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St Budeaux Team Reports 2017

Week 10



A v.  Hill Lane A   - home  -  lost 2-7

Another two points from Neil and Matt R -  our main scorers by the proverbial mile   - If only the top players had been available for more matches !


B v. Looe A  -  away  -   lost 2-7

Good performance from Martin and Karol for two sets.


C v. Whiteford Road A -  home - lost 0-8

Three reserves in and well beaten


D v Looe B  -  home  - won  - 7-4

Best show of season to win 7-4 and only fail to get top spot by one point  -  Rich and Nathan  4 sets Nick and Jack  3 sets  Well Done




A   v. Plympton A  -  away   - won 8-0

Perfect end of season result and team finished third in   Div. 1


B v.  Ivybridge C  - home  drew  4-4

Team won  Div. 3 but missed Sue in last match


C v.  Saltash A   -  away – won  6-3

Viv and  Sam    again unbeaten   100% in six matches in six matches


D v. Looe C   -   away  lost 0-8

Looe C are top team and far too good


Week 9


A v. Hill Lane A   -  away  -   lost 3-6

Hill Lane are fighting hard to avoid joining us in relegation  -  Not even with our strongest team of Matt R, Matt L, Neil and Chris could we match them.


B    postponed -  rain.


C v. Ivybridge C  -  away  -   lost 2-6

Very good effort from Andy Conroy and Devlin Skinner to win two sets


D v. Plympton C  -  away  -  won 5-4

One of the best results to keep in with a chance of promotion     Four sets from Dave Gale and Rich Mitchell made all the difference.



A v.  Looe A  -  home  -  won 8-1

Another confident win with reserve Sam Conroy playing well.


B v. Yelverton A  -  away  -  won 7-3

The best performance and still unbeaten and team go ahead of Yelverton at top of table.  Well done  Sue, Janet Debbie and junior player Lucy.


C . v. Hill lane B  -   home  -   lost 5-6

Not at full strength  -  Junior Beth Groves  in only her second match won two sets with Viv Sargeant.


D.  v. Plympon C  -   home  -  lost 1-8

Not a good week, but very short of players but all four did their best.


Week 8



A v. Devonshire A   - home  - won 5-4

Neil and Matt R won four points and a good effort from Gary Symons and Karol Fisher to win a vital set for the win


A  v. Devonshire A  -  away  - lost 4-5


B  v. Plymstock A    -  away  - lost 1-8

team tries hard each week but standard too high for them.

B  v. Plymstock A    -  home  - won 7-4


C   v. Mannamead  C  -  home  -   lost 0-8

A very strong Mannamead team against home team  with players in their first season in league says it all


D   v. Devonshire B   -  home  -   won 8-0

Devonshire misread fixture list


D   v, Looe B   -   away   - lost 4-5

all points from Andy Jameson and Rich Mitchell in a week 5 match




A v. Devonshire A   -  away   -  lost 2-7

Kate and NiKki did well to beat Claire Giadrini/Julie Chappell 6-4,3-6,10-8


A v. Devonshire A   -  home   -  drew 4-4


A v. Plympton A   -  home   -  lost 2-7


B. v. Tavistock B  -   home  - drew 4-4

With promotion assured not the usual team but Janet and Sue kept their unbeaten record to ensure four points


B. v. Tavistock B  -   away  - won 8-0

C   v. Mannamead B  -  away   -lost 1-8

Although Mannamead had their best team of the season our team seemed to have an off night so promotion chances take a dent


D v. Yelverton B  -  away  - lost 0-8

Three rookies plus Joan K   - another case of experience beating us


Week 7



A v. Ivybridge A  -  home lost 2-6

Ivybridge have a huge range talent and only Neil and Matt Redshaw were of the same standard winning two sets


B v. Plympton A     home  drew 4-4

PLympton only had one pair but they won four sets


C v. Newton/Noss  home lost 2-7

Good win by Andy Jameson/Rob Cornish over Ron Cole/Rob Thomas by 7-5,3-6,11-9.


D v. St. Melliion  home lost 3-7

Two points from Nick Moore/Jack Finnie and one set from Rich Mitchell/Adam Davidson, But Roy Barraclough/Roger Wratten too clever for our team




A v. ivybridge A  away lost 1-8

With two reserves well beaten. but Kate and Chanelle fought hard for their set.


B  v, Plympton B  away won 8-1

Another consistent performance to clinch a promotion place.


