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St Budeaux Team Reports 2015

Week 10

Men   A v. Tavistock B   Home  - won -  8-1

Neil Hunt, Simon Prout, Matt Redshaw, Matt Lloyd  all 4 sets

A good match not as clear cut as score suggests for the already promoted team.


Men   B v.  Saltash A    Home  -   won  - 8-1  

Martin Hill,Terry Hall, Ricky Palmer, Dan Davidson  all 4 sets

With Ashley Scoble injured,  Terry came in an played very well.  The eight points meant the team were in a promotion spot and Mannamead B needed eight points to go above the ream.


Mannamead got six points and so the B team did excellently  to win promotion for the second year in succession.   First time that two teams from the same club have gone up from same division.


Men    C v.Ivybridge C    Home   -  lost   - 4-5   

Chris Williams (4), Gary Symons (4), Karol Fisher ( 0 ), Harry Maplesden ( 0 ).

Team deservedly kept place in Division 3


Men    D  v.  Mananmead D   Away  -  drew   - 4-4  

Andy Jameson (2)_, Kyle Andrews(2), Rich Mitchell (2), Adam Davidson( 2)

An encouraging display against  a team already promoted.



Ladies  A v. Tavistock B  Away   -   won  -  8  -1

Kate Gibbons, Nikki Aitken,Toni Aitken, Janet Butler all 4 sets

No problem in securing 8 points.


Ladies   B v.Mannamead B  Away  -  Won  -   6-4   

Sue Gale, Viv Sargeant, Tania Belcher, Debbie Bradbury  all 3 sets

After 4 defeats,  a display more like the first half of season, and much needed points  to remain in Division 3


Ladies  C v. Ivybridge C   Away  - Won 8-3  

Pat Hexter, Liz Gill, Joan Kelcey, Kerry Mayers all 4 sets

A superb result which no one predicted as the team saved their best till last.  A first defeat on court for Ivybridge and the vital Div. status preserved.   Well Done.

Week 9

Men A v. Saltash A   Away    Won 8-0
Matt Redshaw, Matt Lloyd, Simon Prout, Chris Williams  all won 4 sets As expected an 8-0 win against a Saltash team struggling this season.

Men A v. Ivybridge B   Away    Won 8-2
Matt Redshaw, Matt Lloyd, Simon Prout, Neil Hunt  all won 4 sets Very hard fought match to win all four events.

Men  B  v. Ivybridge B Away   Won 8-3
Martin Hill, Ashley Scoble, Dan Davidson,Ricky Palmer  all won 4 sets
A superb performance against a strong Ivybridge team ,with Martin and Ashley recovering from a set and 5-1 down.   Team now only 1 point behind Mannamead B

Men  C  v. Tavistock D  Away    Won  7-3
Terry Hall (4), Gary Symons (4) Karol Fisher (3), Rich Mitchell (3)
Team gifted 4 points, as Tavy had only three players !  -   but 7 points should ensure keeping in Division.  

Men D  v.  Yelverton B Home  Lost  1-8
Nick Moore (1), Martyn Hall (1), Adam Davidson (0 ), Harry Maplesden (0 )
As usual Team did their best and could have got at least one more set.


Ladies A   v.  Hill Lane A  Home   Won  8-0
Kate Maplesden , NikkI Aitken, Janet Butler (4), Toni Aitken (4)
Comfortable eight points   

Ladies B v. Menheniot  Home  Lost 2-6
Tania Belcher(2), Debbie Bradbury (2), Viv Sargeant (0 ), Chanelle Belcher (0 ).
Once again the dip in form compared with first half continued.

Ladies  C v.  Looe B   Home  Drew  5-5
Pat Hexter (4), Liz Gill (4), Joan Kelcey (1), Karey Mayers (1)
Pat and Liz played their best tennis of the season especially in beating Looe first pair and they deserved their 4 sets

Week 8

Men A  v Mannamed B   -  away  -  won 8-0
Neil Hunt (4), Simon Prout (4),  Matt Lloyd (4),  Matt Redshaw (4)
The easiest win of the season

Men  B  v. Tavistock B  -  home   -    won 8-1
Ashley Scoble (4), Martin Hill (4), Ricky Palmer (4), Dan Davidson (4)
A great win to go into third place, two points behind Mannamed B.

