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St Budeaux Team Reports 2016

Week 10


A v. Hill Lane A  - home  - lost 4-5
Neil Hunt, Matt Redshaw, Chris Williams, Matt Lloyd  - all 2 sets

B  v. Devonshire A   -   away  -   lost  0-8
Ricky Palmer, Dan Davidson, Ashley Scoble, Martin Hill all no score

C v.  Yelverton A  -    home  -  lost 3-6
Terry Hall (3), Gary Symons (3), Gary Eato (0 ), Adam Davidson (0 )

D v. Yelverton B   -    home  -  won 8-0
Karol Fisher, Andy Conroy, Rob Cornish, Andy Jameson  all four sets  - 

E v. Plymstock  B  -   away  -   won  6-3
Roger Gare (4), Jack Finnie (4), Ewen Gare (2) Harry Maplesden (2)  



A v.  Mannamead A  -  away  -  lost  1-8
Kate Gibbons (1), Nikki Aitken (1), Janet Butler (0 ), Megan Jameson (0 )

B v.  Looe B   -  home  -  won  5-4
Toni Lloyd (4), Chanelle Belcher (4), Debbie Bradbury (1), Tania Belcher (1)

C v. Devonshire C  -  away   - won  6-2
Viv Sargeant (4), Sam Conroy (4), Pat Hexter (2), Liz Gill (2)


Week 9


A  v. St. Budeaux B  away  won 8-2
Neil Hunt, Matt Redshaw, Chris Williams, Martin Hill   -  all four sets

B v. St Budeaux   A  home  lost 2-8
Ashley Scoble, Dan Davidson, Ricky Palmer, Devlin Skinner  -  all one set
with Ricky and Devlin doing particularly well to take a set from Chris/Martin

C v. Looe  B   away    won 6-3
Terry Hall (4) Gary Symons (4), Gary Eato (2), Adam Davidson (2)
Well played junior member Adam to win two sets

D v. Devonshire B  away  lost  3-6
Rob Cornish (2), Andy Jameson (2), Karol Fisher (1), Andy Conroy (1)
A stronger than usual Devonshire line up

E v. Plympton D   home  won 6-3
Nick Moore (4), Jack Finnie (4), Roger Gare (2), Ewen Gare (2)
Good standard of play with Nick and Jack entertaining with a varied display of strokes.


A v. Tavistock A  home  won 8-0
Kate Gibbons, Nikki Aitken, Janet Butler, Toni Lloyd, all four sets
win as easy as score suggests.

B  v.Menheniot  away lost 0-8
Tania Belcher, Debbie Bradbury, Lucy Cornish, Chanelle Belcher -  all no sets
For the second time Menheniot too determined and consistent

C  . v. Yelverton B  home  won 8-0
Viv Sargeant, Sam Conroy, Liz Gill, Pat Hexter all four sets
only one Yelverton pair


Week 8


A  v. Devonshire A  home  lost  5-6
Neil Hunt (4), Matt Redshaw (4), Chris Williams (1), Simon Prout (1). 
Excellent hard won five sets

B   v. Liskeard         away  lost 0-8
Dan Davidson, Ricky Palmer, Martin Hill, Ashley Scoble,     all no sets

C  v. Hill Lane B      home lost 1-8
Terry Hall (1), Gary Symons (1) Gary Eato (0 ), Rob Cornish (0 ) 
Disappointing result

D  v. Hill Lane  C    away  lost 4-5
Andy Jameson , Roger Gare , Andy Conroy,  Karol Fisher   all two sets
first defeat of season

E v. Hill Lane D        home   won  8-2
Nick Moore,, Jack Finnie, Harry Maplesden , Adam Davidson   all four sets
Good encouraging result



A  v.  Devonshire A  away lost  0-8
Kate Gibbons, Nikki Aitken, Janet Butler, Megan Jameson    all no sets

B v.  Tavistock B     home  won 6-3
Chanelle Belcher, (4), Toni Lloyd (4), Tania Belcher (2), Debbie Bradbury (2)
Should have been eight points !

C v.  Mannamead  B  away  won 6-2
Viv Sargeant (4), Sam Conroy (4), Pat Hexter (2), Liz Gill (2)   - 
First defeat for Mannamead    -   staying up still a possibility


Week 7


A v. ivybridge A   home  lost 0-8
Neil Hunt, Simon Prout, Chris Williams Ricky Palmer   - all no sets

B v. Hill Lane A    home lost  0-8
Ashley Scoble, Martin Hill , Dan Davidson, Gary Eato  -   all no sets

C v. Plympton C    away  won 8-1
Terry Hall Gary Symons, Karol Fisher Andy Conroy  all four sets

D  no match

E v. Ivybridge D    away lost  0-8
Jack Finnie, Nick Moore, Adam Davidson,  Devlin Skinner  all no sets



A v.  Ivybridge  A  away  lost 0-8
Kate Gibbons, Nikki Aitken, Janet Butler, Megan Jameson all no sets

B v,  Hill Lane A  away  drew 4-4
Debbie Bradbury, Tania Belcher,Lucy Cornish  all two sets.

