeaten Jon Grainger and John Horton defeated John Mulley and Phil Harbottle 6-3 6-2, but had to come from a set down to win by 6-7,6-3,10-6, against Rick Read and David Martin. Nick Bray and Lewis Belcher won four sets for Mannamead D at St. Budeaux D, with Mannamead winning by 6-4.

In the Ladies' Division 1, Devonshire A won by 7-2 at St. Budeaux A, with eleven year old Sophie Ryland making her debut for Devonshire. Sophie, partnered by her mother Lucy, played a high standard of tennis and was by no means overawed on her debut, displaying a great attitude throughout in ability and shot selection. The Rylands beat Kate Gibbons and Nicki Aitken 6-3,6-3 and Tania Belcher and Sam Conroy 6-0,6-1. St Budeaux B, in their first ever match in this division, well in defeating Ivybridge A 6-2. With Toni Lloyd back, after a season's absence, to renew her partnership with Chanelle Martin, the pair were undefeated. They recorded wins over Margaret Hammett and Jennie Richardson by 6-3,6-3, and over Lesley Crocker and Leah Kelly by 6-3,6-2. Mannamead A, winners in 2018, are even stronger this season. Sarah Naylor is back from injury and Sarah Fielder is in her first full season. The defence of the title began with an 8-0 win over promoted Hill Lane A, with just six games conceded. The Division 2 match between Plympton B and Ivybridge B ended in a win for Ivybridge by 5-2, when bad light stopped play, with possible hard luck for Plympton who were leading in both the unfinished sets. Plympton A drew 4-4 at Mannamead B, with all Mannamead's points coming from Josie Debnam and Linda Trebilcock. Tavistock A enjoyed both the sun and a 6-2 win at Looe A. Hilary Picton and Frances Lindsey of Tavistock defeated Jess White and Silvia Racca 7-5,6-3, and Melissa Hocking and Sacha Byford 6-0,6-1.

Tavistock B were not so lucky in their Cornish travels, losing 6-3, in a very long Division 3 match at promoted St. Mellion. Candy Birch and Xiaobin Brown won four sets for St. Mellion, including a spirited and determined performance in defeating Sue Parsons and Lindsay Fear 7-5,6-3. Menheniot A were too good on the night for another promoted team, Saltash, winning by 8-0. Devonshire B entertained Yelverton, who won by 7-2. Helen Smith and Julia Whetton were on form for Yelverton, remaining unbeaten, with Jo Battersby and Rachel Youngs-Pearce won the two points for Devonshire, overcoming Ann Short and Lynne Macfarlane 6-3,3-6,10-2. Devonshire C also went down by 7-2 to Looe B in Division 4. Rosie Henstridge and Jackie Wray won both their events for Looe in straight sets, with wins over Julia Goss and Tracey Stockton by 6-2,6-2, and Angela Wright by 6-4,6-3. Mannamead C drew 4-4 with St. Budeaux C, with Roanna George and Esther Pettit of Mannamead beating Liz Gill and Viv Sargeant 7-6(7-4), 6-2 and Pat Hexter and Kirsty Harland 6-2,6-1 The Plympton derby match in Division 5 went according to the form book, with the C team beating the D team 8-0. Tavistock C also won by 8-0 over newly formed Menheniot B.

Other Results:

Div. 4 - Mannamead C 8, Hill Lane B 2.

Div. 4 - Ivybridge C 0, Yelverton B 8.
Div. 4 - Hill Lane B 5, Looe C 4.