Men  C   v.  Plympton C  - home  -  lost 0-8
Karol Fisher, Harry Maplesden, Kyle Andrews, Jack Finnie no points

Three regulars away and Plympton too experienced

Men  D v.  Tavistock F   - away  drew  5-5
Richard Mitchell (3), Adam Davidson (3), Martin Hall (2), Nick Moore (2)
The best result for the team.  All [layed well to get a creditable draw

Ladies  A  v.  Looe A  -  home   -  won 6-2
Kate Gibbons (4), Nikki Aitken (4), Janet Butler (2), Toni Aitken (2)
Looe played well so six points was a good total

Ladies  A  v.  Tavistock B  -  home   -  won 8-0   - Rearranged from wk 5
Kate Gibbons (4), Karey Mayers (4), Janet Butler (4), Toni Aitken (4)
Karey played very well on her first A team match

Ladies  B  v.  Whiteford Road  A  -  away  -    lost 2-6
Tania Belcher (2), Debbie Bradbury (2), Viv Sargeant (0), Meagan Jameson (0)
Absence of Sue made all the difference as we hoped to get four points.

Ladies  C  v.  St Mellion  -  away  -   drew 4-4
Pat Hexter (2), Liz Gill (2), Joan Kelcey (2), Karey Mayers (2)
AFoue much needed points, due to opposition coceding four points through injury

Week 7

Men  A  v. St Budeaux B  -  home   -    drew 4-4
Neil Hunt (0), Kyle Andrews (0), Matt Lloyd (4), Matt Redshaw (0)

With Simon not availablr new member Kyle played, with B team netting four points

Men  B  v. St Budeaux A  -  away   -    drew 4-4
Ashley Scoble (2), Martin Hill (2), Ricky Palmer (2), Dan Davidson (2)
As expected B team won 4 points.

Men  C v.  Mannamead C  - home  -  lost 3-6

Terry Hall (3), Gary Symons (3),  Gary Eato (0), Karol Fisher (0)
Terry and Gary S won three hard fought points but with Gary Eato conceding two ponts through back injury team is still not safe from relegation

Men  D    No Match

Ladies  A  v.  Tavistock A  -  away   -  won 6-3
Kate Gibbons (4), Nikki Aitken (4),  Janet Butler (2), Toni Aitken (2)
A good win against leaders,  the team have a match in hand and are closing in on promotion

Ladies  B  v.  Devonshire C  -  home  -    lost 1-8
Tania Belcher (1), Debbie Bradbury (1), Sue Gale (0), Viv Sargeant (0)
Devonshire played well and avenged and earlier defeat.

Ladies  C    v Hill Lane B   -  away  -  won 5-4
Pat Hexter (2), Liz Gill (2), Sue Jameson (0), Megan Jameson (0)
First win aided by late arrival of home players, but four valuable points and relegation may still be avoided

Week 6

Men A  Rain No Play

Men  B  v. Mannamead B  -  home   -    won 6-5
Ashley Scoble (3), Martin Hill (3), Ricky Palmer (3), Dan Davidson (3)
Excellent six points  -    all the team played well and now in mid table, but teams are very close together.

Men  C v.  Whiteford Road A  - away  -  won 6-5

Terry Hall (3), Gary Symons (3), Karol Fisher (3), Gary Eato (3)
An even better performance than the B team, as C team were away and avenged a previous 8-1 defeat

Men  D v.  Newton and Noss   - away  lost 8-0

Martin Hall, Adam Davidson Nick Moore Richard Mitchell  -   all nil
Again team faced four vastly more experienced players experienced team.