C v.  Saltash A    home  won 6-3
Viv Sargeant (4). Sam Conroy (4), Pat Hexter (2), Toni Lloyd (2)    
Good partnership by Viv and Sam  


Week 6


A  v. Liskeard   - away   - lost 4-5    
Neil Hunt (4) Matt Redshaw  (4), Chris Williams (0 ), Terry Hall (0 )
Liskeard had a strong line up and a vital result for them

B  v. Ivybridge A  - away  -  lost 0-8
Martin Hill, Ashley Scoble, Ricky Palmer, Dan Davidson all no sets
A very talented young Ivybridge team  much too good.

C v. Whiteford Road  -   home  -  lost 0-8
Gary Symons Gary Eato, Jack Finnie, Nick Moore  all no sets
with two regulars not available an expected defeat  but there were chances of a set.

D v. Looe C  -    away - won 6-3
Rob Cornish (4), Andy Jameson (4) Andy Conroy (2), Karol Fisher (2)
Another good team performance on the way we hope to promotion

E   no  match


A  v. Ivybridge B  -   home  -  won 7-2
Kate Gibbons (4), Nikki Aitken  (4), Janet Butler (3), Megan Jameson (3) 

B  v. St. Mellion  - home  -  won  8-1
Tania Belcher .Debbie Bradbury, Lucy Cornish, Chanelle Belcher all four setso:p>
SStill in with a slight chance of second spot.

C  v. Plympton  B  away lost 2-7
Liz Gill (2), Pat Hexter (2) Joan Williams (0 ), Viv Sargeant (0 )o:p>
Another two hard earned sets from Liz and Pat including their al long tie break success


Week 5


A      v   Hill Lane A   away lost 2-6
Neil Hunt (2), Matt Redshaw (2), Simon prout (0), Chris Williams (0) 
Even without Glen Richards, Hill lane were too good

B       v  Devonshire A  home    lost 0-8
Ashley Scoble, Martin Hill, Ricky Palmer, Harry Maplesden     
Although another defeat all the team put 100% in effort

C       v   Yelverton A   away   won 8-0
Terry Hall, Gary Symons, Gary Eato, Matt Lloyd all four sets
By far the result of the season to take Yelverton's unbeaton record and by 8-0

D       v    Yelverton B     home   won 7-2
Andy Conroy (4), Karol Fisher (4), Andy Jameson (3), Rob Cornish (3)
Team keep their 100% record to top division

E       v    Plymstock B     home     won  7-4
Nick Moore  (4), Jamie Finnie (4), Adam Davidson (3), Devlin Skinner (3)    
First win of season



A       v   Mannamead A      home    lost  0-8
Kate Gibbons, Nikki Aitken, Janet Butler, Megan Jameson  all no sets
A superb display from Mannamead.

B      v  Looe B        away    won  6-3
Debbie Bradbury (4), Tania Belcher (4), Lucy Cornish (2), Chanelle Belcher (2)
Tania nd Debbie did well to beat Sacha Byford and Lyndsey Fear

C      v Devonshire C      home    won   8-0
Liz Gill, Pat Hexter, Viv Sargeant, Sam Conroy all four sets
An unexpected result to move out of the last two positions



Week 4


A      v   St. Budeaux B   home  won 8-0
Neil Hunt, Matt Redshaw, Matt Lloyd, Martin Hill  all four sets      
As expected weight points

B       v  St. Budeaux A  away    lost 0-8
Dan Davidson, Ashley Sscoble Ricky Palmer, Harry Maplesden     
Team not at full strength

C       v   Looe B   home   won 7-2
Terry Hall (4), Gary Symons (4), Gary Eato (3), Andy Jameson (3)
Much needed seven points in a very tight division

D       v    Devonshire B     home   won 6-4
Andy Conroy (4), Karol Fisher (4), Rob Cornish (2), Jack Finnie (2)
Much more organised Devonshire team than usual  -   Jack grew in confidence as match progressed.

E       v    Plympton D     away     drew  4-4
Dave Gale (4), Nick Moore  (4)    
Player shortage of players meant one pair who won four points



A       v   Tavistock A      away    won 7-3
Kate Gibbons (4), Nikki Aitken (4), Janet Butler (3), Megan Jameson (3)
Comfortable win over fellow promotion team   Janet and Megan on court throughout.