C v. St. Mellion  away  won 6-2

Usual four sets from Viv and Sam Conroy plus two from veteran Joan  W. and junior 12 year old Ursula Richardson.


D    No Match


Week 6


A  v. Mannamead A  away  lost 3-6  

All three sets won by Neil Hunt  and Matt  Redshaw who got a good win over Alex Cox and Jakub Piernicki by 6-1,6-3.


B  v.  Ivybridge  B   away   lost  0-8

Well beaten by a strong Ivybridge team but Martin Hill and Karol Fisher rook two sets to tie breaks.


C  v. Tavistock C  away   lost  0-8

A weakened C team faced a good Tavy line up.


D  v. Mannamead D away  won 7-2

The strongest D team for some week got best win of season.


D  v. Devonshire B   away   won 6-3

In a rearranged match another good win which keeps team unbeaten.





A  v. Manamead A   home drew 5-5

Mannamead had their best team to date with new player Lisa Jacobs included   - three sets from Kate and Nikki and two well earned sets from Chanelle and Toni


B. v. Saltash A    home   won 8-0

Completed an 8-0 double over Saltash to stay 100%


C  v. Looe  B    home drew 4-4

A hard earned draw with Megan and Lucy playing very well to win all the points


D  v. Mannmaead C  home  won 6-2

Mannamead only had one pair   -   pity we dropped two sets


Week 5



The A and D team matches were not played due to heavy rain.


B v. Looe A  -  lost   3-6  -  Home

Although Looe were a good team  this was- a disappointing result. Their first pair were far too good. Martin Hill and Karol Fisher beat their second pair but from a set up Dave Gale and Ricky Palmer managed to lose five consecutive match points and then the event from 9-4 up in the set tie break.


C v. Whiteford Road A   -  lost  -   2-7 Away

The C team suffers from not being  able to field a consistent line up due to calls from other teams   Andy Conroy and Gary Symons won the two points but juniors Adam Davidson and Devlin Skinner are trying hard and still coming to terms with the higher level of tennis.




A team match not played due to heavy rain.


B  v. Ivybridge C  -   won  -   8-0  -   Away

Another excellent show from Sue, Janet, Tania and Debbie   - If they can keep this up promotion is on the cards,


C  v . Saltash B    -   won 8-2   -    Home

Although 8-2 it was tough going against the Saltash first pair.    Both St Budeaux pairs, Viv and Sam , and Lucy and Megan, both eventually came through in tense third set tie beaks. Another possible promotion ?


D. v. Looe C  -  lost  - 0-8  - Home

It was unfortunate that the team not at full strength had to play a very experienced Looe team.


Week 4



A v. Tavistock A   - won 5-4   - home

Neil Hunt and Matt Redshaw won four sets with Chris Williams and Gary Symons (on his A team debut ) winning one set  against a Tavy team with two reserves


B v. Liskeard  - lost 2-7 -  away

Ricky Palmer and Martin Hill won the two sets, but Matt Lloyd and Karol Fisher found the opposition just too good.


C v. Ivybridge C  -  lost 3-7 -   home

A case of missed chances against a mainly youthful hard hitting team.  Adam Davidson and Devlin Skinner from a set up lost six match points – five of them in a row from 9-4 in the third set .   In their second event, Rob Cornish and Andy Conroy got to grips with their opponents power of shot to win deservedly by two sets to one


D v. Plympton C   -   drew 4-4  -  home

Jack Finnie and Richard Mitchell were too strong for Plympton winning all the four points.   Nathan Williams and Paul Tapp were not disgraced in only their second match.




A v. Looe A  -  won 6-2  -   away

Kate Gibbons and Nikki Aitken dropped only five games but Chanelle Belcher and Toni Lloyd  after one win at Looe were all at sea (pardon the pun) in their second match and nothing went right, losing it in straight sets.


B v. Yelverton A  -  won 5-4  -  home

Yelverton started well but Tania Belcher and Debbie Bradbury did not, so with two sets from Sue Gale and Janet Butler, St Budeaux were 2-3 down at the interval.  Sue and Janet then played  excellently and consistently in their second event winning it in straight sets  - their best performance to date.  Tania and Debbie then got their form together in the second set of their next event and won it to get the vital fifth point.


C v. Hill Lane B  -  won 8-0  -   away

The strongest C team by far this season.    Sam Conroy, Viv Sargeant, Liz Gill and Megan Jameson


D  v.  Plympton C  - won 8-0   - away

Two sisters Beatrice (14) and Ursula (12)  Richardson became the youngest ever partnership in our Senior team They did very well, winning four sets as did Lucy Cornish and Sue Jameson

Week 3

Only  three matches were played due to wet weather.