Ladies  A  v.  Ivybridge C  -  home   -  won 7-3

Kate Gibbons (4), Tania Belcher (4), Sue Gale (3), Toni Aitken (3)
Well done as the team were without Janet and Nikki, so 7 points was a good achievemnt

Ladies  B  v.  Yelverton  A  -  away  -    lost 8-1

Viv Sargeant (1), Debbie Bradbury (1), Pat Hexter (0 ), Liz Gill (0 )
In first match of season the team beat a weakened  Yelverton A by 8-1    This was unlikely to be repeated in the return match as Yelverton were much stonger, and St. Budeaux had two reserves   -  Result dents promotion chances but now still all to play for.

Ladies  C       Rain no play

Week 5

Men  A   v.  Tavistock B  -  away   -  drew 4-4
Neil Hunt (2), Simon Prout (2), Matt Lloyd (2), Matt Redshaw (2)
With Linden Hardisty and Phil Ruse in top form for Tavvy,  four points was our limit

Men B v.  Saltash  A    -  away  -   won 6-3
Ashley Scoble (4),   Martin Hill (4)  Ricky Palmer (2), Dan Davidson (2)
Saltash were stronger with Dave Harrington back, so six points was a good result

Men C  v. Ivybridge C   -  away   -   lost 4-5
Terry hall (2), Gary Eato (2), Gary Symons (2), Karol Fisher (2)
Well earned four points on the unusual rubbery court surface

Men D  v. Mannamead  -   home  -   lost  0-8 Josh Honey ( 0 ), Adam Davidson ( 0 ) Martyn Hall ( 0 ),  Devlin Skinner ( 0 )
A very inexperienced team who do their best each week, but this week faced an impossible task against a very, very strong Mannamead team.
Ladies A      Rained off

Ladies  B  v.  Mannamead  B  -    home  -    won 8-1
Sue Gale (4), Viv Sargeant (4), Debbie Bradbury (4), Tania Belcher (4)
As expected quite a  convincing win over the bottom team

Ladies C  v.  Ivybridge D   -   home   -    lost  2-7
Pat Hexter (2), Liz Gill (2), Joan Kelcey ( 0 ), Megan Jameson ( 0 )
Pat and Liz came from a set down to earn two points, and  Joan and Megan started well in each event but were caught by both Ivy pairs.

Week 4

Men A v. Saltash A Home
Saltash conceded 8-0

Men B v. Ivybridge B Home - Won 6-3
Neil Hunt (4), Simon Prout (4), Martin Hill (2), Ricky Palmer (2)
A strong team including Neil and Simon, but Ricky and Martin did exceptionally well to win two sets but are still wondering how they lost a set from 5-0 up !

Men C v. Tavistovk D Home - Won 8-0
Chris Williams, Karol Fisher, Terry Hall, Gary Symons - all won four sets
A much needed 8 points for the team, with Tavistock just not getting the vital game points.

Men D v. Yelverton B Away - Lost 3-6
Dan Davidson (2), Adam Davidson (2), Martyn Hall (1),Devlin Skinner (1)
Team included two juniors in Adam and Devlin ( first senior match ) Did well to get three points and are improving each week.

Ladies A v. Hill Lane A Away - won 8-0
Kate Gibbons, Nikki Aitken Janet Butler, Toni Aitken all won four sets.
Hill Lane not as strong as usual, but team well worthy of maximum points.

Ladies B v. Menheniot Away - Won 6-5
Sue Gale (2), Viv Sargeant (2), Debbie Bradbury (4). Tania Belcher (4)
A hard fought win on unusual court surface, with Debbie and Tania the stars,

Ladies C v. Looe B Away - lost 4-5
Pat Hexter (2), Liz Gill (2), Joan Kelcey (2) Megan Jameson (2)
Veteran Joan and junior Megan did well for their win in straight sets.

