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St Budeaux Team Reports 2018

Week 4

A v. Looe A Home won 8-0
Neil Hunt ,Matt Redshaw, Matt Lloyd, Martin Hill all won four sets
As expected eight points, but Looe first pair deserved at least one set.

B v. Mannamead C away won 6-3
Chris Williams (4), Neil Pearce (4), Karol Fisher (2), Gary Symons (2) -
Good come back by Chris/Neil from losing first set and 1-5 in third set tie break to win by 1-6,6-4,10-7

C v. Looe A away won 7-2
Rich Mitchell (4), Devlin Skinner (4), Ricky Palmer (3), Nick Moore (3)
Excellent four points from Rich/Devlin

D v. Devonshire B away lost 2-6
Conroy (2), Troy Lambourne (2), Adam Davidson (0). Mark Williams (0 )
Last week Devonshire had only one pair but found two strong pairs this week !!

A v. Mannamead A home drew 5-5
Nikki Aitken (3), Chanelle Belcher (3) Tania Belcher(2) Janet Butler (2)
A deserved draw with second pair Tania and Janet scoring two vital points.

B v. Hill lane A away lost 8-3
Debbie Bradbury (2), Julie Adamson (2), Pat Hexter (1), Liz Gill (1)
with three reserves team did better than expected to win three sets - Debutante Julie had good first match

C v. Saltash home lost 1 -8
Viv Sargeant (1), Phillipa Williams (1), Kirstie Harland (0 ), Lucy Cornish (0 )
Viv /Phillipa unlucky to lose third set on an unreturnable net cord, but this was a disappointing result.

Week 3

A v. Mannamead B away won 8-0
Neil Hunt, Matt Redshaw, Matt Lloyd, Martin Hill all won four sets
An excellent and better than expected maximum win

B v. Newton / Noss A home won 7-3
Karol Fisher (4), Gary Symons (4), Chris Williams (3), Neil Pearce (3)
After 3-3 at half time St. Budeaux took over to win by 7-3 as Newton/Noss faded

C v. W. Road A home lost 3-6
Ricky Palmer (2) Troy Lambourne (2) Jack Finnie (1), Devlin Skinner (1)
A satisfactory result as W. Road first pair far too good

D v. St. Mellion home lost 4-5
Andy Conroy (2),Rich Mitchell (2), Adam Davidson (2) Nick Moore (1)
Both pairs beat opposition second pair but St Mellion first pair only conceded three games

A v. Looe A away won 8-1
Kate Gibbons(4), Nikki Aitken (4), Chanelle Belcher (4), Debbie Bradbury (4)
another well won eight points

B v. Yelverton A home won 7-2
Sue Gale (4), Sam Conroy (4), Janet Butler (3), Tania Belcher (3)
Such a long knock up and talking that match did not start until nearly 6.25, but a good win against as always competitive opponents.

C v. St. Mellion away lost 1-8
Pat Hexter (1) Beth Groves (1) Viv Sargeant (0 ), Kirstie Harland (0 )
Pat/Beth only just lost by 14-12 in third set tie break

Week 2

A v. Saltash A home won 7-2
Neil Hunt (3) Ricky Palmer (3) Matt Lloyd (4), Martin Hill (4)
All played well for first win of season

B v. Hill Lane A home won 8-0
Chris Williams, Neil Pearce, Karol Fisher, Gary Symons all won sets
comfortable win against below strength Hill Lane team. Newcomer Neil Pearce fitted in well

C v. Plympton C home lost 0-8
( result sheet not passed in will chase it up !! )

D v. Plympton D home won 7-2
Adam Davidson (4) Matt Redshaw (4), Rich Mitchell (3), Andy Conroy (3)
A very good result - Rich played very well from baseline

A v. Ivybridge A away won 8-1
Kate Gibbons, Nikki Aitken, Chanelle Belcher, Debbie Bradbury all won four sets
took full advantage against a much weaker Ivybridge team than in 2017

B v. Devonshire B away won 8-1
Sue Gale, Sam Conroy, Janet Butler, Tania Belcher all won four sets
a good performance on a strange playing surface.

C v. Hill Lane B away lost 2-6
Pat Hexter (2), Beth Groves (2), Viv Sargeant (0 ), Kirstie Harland (0)
Team are not so strong as in 2017 and are finding sets hard to win - points needed quickly

Week 1

A v. Plympton A Away lost 4-6
Neil Hunt, Matt Redshaw , Matt Lloyd, Martin Hill - all two points
rather disappointing after leading 4-2 -but full credit to all four Plympton players for a superb second half win of four sets

B v. Yelverton A Away won 7-2
Chris Williams (4), Ricky Palmer (4), Gary Symons (3) Karol Fisher (3)
A good team performance and it needed it to win against Yelverton who were no pushovers.

C v. Ivybridge C Away drew 4-4
Dave Gale (4), Rich Mitchell (4), Jack Finnie (0 ), Nick Moore (0 )
Dave and Rich continued their winning partnership from the Winter League to win all four points to secure the draw.

D v. Ivybridge D Away lost 3-7
Andy Conroy (2), Troy Lambourne (2), Adam Davidson (1), Devlin Skinner (1)
Although losing it was three well earned points particularly away to a more experienced team.

A v. Devonshire A Home lost 2-6
Kate Gibbons (2) Nikki Aitken (2), Tania Belcher (0 ), Janet Butler (0 )
With two of last season's team not available it was left to Kate and Nikki to play well to win two points, but thanks to Janet and Tania for stepping in as they were in Division 3 last season.

B v. Plympton A Home won 8-2
Sue Gale, Sam Conroy, DebbIe Bradbury, Chanelle Belcher all won four sets
A match played in very wet conditions and both pairs scored creditable wins over the Plympton first pair Well Done,

C v. Yelverton B Home drew 5-5
Pat Hexter (3), Liz Gill (3), Viv Sargeant (2), Kirstie Harland (2)
Team were 4-1 down at half way but then Pat and Liz won two more sets. A lucky draw when Yelverton conceded two sets