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Mens Winter League Players 2011 pre Xmas

League A

Number Player Home Mobile
A1 Chris Williams    
A2 Neil Hunt  
A3 Paul Wardle  
A4 Sam Thorpe    
A5 Matt Lloyd  
A6 Simon Yeo    
A7 Ashley Scoble    
A8 Martin Hill    

Here are the A Fixtures

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9
17/10/11 24/10/11 31/10/11 7/11/11 14/11/11 21/11/11 28/11/11 5/12/11 12/12/11
A1 v A8 A5 v A1 A1 v A7 A6 v A1 SPARE A1 v A4 A3 v A1 A1 v A2 SPARE
A2 v A7 A6 v A2 A2 v A8 A7 v A4 SPARE A2 v A3 A4 v A2 A3 v A4 SPARE
A3 v A6 A7 v A3 A3 v A5 A8 v A3 SPARE A5 v A7 A7 v A6 A5 v A6 SPARE
A4 v A5 A8 v A4 A4 v A6 A5 v A2 SPARE A6 v A8 A8 v A5 A7 v A8 SPARE

League B

Number Player Home Mobile
B1 Steve Glanville    
B2 Kate Gibbons  
B3 Gary Eato  
B4 Robbie Aitkin    
B5 Toni Aitkin  
B6 Nikki Aitken    
B7 Gary Symons    
B8 Josh Honey    

Here are the B Fixtures

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9
17/10/11 24/10/11 31/10/11 7/11/11 14/11/11 21/11/11 28/11/11 5/12/11 12/12/11
B1 v B8 B5 v B1 B1 v B7 B6 v B1 SPARE B1 v B4 B3 v B1 B1 v B2 SPARE
B2 v B7 B6 v B2 B2 v B8 B7 v B4 SPARE B2 v B3 B4 v B2 B3 v B4 SPARE
B3 v B6 B7 v B3 B3 v B5 B8 v B3 SPARE B5 v B7 B7 v B6 B5 v B6 SPARE
B4 v B5 B8 v B4 B4 v B6 B5 v B2 SPARE B6 v B8 B8 v B5 B7 v B8 SPARE

St Budeaux Singles Winter League Rules 2011/12
All attempts should be made to be play matches during the week they are scheduled for. The first named player is to contact their opponent to arrange the match. (eg: if fixture says A7 v A4 then A7 should contact A4). Remember this is the winter league so some matches can be expected to be played in damp conditions! The league finishes on Friday 16th December 2011 and any matches not played by then will be void with no points awarded to either player. If anyone has problems arranging a match with an opponent then one of the referees should be contacted. Anyone who gets behind by 3 or more games may be excluded from the league.
Court allocation
The courts are not available on Monday and Wednesday evenings, Saturday mornings and Saturday and Sunday afternoons before 3.00pm. Once you have contacted your opponent and agreed a time and date to play you need to ensure this is then written on the court bookings sheet which will be up on the notice board in the club house.
Format & Scoring
Matches are to consist of 2 sets with a tie break at 5 games all. A point will be awarded for each set won. Results sheets are to be completed, signed by both players and left in the results folder in the clubhouse.
Match Balls & Lightening
The first named person will supply the balls which must be of good quality, preferably new. Balls can be bought from Dave Williams, cost £3.20 for a can of 4 or £9.00 for 12. If lights are required then the cost is to be split between both players so make sure you bring some change!! Remember £1 only lasts about 25 minutes so everyone will need to bring about £2 each and you cannot use 50p pieces. The lights should automatically go off at 9.00pm however if they do not then without fail they must be switched off.
There is a set entry fee of £3 and this needs to be paid to one of the referees ASAP. Failure to pay could result in a player being excluded
Neil Hunt
Paul Wardle
Chris Williams