C  v. Mannamead C away lost 3-6

Very close match with, come back from injury David Gale, winning two sets with Andy Conroy and one set from Rob Cornish and Nick Moore. Bernard Lien-Lambert and Toby Clark unbeaten for Mannamead.





C  v. Mannamead B home won 6-3

Viv Sargeant and Sam Conroy did well to win four sets quite easily.  Sue Gale and Lucy Cornish came from a set down to beat Mannamead first pair but disappointingly lost their other event in straight sets.


D  v. Yelverton B  home lost 2-6

Mother and daughter Sue and Emma Jameson won the two sets but the team lost to more experienced players.

Week 2



A v. Ivybridge A   away lost 1-8

Neil Hunt(1), Matt Redshaw (1) Ricky Palmer (0 ), Martin Hill (0 )   

Ivybridge with a very strong team were just too good.


B v. Plympton A    away  lost 4-6

Matt Lloyd (3),Karol Fisher (3), Chris Williams (1), Jack Finnie (1)

Two evenly matched teams but Plympton won the  two third set tie breaks.


C v. Newton/Noss   away  lost 3-7

Andy Conroy (2), Gary Symons (2), Andy Jameson (1), Rob Cornish(1) 

Newton/Noss promoted last year started this season well  -  Eric Wilson a star player.


D v. St. Mellion     away    drew  4-4

Rich Mitchell (4), Adam Davidson (4) Troy Danbourne (0), Nick Moore (0)  

Excellent result for Rich and Adam  -  Troy (13) and Adam (16) played well.





A v. IvybridgeA  home lost 3-7

Kate Gibbons (3), Nicki Aitken (3) Chanelle Belcher (0 ), Toni Lloyd (0)

Good competitive play from Kate and Nicky  -  Chanelle and Toni had some good moments.


B v, Plympton B  home won 8-1

Tania Belcher (4), Debbie Bradbury (4), Sue Gale (4), Janet Butler(4)

Second maximum win for the B team


C v. St. Mellion   home  won 6-3

Viv Sargeant (3), Sam Conroy (3) Joan Kelcey (2). Liz Gil (2)  

Good  but tense fightback by Viv and Sam  -   and well done Joan and Liz.


D -  No match  

Week 1



A  v. Mannamead  A  Home  lost  2-6.

Neil Hunt (2),  Matt Redshaw (2), Martin Hill (0), Matt Lloyd (0)  

A very strong Mannamead team  -  Neil and Matt did well to win two sets but were hoping for some score from Martin and Mark


B v.Ivybridge B   Home  lost 2-7

Chris  Williams (0), Jack Finnie (0), Karol Fisher (2), Richard Mitchell (2)

Again very strong opposition.  Karol and Richard who were in Div 6 and 7 last year did amazingly

well to win two sets to one  from a set down against Ivybridge second pair


C v.Tavistock C   Home won 6-5

Andy Jameson (4), Rob Cornish (4), Andy Conroy (2) Nick Moore (2).

Tavy recovered slightly from 4-2 down at halfway stage.  An excellent match in farcical windy conditons


D v.Mannamead  D  Home won 7-3

Devlin Skinner (4), Nathan Williams (4), Paul Tapp (3), Adam Davidson (3)

Both teams included players in their first league match.




A v.Mannamead A  Away won 8-0

Kate Gibbons, Nicky Aitken,  Chanelle Belcher and Toni Lloyd all won four sets. 

A great start to the season, taking  advantage of Mannamead  missing  two regular players.


B v. Saltash A  Away  won 8-0

Tania Belcher, Janet Butler, Debbie Bradbury and Lucy Cornish all won four sets

Everyone  played well against a team promoted last season.


C v. Looe B   Away   lost  3-6

Sue Gale (3), Megan Jamesom (3), Viv Sargeant (0), Kirsty Harland (0).  

Sue and Megan just missed out on maximum points and Kirsty had never played a match before this

tough encounter at Looe.


D  v. Mannamead  D   Away  won 6-3

Joan Kelcey (4), Sam Conroy(4), Sue Jameson (2), Emma Jameson (2)

Youth  from Sam, and unbelievable court placing from veteran Joan backed up by  mother and daughter, Sue and Emma (a junior in her first senior match ) earned the team a deserved

six points.