Week 3

Men   A   v. Mannamead B   Home  Won 8-1
Neil Hunt (4), Simon Prout (4), Matt Redshaw (4), Mat Lloyd (4)
After a slow start, team were well worth the 8 points
Men B  v. Tavistock B    Away Drew  4-4
Ashley Scoble, Martin Hill, Ricky Palmer, Dan Davidson – all 2 points
Well earned four points as opposition included Linden Hardisty
Men C v. Plympton C   Away   Won  7-4   
Gary Symons (4), Terry Hall (4), Karol Fisher (3), Josh Honey (3)
First win, and best performance from all the team
Men D  v  Tavistock F  Home lost 2-7  
Gary Eato (2), Richard Mitchell (2) Nick Moore ( 0 ), Martin Hall ( 0 )
At present the inexperienced team are still coming to terms with League tennis
Ladies A  v. Looe A    Away drew 4-4  
Kate Gibbons (4), Nikki Aitken (4), Janet Butler ( 0 ), Viv sargeant ( 0 )
Disappointing result as Looe were in Div. 3 last season  -    Perhaps our pairings were wrong
Ladies B   v. W. Road Home Won 5-4  
Sue Gale (3), Toni Aitken (3), Tania Belcher (2) Debbie Bradbury (2)
Were hoping for more sets as W. Road were without Alison Diver
Ladies C  v.  St Mellion Home  lost 1-8 
Pat Hexter (1), Helen Foote (1), Joan Kelcey ( 0 ), Megan Jameson ( 0 )
Pat played very well but  Helen suffered an injury  and Junior player Megan was in her first senior match.

Week 2
Men  A v. St. Budeaux B Home  won 8-1
Neil Hunt, Simon Prout, Matt Redshaw, Mat Lloyd  -  all four sets
Predictable win
Men B v. St. Budeaux A  Away   lost 1-8   
Martin Hill  ( 1 ), Ashley Scoble ( 1 ), Karol Fisher ( 0 ), Ricky Palmer ( 0 )
Martin and Ashley did well to take a set from Neil and Simon.
Men C  v. Mannamead C   Away lost 2-8
Gary Eato (2),Terry Hall (2), Gary Symons ( 0 ), Richard Mitchell ( 0 )
Team not at full strength but perhaps should have got more than two sets.
Men D     No Match
Ladies A & B
rained off
Ladies C  v. Hill Lane B   Home drew 4-4  
Pat Hexter (4), Kerry Mayers (4), Joan Kelcey ( 0 ), Sue Jameson ( 0 )
FFour sets from Pat and Kerry ensured a draw  -   Sue was playing her first ever league match.

Week 1>
Men A v. Ivybridge B   Home  Won 6-2   
Matt Lloyd (4)    Matt Redshaw (4)   Ricky Palmer (2)   Dan Davidson (2)      
As expected 4 sets from the two Matts and reserves Ricky and Dan did well to win two sets

Men B
  v. Mannamead B   Away  Lost 6-3  
Ashley Scoble (3)  Martin Hill (3)  Chris Williams ( 0 ), Karol Fisher ( 0 )    
Quite a strong Mannamead team so Ashley and Martin played well for their points.

Men  C
  v.  Whiteford Road A   Home  Lost 8-1  
Josh Honey (1) Gary Symons (1)  Gary Eato ( 0 )  Terry Hall (0 )       
Whiteford Road first pair always likely to win  but Josh and Gary were a set up and within two points of winning against their second pair but faded and lost.

Men D
  v. Newton/Noss   Home  Lost 7-2 
Adam Davidson (2), Richard Mitchell (2), Martyn Hall ( 0 )  Nick Moore ( 0 ).   
With two players never having played league tennis before it was a good show from Adam and Richard to win two sets
Ladies A v. Ivybridge C  Away  Won 8-1  
Kate Gibbons (4), Nikki Aitken (4), Toni Aitken (4), Janet Butler (4).   
A good all round team performance

Ladies B
  v. Yelverton A Home Won 8-1  
Sue Gale (4), Viv Sargeant (4), Debbie Bradbury (4), Tania Belcher (4)
Well worth the 8-1 with Debbie and Tania conceding just five games

Ladies C
v. Yelverton B  Away  Drew 4-4  
Pat Hexter (2), Liz Gill (2) Joan Kelcey (2), Karey Mayers (2)  
Both pairs had easy wins against Yelverton second pair with Yelverton first pair too good and unbeaten