B      v  Menheniot        home    lost  3-7
Debbie Bradbury (3), Tania Belcher (3), Lucy Cornish (1), Sam Conroy (1)
First time Menheniot have not scored eight but failure to keep ball away from opponent at net proved to be very costly

C      v Yelverton B      away    lost   4-5
Pat Hexter, Viv Sargeant, Joan Kelcey , Chanelle Belcher all two sets
A  match really of two halves     Won one half 4-1  - lost the other 0-4


Week 3


A     v. Devonshire A    away  lost 4-7 
Neil Hunt (3), Mt Redshaw (3), Simon Prout (1), Chris Williams (1)
A good performance especially from Neil and Matt

 B       v  Liskeard  home    lost 1-8
Ricky Palmer(1), Dan Davidson(1), Martin Hill(0), Ashley Sscoble(0)     
A bit disappointing

C       v   Hill Lane D   away   lost 0-8
Terry Hall, Gary Symons, Gary Eato, Andy Jameson, all no score
A fair result

D       v    Hill Lane C     home   won 7-2
Andy Conroy (3), Karol Fisher (3), Rob Cornish (4), Matt Lloyd (4)
An excellant result against quite an experienced team

E Hill Lane D     away     lost 2-6
Nick Moore  (2), Devlin Skinner (2), Harry Maplesden (0), Adam Davidson (0)
A fair result      



A  v   Devonshire A    home    losat 2-6
Kate Gibbons (2), Nikki Aitken (2), Janet Butler (0), Megan Jameson (0)
Ryland and herbert were a very strong pair for Devonshire

B      v  Tavistock B        away won 8-1
Debbie Bradbury (4), Tania Belcher (4), Lucy Cornish (4), Lucy Cornish (4)
A comfortable win

C      v Mannamead B     home    lost   4-5
Pat Hexter, Liz Gill, Jean Smith, Joan Williams all two sets
Thanks Jean and Joan for last minute appearances and winning two sets



Week  2


As expected a very difficult week as three teams played the top opposition and failed to win a set in any match.

A        lost 0-8   at Ivybridge A  
Neil Hunt , Matt Redshaw,, Simon Prout Chris Williams.

B        lost 0-8   at Hill Lane A   
Martin Hill, Ricky Palmer, Dan Davidson Ashley Scoble.

 C        lost 3-6 at home to Plympton C
Matt Lloyd ( 0), Joe Troy ( 0). Terry Hall (3). Gary Symons (3)
A disappointment off the court as Gary Eato did not know he  was playing and at last minute young Joe Troy stepped in to make up the team -  many thanks to Joe  -   On court Terry Hall and Gary Symons from a  set up , lost the third set tie break.   

D        won 6-3   at Menheniot   
Andy Conroy (4), Karol Fisher (4) Rob Cornish (2), Nick Moore (2)
A good result for unbeaten D team

E        lost 0-8   at home to an Ivybridge D 
David Gale, Devlin Skinner, Harry Maplesden, Adam Davidson
With Ivybridge having a team of about Div. 2 standard and St. Budeaux had three promising juniors plus David Gale in his first match for at least three years after major surgery.




     v. Ivybridge A  rained off

B      v Hill Lane A   home  lost 4-5
Debbie Bredbury (2), Tania Belcher (2), Chanelle Belcher (2), Megan Jameson (2)
What a turn around   - At half time St. Budeaux were in command  at 4-1, but then Hill Lane with consistent attacking tennis took over and controlled the rallies winning 4 sets to nil

C      v  Saltash A away lost 2-8
Pat Hexter (1), Liz Gill (1), Joan Kelcey (1), Lucy Cornish (1)
Saltash are in much better shape this season   -  One point for each pair with particular praise for  Joan Kelcey and junior Lucy Cornish. 


Week 1       


A      v.   Liskeard    home   won 8-0
Neil Hunt, Matt Redshaw, Paul Wardle, Chris Williams  all won  four sets
Not a full strength Liskeard team

B      v.   Ivybridge A home   lost 0-8
Ricky Palmer, Simon Prout, Martin Hill, Ashley Scoble
Ivy A much too strong  - it will be tough going for the B team this season

C     v.   Whiteford Road  away  won  8-2
Dan Davidson, Gary  Eato, Terry Hall, Gary Symons    all won four sets
A good win taking advantage of Whiteford not having Steve Kingston playing

D     v.   Looe C   home    won 7-3  -     
Karol Fisher (3), Andy Conroy (3),  Rob Cornish (4), Nick Moore (4)
 A good team performance  -   D team should have a better season

E     No Match



A    v.    Ivybridge B   away   won 8-0
Kate Gibbons, Nikki Aitken , Toni Lloyd, Janet Butler  all won four sets
Ivy not as strong as last year but a good start for A team.

B    v.   St. Mellion   away    won  7-1
Tania Belcher (4), Debbie Bradbury (4), Lucy Cornish (3), Megan Jameson (3)
team did well and good debuts for Lucy and Megan

C   v.    Plympton B  home   drew  5-5
Pat Hexter (4), Liz Gill (4)   Viv Sargeant (1), Sam Conroy (1)
Pat and Liz did well to win both their events including  a 14 –12 third set tie break